Health services integrated solutions


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Service Design, Management and Control System
for Hospital Complex.
eFM Health services integrated solutions

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Health services integrated solutions

  1. 1. Informations in this document are property of eFM and Addressee. These informations are bounded to oral comments which explains them and can be used only by spectators of the presentation. Any reproduction, review, retransmission, dissemination or other use of, or taking of any action in reliance upon, this information by persons or entities other than the intended recipient is prohibited and illegal. “Pencil drawing of a Toronto city skyline” © SammyC /Fotolia Health Integrated Facility Management
  2. 2. Indice del documento 1. Context 2. eFM Processes and Solutions 3.Collaboration Forms 1
  3. 3. Investment, cost and quality of no core hospital services are the focus of the facility management (FM)… Facility Management is the discipline that combines managerial and technical skills to ensure investments, costs, hotel and technical services, and users quality management Hospital investments are equally distributed in information technology (networks,Technological systems and infrastructure), electro-medical technologies and buildings andand Real Estate technological plants. Substantial redevelopment of the hospital networkInvestments investments in the implementation phase require strong managerial and technicalManagement competencies in order to be implemented on time, on costs, and especially in achieving the original goals of redevelopment.Hotel and Hospital Facility Management services costs are evolving both for the growth oftechnical services outsourcing both for the utilities liberalization both for the evolution of technology.and users The facilities management costs represent about 40% of external costs of the hospitalmanagement network and represent the highest cost item after personnel costs. Hospital hotel services are evolving both for the growth of outsourcing both forHotel and growth of the hotel comfort needs.. The main services (cleaning, catering andtechnical laundry) represent a significant cost and ensure compliance with the environmentalperformance hygiene of the hospital. The process of outsourcing of services requires a strongservices quality executive and commodity powers to ensure compliance with benefits and costsmanagement quality. 2
  4. 4. … FM spending is the 2° cost item in a hospital and represents 40% of external costs: therefore cost control is a primary goal Facility management public spending in a hospital is the second cost item of the total spending (6,7%) after personnel cost, and represents 40% of external costs. personale 83,0% altro 1,8% 11% radiodignostica 3% 0,4% 8% chimica clinica 18% 1,4% farmaci 3,0% 22% presidi medico chirurgici 3,7% 40% facility management 6,7%Font: Facility Management Observatory 3
  5. 5. … Facility services are equally distributed in technical services (35%), hotel services (41%) and users (24%)… Every service category has different criticality and management opportunities: • technical services (35%): the obsolescence and technologies growth implies a continued increase in spending and management complexity • users (24%): market liberalization and consumption growth relative to technologies request a more particular design and contractual attention • hotel services (41%): outsourcing implies a significative growth of services costs and needs a sistemic and automated monitoring. Technical services Hotel services 35% 41% Users 24%Font: Facility Management Observatory 4
  6. 6. … technical services grant hospital real estate functioning Public spending in technical services is divided in: • information technology (26%): for evolving infrastructures and networks to support technological innovation, is primary the plants and equipment documentation • buildings and plants (37%): compliance with security and both environmental both energetic impact in connection to continuous re-layout need a particular planning and maintenance • electro-medicals (37%): security regulatory, property technologies, full risk contracts, financial leasings, implies a management complexity that has to be managed as well. INFORMATION 26% TECHNOLOGY Users 24% Technical BUILDINGS 37% AND PLANTS services 35% Hotel services 37% ELECTRO-MEDICALS 41%Font: Facility Management Observatory 5
  7. 7. …hotel services grant comfort and environmental health and are correlated to hospital performance quality… Public spending in hotel services is divided in: • cleaning (38%): is the highest spending item; service has a direct impact on environmental health and has scientifically proven link with hospital infections • catering (29%): has a direct impact on hotel service quality • laundry (16%): outsourcing provides a full complexity service reduction • transports (10%): opportunity for monitoring hospital material dynamics • waste (7%): continuous monitoring imposed by regulatories 7% WASTE 10% TRANSPORTS 16% LAUNDRY Technical services Hotel 35% services 29% CATERING 41% 38% CLEANING Users 24%Font: Facility Management Observatory 6
  8. 8. … users are an evolving spending for technological growth and a saving opportunity for liberalization… Public spending for users is divided in: • water service (14%): water dispersions in an hospital are significant. Tariff profiles are different and savings are possible according to planning capacity • thermic service (50%): energetic consumptions are significant with co- generation consumption profiles. Conduction optimization provides important savings • driving force (36%): hospital lighting and driving force have peculiar features according to service continuity and consumption relevance THERMIC ENERGY 50% Hotel services 41% Users 24% 36% DRIVING FORCE Technical services 14% WATER RESOURCES 35%Font: Facility Management Observatory 7
