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I was invited to speak to a group of smart folks in WAW Austin. This is the deck I used to share with them my experience with WAA and eMetrics. I encouraged everybody to check out WAA and become a member so that we can work together to shape the industry and advance our career.

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WAW Austin 090513

  1. 1. Slide 1
  2. 2. My Journey to WAA BOD • My background – MBA, Univ. of Michigan, 2002-2004 – Pricing Analyst, Dell consumer, 2004-2006 – Senior Marketing Consultant, Dell public segments, 2006-2008 – Senior Web Analyst, Dell consumer online, Aug. 2008- • The seed planted in Oct. 08 in DC • Bryan Eisenberg sent me an email… • Run the campaign with social media – Linkedin, Blog, WAA interview – Support from colleagues, friends and families • “Underdog” theory proves to be true • It’s a commitment, rather than recognition; after all, WAA is a member/volunteer driven non-profit organization Slide 2
  3. 3. WAA Vision The leading authority of excellence in digital marketing measurement. WAA Mission The Web Analytics Association leads and supports the members by providing quality education, developing standards and best practices, conducting research and advocating for issues that advance the industry Slide 3
  4. 4. Strategic Priority •Education •Research •Standards •Membership •Globalization Tell Us What You Need! Slide 4
  5. 5. WAA Membership • Three types: professional ($199), academic ($39) and corporate ($3K-$6K) • Benefits varies but include – Discounts to Industry Events & Conference – Networking Opportunities – Ground-floor Involvement – Continuing Education • More member exclusive benefits yet to come Join WAA Membership Now! Slide 5
  6. 6. Join a Committee/SIG and Participate Now! Slide 6
  7. 7. eMetrics Summit May 3-7, 2009, San Jose Network Learn Optimize Slide 7
  8. 8. Competing on Web Analytics…a repeating theme • Depends on operation interpretation and visualization, not data collection and reporting • Managed globally for all processes and functions, not departmentally or in silos • Requires continual monitoring and response based on observed changes, not episodic changes and re-engineering • Powered by people and process, not just technology Slide 9
  9. 9. Web Analytics Maturity 5. Competing on analytics 4. Culture Management 3. Senior management 2. Director 5 1. A project 0. No champion Tools 4 Objectives Strategic .5 3 5. Competing on analytics CRM .4 4. Business Optimization eMarketing .3 3. eBusiness Optimization Behavior Optimization .2 2 2. eMarketing Optimization Web metrics .1 1. Request list No web analytics .0 0. Undefined 1 Methodology Scope Agile approach .5 Agile methodology (online) .4 Continuous improvement process .3 5. Competing on analytics Department/team metho .2 4. Online ecosystem Analyst’s own .1 3. Single website No methodology .0 2. Specific online activity/sector 1. HiPPO 0. Improvisation Experienced/multidisciplinary .5 Multidisciplinary .4 Resources Distributed team .3 Single analyst .2 Project approach .1 No dedicated resources .0 Dell Confidential Copyright (c) 2009, Stéphane Hamel, immeria.net, All rights reserved. shamel@immeria.net
  10. 10. Tools Maturity Level 5 Level 4 Corporate Performance Level 3 Management Level 2 CRM • Multichannel Level 1 sales report E-Marketing • Activity-based • Multichannel Behavior costing aggregation Optimization • Balanced • Merchandising • Cost-shifting Web Metrics scorecards analysis • Segmentation • Path analysis • Strategic • Lifetime value • Search Engine • Funnel reports planning • Visitors, Visits, Optimization • Personalization • A/B testing Page Views • Predictive • Campaign • Analytics based Analytics • Key Performance • Top 10’s Optimization content serving Indicators • Demographic • Personas • Process analytics • Dashboards Strategic Web • Technographics (decision support) • KPI alerts • Top entry/exit 330° view of customer (30° of privacy) • Performance • Capacity Optimize the channel • Security Business driven, working on metrics, accuracy and process IT driven, “feel good” information, few decisions, minimal value Copyright (c) 2009, Stéphane Hamel, immeria.net, All rights reserved. shamel@immeria.net Slide 11 Adapted rfom Bill Gassman, Industry Analyst, Gartner, presented at eMetrics Summit 2007, San Francisco
  11. 11. Web Analytics 2.0 • With the proliferation of rich media, social network and mobile devices, measuring “total reach” becomes increasingly complex and “page centric” web analytics application often misses the big picture • Companies like eBay, Nokia, MTV etc. have defined their strategy and process to overcome such challenges • Invest in Technology / Process / People Slide 12 5/13/2009 12
  12. 12. Web Analytics Strategy in Large Enterprise • Nokia: Greg Dowling, Head of Analysis • OVI consumer brand: Music, Games, Media, Messaging, and Social Location • Mobile site vs. Fixed Site vs. Mobile Client • A combination of image tags, API and Cookie; capturing userID and using Omniture to aggregate and build a single view of all customer interactions • Ebay: Deepak Nadig, Distinguished Architect • Complex interaction model beyond pages: tab, AJAX, mouse over, social networks, flash, desktop clients, APIs, Wii • Evolved its analytics infrastructure to support the new interaction paradigms • MTV networks: Shari Cleary and Valeria Salley, Director of Digital Research • Viral, social, partners; digital, TV, console, mobile • Web analytics + consumer insights = strategic decision Slide 13 5/13/2009 13
  13. 13. Customer Centricity—Just Let Them Book for the Love of God • Joe Megibow, VP, Global Analytics and Optimization, Expedia • Customer Voice and Customer Experience – How to Listen, Learn and Provide What Your Customers Really Want • Solution • Technology: Omniture, Foresee, Opinion Labs, Tealeaf • Process: weekly meetings / execs briefings • People: dedicated team of web analysts, developers and customer advocates • Overall results • Substantial increase in conversion in removing customer issues and improving process flows • Tons of good will in response to customer issues • Winning cultural shift inside the company Slide 14 5/13/2009 14
  14. 14. Key Takeaways 5. Join WAA, grow the community and grow yourself 4. Attend eMetrics Summit if you can; if not, take advantage of any events like WAW, Webinars etc. 3. Don’t become reporting squirrel; connecting dots and driving actionable insights 2. Focus on three things: revenue, cost or customer experience 1. Think big but start small: little changes can have large impact Become a Super Web Analyst! Slide 15
  15. 15. Contact • Ed Wu, Senior Web Analyst, Dell Consumer Online; Director, Web Analytics Association • ewu@webanalyticsassociation.org • http://twitter.com/ed_wu • http://www.linkedin.com/in/edwu06 • www.superwebanalyst.net Slide 16