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Womens health teachback Womens health teachback Presentation Transcript

  • Chapter 5: Complimentary Health Practices
    • Elizabeth Lewis
    • Fall 2011
  • What Are Complementary Health Practices?
    • Often referred to as alternative medicine
    • Includes both practitioner-administered and self-care treatments
    • Linked with various remedies
    • Continuing to grow rapidly
  • Complimentary Healing Approaches
    • Herbal Medicine
          • Botanical and herbal medicines
          • Currently researching the safety of commonly used herbs
    • Acupuncture
          • Traditional Chinese medicine
          • Used to attract, disperse, or unblock the flow of qi
          • Use of small needles in various parts of the body
    • Spinal Adjustment
          • Osteopathic and chiropractic practices
    • Bodywork
          • Physical and bodily manipulation and movement
    • Massage
          • Many different types of massage treatment
          • Relaxes the body and releases muscle tension
  • Meditative Practices
    • Meditation
          • “ The intentional paying of attention from moment to moment”
          • Calming, stress release, and spiritual practice
    • Yoga
          • Combination of physical poses and breathing exercises
          • Used for exercise, help with breathing, or spiritual expression
    • T’ai Chi
          • Chinese martial arts
          • Balances the flow of energy
    • Relaxation
          • Progressive relaxation training (PRT)
          • Visualization
  • Continued Practices...
    • Dance and Movement Therapies
          • Pleasure and relaxation
          • May have cultural and spiritual aspects
          • Physical and emotional healing
    • Spiritual Healing
          • Has many different meanings
          • Varies with cultural and beliefs
    • Energy Healing
          • Therapeutic touch
    • Homeopathy
          • Natural based ingredients; plants, animals, minerals
  • Which One Is Right For You?
    • Research through books, online, classes, and talking with others
    • Consult with a health care provider and request a referral
    • Determine personal factors including location, support groups, and type of pain
  • Inspirational Quote
    • “Health is not merely the absence of disease but a state of well-being in which the body, mind, and spirit are balanced”
  • Discussion Question?
    • Do you think people are reluctant to try new forms of medical treatments?
    • Are there any treatments you would be willing to try or not try?