  9. 9. eFM ensures your business facility with professionalism and competencies based on experience, method and advanced technologieseFM ensures a global facility management policy: • connecting his performance payment to objective result • helping his customers from the idea to the realization • providing technological tools for the re-engineering of the processes • guiding the customer in a learning process that grants him autonomy • combining his experiences on technical and management processes Management processes: to grant the correct management of resources in the planning phase • Investments Management Energy • Costs Management Services • Quality Insurance Investments Technical processes: to grant efficient management operativity for facility management services in Costs planning, coordinating and operative monitoring Management phases • Energy services • Technical services • Hotel services Quality Insurance 8
  10. 10. eFM ensures the implementation of investment plans , according to costs and time of realization… Investments Management: • Planning and implementation of plans with project financing or contracts • Objectives, time and costs respect in the investments realization • Efficacy of the investments with costs-benefits analysis • Regulatory plants planning and energy saving Safety and Investments Technical Works Conservative Planning Planning Accounting StateWorkplace safety evaluation and Investments planning has to Planning requests legal, Work directions must beinvestment goals must be be done according to financial technical, administrative, coordinated by a high surveystarted from a risk fonts, resources. So it is necessary financial and managerial that monitors time respect,conservative state and to give a priority to the competencies to properly anticipates bottlenecks andregulatory compliance punctual intervenctions according to evaluate the feasibility. Project plans works progress accordinganalysis. This evaluation must the evaluations about real financing operations adoption to the appropriations. Thisbe dynamic and must contain estate consistency, feasibility also requests a strong activity needs dedicatedproposal solutions and costs. and disponibility of competence to realize economic financial tools. appropriations. and financial plan. 9
  11. 11. eFM ensures service costs, transparency on planning and contracts management… Cost Management: • Spending planning on the basis of a “design to cost” specific planning • Competitive tenders planning with specific strategies per service • e-procurement: tenders, auctions and catalog purchases • Contracts management with budget and economical progress evaluation • Service full monitoring with costs and quality balanced scorecard Monitoring Planning and Tender Contract and Budget Management Management ReportingSpending planning must be Work and service tenders Contract management is critical Decisions about contractdone on zero basis according request Community and already in the planning phase implementation must beto cost objectives and service Nationalregulatory, competition and are requested integrated supported by reporting tools ablequality. This planning is levels of local and National legal and technical to give a synthetic view ofpossible thanks to markets knowledge. Punctual competencies to provide process performances, suppliers,professional competence on suppliers knowledge grants the significant events and rule the quality and cost service.single service with unit costs adoption of the best competitive responsibilities. The correct Balanced scorecard are thelinked to expected service tenders strategy and management derives from a solutions of this problem.levels. procedures. careful and qualified contract planning. 10
  12. 12. eFM ensures service quality with technologies and customer staff formation, either as independent third part… Quality Insurance: • Work orders planning and documentation • Work requests management and call center/service desk • Service levels monitor planning • Customer satisfaction monitoring • Service Certification Operative Operative Operative Service Planning Coordination Monitoring CertificationTo grant service quality Response times to intervenction Monitoring of service levels Technical or hotel servicemonitoring is necessary a request, scheduled or not, must provide an effective certification represent adetailed operative activities represent an evaluation criteria control on the basis of business strategic goal toplanning to create the basis for for FM. The adoption of call feedback information and effectively grant service“on site” monitoring activities. center/help desk able to customer satisfaction. quality and to give to the finalDocumentation must be coordinate and distribute all the user the warranty of qualityautomated and made available requests allows the monitoring insurance certified by thirdat building level. of this critical variable. parts.. 11
