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Stop trying to be so smart. Stop working so hard. It really doesn’t matter anyway!

Have you ever wondered why individuals who make it to the top of their professions are often not the most talented, skilled, or intelligent? While talent, skill, and ability are important factors, success is a function of how resilient, defiant, and unreasonable you are.

If you are a leader, entrepreneur, manager, or someone that has a insanely wild goal or dream, this free ebook will explore three untraditional truths of leadership that you won’t learn in business school!

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Truth About Leadership

  1. 1. truthTheAbout LeadershipWhy Being Defiant, Unreasonable, and Resilient is Essential y, Inc. By Tiffany L. Britt, MBA Chief Marketing Scientist @ Edit-Abilit
  2. 2. Are you constantly Are you an Do you dream setting high entrepreneurial bigger than expectations for spirit? most people? yourself? No Yes In this free e-book, we will discuss threeIf you don’t aspire to be greater than you specific qualities you’ll need on youralready are and achieve more than you journey towards greatness. Keepcurrently have, then this book is not for reading!you. Don’t waste your time. Could someone else use this ebook?2 Click below to share the love!
  3. 3. About Tiffany L. Britt, MBA When it comes to marketing your small business online, Tiffany L. Britt, MBA is a great person to know! With more than 10 years of experience as a management consultant, business analyst, and college professor, you’ll likely find her online trying to wrap her head around the challenges that small businesses face in today’s Text marketing landscape. She eagerly shares her knowledge & insights through one-on-one consulting, but also enjoys blogging and delivering hands-on workshops. Could someone else use this ebook?3 Click below to share the love!
  4. 4. About Edit-Ability, Inc. Edit-Ability, Inc. is a central Illinois based web design company that uses Wordpress to deliver all-in-one websites, blogs, and portfolios that are fully equipped with search engine optimization and social media tools. In a sea of design companies, Edit-Ability, Inc. is the only Text one that combines a unique blend of design, business, and marketing knowledge for a price that any small business can afford. Could someone else use this ebook?4 Click below to share the love!
  5. 5. What’s Inside? Have you ever wavered or doubted yourself while trying to achieve something great? Whether you are just thinking about starting your company, in the early stages of start-up, or are already a seasoned leader, you know that in order to get from Point A to Point Z, you have to fervently go after your goals, enthusiastically knock down walls, and passionately crash through glass ceilings If you want to be successful and take your goals all the way to the finish line, it takes more than a half-hearted effort to get you there. In this ebook, we are doing to discuss why you must “go hard, or go home” and have fanatical commitment like crazy Dr. Evan O’Neill Kane. Text Section 1: Who Exactly Is Dr. Kane? Section 2: Shake That Dirt Off Your Shoulder Section 3: Die Hard, Fanatical Commitment From The Soul Section 4: Blatantly Defy the Status Quo Section 5: What Are You Waiting On? Could someone else use this ebook?5 Click below to share the love!
  6. 6. Section 1 Who Exactly IsDr. Kane?
  7. 7. We Have Come A Long Way Medicine has come a long way over the past century. Neurosurgeons can perform miraculous operations on our brain and almost every major organ can be transplanted. Our children regularly get vaccinations for once fatal diseases that keep them healthy and extend their life expectancy. Plastic surgeons can completely transform our physical appearance. If we rewind back to before 1921, however, the medical world and surgery was very different. Even if you just needed to have minor surgery, during that time period, going completely under was the ONLY option. Then, Dr. Evan O’Neill Kane from Pittsburg introduced a radical new idea. Dr. Kane thought, “If I only need to operate on one section of my patient’s body, why must they be completely unconscious?” He figured out a way to provide only local anesthesia during surgery and Text went off to find volunteers to test his theory. Could someone else use this ebook?7 Click below to share the love!
  8. 8. You Want To Do WHAT While I am Aw ake? For some strange reason, the search for volunteers wasn’t as successful as Dr. Kane had hoped. I don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t let Dr. Kane get near me with a butter knife, let alone a surgical instrument! Not one person that he attempted to recruit was even remotely interested in allowing Dr. Kane to cut on their bodies while they were fully awake. Finally, after searching relentlessly, one brave, courageous volunteer stepped forward. Dr. Kane successfully performed an appendectomy while the patient was conscious, proving that local anesthesia was not only a viable option, but that it was actually the preferred option for surgery. Text Could someone else use this ebook?8 Click below to share the love!
  9. 9. What’s the Big Deal? The remarkable part of this story is not the medical advance that resulted, but rather, WHO the first brave, courageous patient was. Based on the riskiness, one would think that the first patient was possibly someone that Dr. Kane paid. