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Indie Research Powerpoint

  1. 1. Mu sic
  2. 2. Definition: Indie Genre Independent music is often shortened to indiemusic or indie. “ Indie” music is producedindependently from major commercial recordlabels or their subsidiaries, a process that mayinclude a DIY approach to recording andpublishing.
  3. 3. Popular/Successful Indie Bands...
  4. 4. Rough Trade The big daddy of B indie labels, R ritish ough Trade has had its ups and downs since 1978 when Geof f Travis f ounded it in the back of his Notting Hill record shop. Its early roster was an embarrassment of riches:The label went bust in 1991, losing adecade, but soon af ter its relaunch in the Smiths, the Fall, and2000, Travis happened upon a little- Stif f Little Fingers whoseknown New York band called The I nf l am abl e mStrokes. Now owned by B eggars Group, M er i al , R at oughthe label manages acts as diverse as Trade’s f irst ever albumAntony & the Johnsons and Micachu. release, sold more than Indie Record Labels 100, 000 copies.
  5. 5. Crea tion From 1983 to 1999, the lion’s share of carousing and brawling in the B ritish music industry was done not just by the roster of Creation R ecords butIt’s style worked a treat also by its management.with Oasis, its biggest Most labels attractsuccess story, as well as signings with lucrativePrimal Scream, too close to deals, Creation,call in the debauchery according to a f ormerstakes. However, despite a label manager, “used to Indie Record Labelshost of great names, AlanMcGee’s company never got drink and drug the bands into submission”.
  6. 6. Factory Few defunct British music institutions inspire more nostalgia than Factory, the label that put Manchester on the musical map. Established in 1978 by Tony Wilson and Alan Erasmus, Factory is remembered for its highs:Joy Division and New Order, theBut it’s also remembered for it’s lows, notably the suicide of halcyon days of the HaciendaJoy Division’s Ian Curtis in May 1980. No less memorable was nightclub, Peter Saville’s sleeveWilson’s fearless approach, championing “difficult” bands and designs.declining to make them sign contracts. The label closed in 1992,but Factory’s influence remains Indie Record Labels
  7. 7. I’ve postedsome l b ow ofIndie mu videosth inspir me forsimil footage inks el , sic at ed ar inmy ow mu video... n sic /watch?v=HS1XrH9077Q eal I particularly like this song because I can relate to it, and it has aBig D ork relaxing adjustment to it. me w The video has great effects and moulds well with the song, the narrative isHo well structured. Be nH Old owa /watch?v=UzzCthKw_C0 The setting and narrative used in this video helped to inspire a particular shot Pin rd in my video, this video compliments the song – it’ s excellent! eThe Vacc in e s The video provides the effect of memory as well as an alternative ‘ indie’ feature...Post Brea They’ ve made something as simple as recording in a front room look ‘ retro and k Up ‘ modern’ . I admire the uniqueness of this video. This song is simple, yet catchy and holds great meaning for teenagers and youth, most adults are also able to related to it.
  8. 8. What makes an indie video successful?Originality. An indie music video is at it’s best when it’s achance taking, friend making, low budget thing – FUN?A low budget isn’t a necessity for a great indie music video, it’sjust prevalent, and frequently inevitably to be due to indies’need to express with freedom in both form and subject.With this indie spirit and these constraints there could be saidto be an independent arts culture, and a less obvious but no lessvivid indie music video visual .
  9. 9. Who’s truly the indie genre’s audience?Females and males from 14-26 – the age in which youth struggle to find out who they are and where they belong.The indie culture holds a place for every individualDoes it’s music therefore relate to everyone? And does it therefore have a target audience?
  10. 10. From my research I have learnt...With indie music video’s, less is more, realism and trivial, yet every day issues are featured not only in the lyrics of the song but also in the video.My video doesn’t necessarily have to related to the songs. However it does have to relate to my audience.