  13. 13. eFM ensures a rationale energy use with huge savings and continuity service warranty… Energy Services: • Energy planning, project financing and cogeneration • Hospital lighting planning and energy saving • Remote control systems conduction and implementation plans • Energy Audit and energy management compliance • Energy saving fundings Energy Plant Consumption Regulatory Audit Conduction Management ComplianceEnergy and water need of an Plant conduction must be based The accounting for The legal documentation to behospital is linked to those on rationale energy use. Must be consumption time periods and produced in compliance withfactors: fuel dispersions, energy planned and documented: types of energy source is laws, is a burden usuallyproduction etc. Correct analysis measures automation, switching essential for negotiating prices delegated to the role of thirdis a project basis for spending on and off, remote control and selection of optimal party suppliers frequently left outrationalization as well as a systems, monitoring system ranges of cost. The of control. The consequences areregulatory compliance. integration, conduction liberalization of markets offers the loss of effective control of operations. great opportunities for expenditure and system savings. performance. 12
  14. 14. eFM ensures a rationale maintenance and real estate use, maximizing the value for the hospital… Technical Services: • Asset management regularization and asset book reconciliation • Plant riqualification cost reduction and relayout • Asset legal documentation and security compliance • Maintenance efficacy and plant disponibility increase • Real Estate usage regulamentation and cost assignment Asset Technical Maintenance Use Management Inventory Management ManagementThe company has a significant The documentation of Maintenance requires an analysis The tilting of the operatingheritage in terms of value and technologies allows to set of the conservative state and costs of maintenance andquantity. Manner of acquisition: maintenance plans, adjusted standards, which are based on depreciation or operatingacquisition. leasing, project depending on the nature of maintenance plans and leases of equipment must befinancing, donation. free loan. possession, identifying the life specifications for action to be divided on the cost centersetc.. have complexity that must cycle depending on use and assigned to internal or external based on the actual use andbe handled on time for both the technological developments. The operators. The estimate should be registered withasset value and depreciation for documentation grants regulatory coordination and control of the documented requests.the maintenance compliance and investment interventions is required to plans. complete the integrated cycle. 13
  15. 15. eFM ensures cost restraint, quality control of hotel comfort and regulatory compliance Hotel Services: • Service levels planning and response time monitoring • Space management and room booking • Planning and movement control: materials, catering, waste • Special waste disposal monitoring • Security management, robbery surveillance Space Internal Waste Access Management Moving Management SecurityThe use of space within the The internal handling of The cataloging of the types of Survey is an increasinglyhospital is increasingly materials, wardrobe, waste, waste and the definition of important within the hospitaldynamic, the shared areas food, in addition to a design disposal procedures, complex, to this end the designgrow as a result of evolution problem of paths must also documentation of the disposal of access routes to theof the concept of static provide for the proper use of of special waste landfill assessment of surveillance,department and with the operational resources and dellottemperamento monitoring cameras represents aadoption of plates centralized ensuring the execution of the monitoring, measurement of point of qualifying for the safetyservices and the growth of service, ensuring respect of the the packages entrusted shall of hospitalized patients.ambulatory activity, routes and times and costs of be documented and collecteddiagnostic and day hospital. implementation. in a control system. 14
  16. 16. eFM can offer a partnership tailored to customer needs, from consulting to systems technical services The working arrangements with eFM are varied, depending on the strategic objectives of the client infact, eFM can completely perform facility management services or may assist clients to build its organization and its management information systems. The theme of collaboration is the focus and professionalism of staff. 4. Consulting: 1. Reengineering and 3. Technical Services: strategic, technical, Facility Management 2. Application due diligence, organizational, System Service Provider (ASP) security, planning, commercial, legal and Implementation work management,.. merchandiseIT & process assesment: hosting Facility Management Due Diligence: architectural survey and plant, inventory, financialization ofanalysis of existing solutions investment: project finance,organizational processes and hoteling solutions ad hoc for the labeling, population space planning: Employment operating lease, sell and leasesystems and applicative cllient backarchitecture proposition training: documentation, surveys, standard definition, relayout coordinating investments:process & system design: applicative maintenance: system economic and technical update energy management: energyBPR, planning processes and feasibility, design verification, data processing: data update and audit, legislative complianceinformation systems and high surveillance graphic elements Design: Preliminary andtechnical documentation processes reengineering and executive, specifications,system implementation: facility management procurementdevelopment, information system outsourcing: global services, e- supervision: safety coordinationintegration and test and release procurement, spin off services 494system Safety and environment: risktraining: documentation, assessment documents, firetraining users and system protection, wastemanagers 15
  17. 17. 16