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Deploying the iPad to Sales & Managed Markets Teams: Training and Effectiveness Benchmark


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As technology continues to evolve, companies will look for ways to adapt processes and tools in an effort to penetrate the marketplace.

To that end, the iPad has become a popular tool for sales and managed markets teams at biopharma and medical device companies to use. However, deploying iPads into the field requires significant planning, resources and training to make the investment a success.

Best Practices LLC's study identifies the best practices for deploying and measuring the effectiveness of the iPad as an innovative sales tool.

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Deploying the iPad to Sales & Managed Markets Teams: Training and Effectiveness Benchmark

  1. 1. Deploying the iPad to Sales & Managed Markets Teams:Training and Effectiveness Benchmark Best Practices, LLC Strategic Benchmarking Research BEST PRACTICES,® LLC
  2. 2. Table of Contents Project Overview…3 Universe Of Learning For This Benchmark Analysis…6 Benchmark Participant Demographics and Current State of iPad Deployment…9 Training for iPad Devices…15 iPad Integration and Systems Development…23 iPad Security and Compliance…28 Productivity Applications for iPads…36 Field Usage and Measuring Effectiveness…42 Top Challenges and Keys to Success for Successful iPad Deployment…52 About Best Practices, LLC…61 BEST PRACTICES, 2 ® Copyright © Best Practices, LLC LLC
  3. 3. Project Overview BEST PRACTICES,® LLC
  4. 4. Research Objectives & MethodologyThe iPad is rapidly taking its place as one of the more popular technological innovations for sales andmanaged markets teams at biopharma and medical device companies. However, deploying iPads intothe field requires significant planning, resources, and training to make the investment a success. Key Topics for Analysis: 1) Training 2) Systems Integration and Application Development 3) Security and Compliance 4) Applications that Increase Productivity 5) Field Usage and Measuring Effectiveness 6) Challenges and Best Practices in Making the Investment a Success Field Research & Insight Development: Objective:This study engaged 54 leaders from 45 Identify and Examine Bestcompanies; all participants share leadership and Practices for Deploying andoversight of Sales, Training, and Commercialgroups at their healthcare organizations. Measuring the EffectivenessRepresentatives from 5 innovative companies of the iPad as an Innovativeparticipated in deep-dive interviews. Sales Tool BEST PRACTICES, 4 ® Copyright © Best Practices, LLC LLC
  5. 5. Executive Brief: Key Research FindingsThe following key insights emerged from this benchmarking study on training anddeploying the iPad to sales and managed markets teams. The majority of participating companies started with a pilot program for key Start with a Pilot brands before rolling iPads out to the entire sales or managed markets Program organization. Since several iterations of change & adjustments are often needed to refine technological applications and procedures, it is smart to make initial changes within a small test group.Deploy Right Training Training is absolutely critical in deploying devices such as the iPad; if reps or account managers are not comfortable with new technology, they willRequirements simply not use it. Training must focus not only on how to use the device, but also on how to enable the customer to interact and use the iPad. Although account managers report positive impact as a result of using the Synch with iPad, most companies do not currently have iPads in place among their Managed Markets managed markets teams. High development-cost savings are achievable for companies that build applications for each commercial group simultaneously. The availability and quality of content is the most challenging aspect ofEnsure Relevant iPad deployment in the commercial organization. Since iPads are lessContent & Apps effective than laptops in manipulating or re-purposing collateral, the appropriate material needs to be ready and available - and always updated. BEST PRACTICES, 5 ® Copyright © Best Practices, LLC LLC
  6. 6. Universe Of Learning For This iPadImplementation Benchmark Analysis BEST PRACTICES,® LLC
  7. 7. Universe of Learning: Companies Participating in StudyIn total, 54 leaders currently engaged in iPad deployment, training or performance management from 45leading global healthcare organizations participated in this research. All study participants completed acomprehensive iPad utilization and effectiveness benchmark assessment. In addition, selected executivesprovided qualitative insights through deep-dive interviews and “lessons learned” observations. Participating Companies: BEST PRACTICES, 7 ® Copyright © Best Practices, LLC 7 LLC
  8. 8. Study Incorporates a Host of Executive Perspectives on iPad UseThis research features insights from a wide range of learning and development leaders fromdifferent functions that oversee critical aspects of rolling out new sales tools. The diversityof these roles – listed below – illustrates the broad-reaching and often cross-functionalnature of sales initiatives across an entire organization. • Vice-President of Sales (2) • Associate Director, Marketing • VP Corporate Sales Outcomes • Associate Director, Business Process • BU Head Oncology • Ass. Director Global Business Intelligence • Country Division Head • Global brand associate director • Head of Global Commercial Excellence • Sr. Product Manager • Business Analysis and Sales Operations Leader • Senior Manager, Commercial Systems • Sr. Director of Sales Excellence • Senior Manger • Sr. Director Sales Operations • Sr. Manager, Market Research • Director, Global Digital Marketing • Marketing manager • Director, HCP Marketing • Customer Relations Manager • Director, CRM • Market Manager • Director, Field Automation • Sales & Training Manager • Director Strategic Market Access • District Business Manager • IT Director • Integrated Communications Manager • MarCom Director • SFE Manager • Director Selling Excellence and SFE • Channels Marketing Manager • Director Oncology • Sales Communications Manager • Director, Commercial Services • Corporate CRM Manager • Sales & Marketing Director • Training & Development Manager • Country Director • IT Program Manager • MS Business Unit Director • IT Manager • Director (2) • Innovation Manager • Associate Director, Sales Operations • Manager, E-Marketing • Associate Director, Regional Accounts • Training Manager • Assistant Director, HCP Multichannel Marketing • Product Manager • Senior Clinical Specialist • Sr. Market Research Analyst BEST PRACTICES, 8 ® Copyright © Best Practices, LLC LLC
  9. 9. Benchmark Participant Demographicsand Current State of iPad Deployment BEST PRACTICES,® LLC
  10. 10. Section Summary: iPads Prevalent, but Only a Part of WholeTechnological ProfileKey data trends and takeaways: The majority of companies deploy iPads to members of key Level of Deployment brands as part of a pilot programs before issuing devices to the entire sales force. Integration with Approximately 1 in 5 companies have already issued iPads to Managed Markets their managed markets teams, with an overall majority of benchmark companies planning to do so in the next 12 mos. Study participants noted certain performance and contentStreamlining Technology shortcomings – such as editing spreadsheets andto One Device presentations– that prevent companies from shifting exclusive field use of a single device.Issuing Additional “Comfort level” was seen as pivotal to overall iPad usageDevices with iPads compliance, and issuing peripheral devices tended to increase field use. BEST PRACTICES, 10 ® Copyright © Best Practices, LLC LLC
  11. 11. Industry and Location of Participants54 Participants took part in this study, 85% representing pharmaceutical and biotech companies, 15%representing medical device or diagnostics organizations. The majority of responses were from theUnited States and Western Europe. However, there was strong participation from emerging markets inEastern Europe, Africa, India, South America and Asia. For which industry are you responding? Please Indicate the location of the organization or business unit you represent: 15% United States: 50% 85% EU: 31% Emerging Markets: 12% North America Excluding US: 5% Australia: 2% (n=54) (n=54) BEST PRACTICES, 11 ® Copyright © Best Practices, LLC LLC