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Eni e fm_site compliance_efmc2014-03


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The document shows the project “Site Compliance Management” implemented in EniServizi: a solution that revolutionizes the management model to achieve the goals of optimization, enhancement and sustainability.
As a result of the continuous evolution of rules and regulations, it has emerged the need to monitor the building throughout its life cycle through the standardization of procedures, an accurate control of assets, plants and equipments, space optimization and energy efficiency.
Mobile tools adoption, smartphones and tablets along with NFC technology, allowed us to simplify the management of plant consistencies, the integration of BMS systems for energy management on a single control platform, the normalization of policy for energy savings, the integration of maintenance processes and compliance procedures.

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Eni e fm_site compliance_efmc2014-03

  1. 1. SiteSite ComplianceCompliance: a: a groundground--breakingbreaking approachapproach toto FacilityFacility ManagementManagement local host: organized by:presented by: June 5, Berlin Federico Dibisceglia Site and Vendor Compliance Manager, Eniservizi Massimo Varani Corporate IWMS Manager, eFM
  2. 2. Eni: Company Profile Highlights Mission Key Numbers CountriesEmployees Eni is a major integrated energy company, committed to growth in the activities of finding, producing, transporting, transforming and marketing oil and gas. Eni men and women have a passion for challenges, continuous improvement, excellence and particularly value people, the environment and integrity Eni operates in the field of energy at 360 ° and that has chosen to become even more open towards all of its 78,000 90 local host: organized by:presented by: REFINING & MARKETINGREFINING & MARKETING more open towards all of its stakeholders. Building a sustainable future by investing in innovation and research. EXPLORATION AND PRODUCTIONEXPLORATION AND PRODUCTION GAS & POWERGAS & POWER E&P is our main division. It is currently present in 43 countries and is focused on finding and producing oil and gas. G&P is engaged in all phases of the gas value chain: supply, trading and marketing of gas and electricity, gas infrastructures, and LNG supply and marketing. Eni is the largest refiner in Italy and the leading operator in retail marketing of fuels with a market share of around 30%. Divisions
  3. 3. Eniservizi: Company Profile Highlights Mission Key Numbers Managed Properties Services Employees Customer Satisfaction Index (from 1 to 6) •EniServizi provides integrated services, redesigned and optimized to support the core business activities, according to a managerial perspective, focusing on cost competitiveness, process efficiency and service level. •EniServizi is the owner of processes in Corporate Real Estate (Real Estate developments, Asset & Property and Facility Management) and People local host: organized by:presented by: ENI Societies- Departments supported Services Facility Management) and People Care. property services business services Real Estate services Facility Management Project Managemenr Real Estate Projects Site Compliance Reproduction Procurement Subscription Cars Mail Archives Storage and shipment Print centre Catering Travel management Health service Emigration & immigration welfare Services
  4. 4. Corporate Real Estate Services • Lease management • Properties Sales • corporate housing • Search locations and equipment properties abroad Space OptimizationReal Estate Development • 65.000 sqm - 5.000 smq dedicated to services: auditorium, library, business restaurant • 3.800 PDL • -23% electic energy consuption • Energy certification LEED Gold DGE • 43.000 sqm • about 3.000 PDL • 29% optimization of occupied spaces • Kindergarten area off 1.500 smq EUROPARCO local host: organized by:presented by: 4 4 PRIMA DOPOstruttura sul territorio: • 4 area supervisor • 17 building Manager • 114 dedicated resources • 2 staff units Facility Management 156156 sitessites 11 milionmilion sqmsqm Project Management • Eni kindergarten SDM • Convention Center P.le Mattei RM and conference hall 1° Office Building • Polyclinics RM - SDM • Business restaurants • Safety Integrated Systems • Abroad Locations Equipments (Amsterdam, Madrid, Bruxelles, Algeri) • Green Data Center safety integrated system
  5. 5. Site Compliance Mobile Tecnical Due Diligence Compliance Governance NFC Archive NFC Mobile local host: organized by:presented by: 5 Control
  6. 6. The Site Compliance Platform AA newnew perspectiveperspective and an effective collaborative platform for operators and vendors, supported by mobile applications, in a single integrated facility management process TheThe PlatformPlatform isis designeddesigned to reach the following Objectives MANAGEMENT OPTIMIZATION VALORISATION SUSTAINABILITY It is composed by: Vendor Compliance Energy Compliance local host: organized by:presented by: Control Governance VENDOR SAFETY ARCHIVES TECHNOLOGY ENERGYRENTALS Energy Compliance Site Compliance
  7. 7. Building-Plant Technical Due Infrastructure Energy monitoring & BMS integration Space Management BIM: The MODEL BIMBIM ModelModel to reach the following Objectives MANAGEMENT OPTIMIZATION VALORISATION SUSTAINABILITY The BIM Model is implemented on the site compliance platform: an integration of Employees & Occupancy local host: organized by:presented by: Technical Due Diligence Redevelopment Activities Infrastructure Maintenance integration of Vendor Compliance Energy Compliance Site Compliance BIM = capability to link different elements of the same building and different phases of the building Life Cycle. BIM is a collaborative way of working, underpinned by the digital technologies • An emerging technology to improve the performance and productivity of an asset's design, construction, operation and maintenance process” • An advanced approach to object-oriented CAD • A process of generating, storing, managing, exchanging, and sharing building information in an interoperable and reusable way
  8. 8. Energy Compliance Governance Control local host: organized by:presented by: 8 Control BMS sensors, Nfc, are instruments to leverage the knowledge of our buildings. The next step is the integration of this knowledge on a unique platform building a total information modeling (BIM) enabling processes interaction . The predictive maintenance and corrective one, based on the actual remote detection, becomes a formidable tool to drastically reduce resources not really focalized and improve the operating efficiency.
  9. 9. BIM: Benefits • Consumption Reduction • Energy Utilization Monitoring • Actual Consumption comparison with the defined model • Sustainability Policy definition Energy Efficiency Improvement Energy Efficiency Improvement • System and Buildings Status • Services Contracts based on conditions • Purchase of more reliable equipments • Central importance of Engineering Function • Investments evaluations for energy efficiency auditsp Conservative Status Improvement Conservative Status Improvement local host: organized by:presented by: 9 • On demand maintenance time and costs reduction • Better definition of strategies of programmed maintenance • Workforce efficiency Operational Processes Improvement Operational Processes Improvement Asset Value Lifecycle Maint. Costs Investments works Energy Consumption HSE Risks Asset Value Lifecycle Maintenance Costs Investments works Energy Consumption HSE Risks +30% -35% +25% -10% -10%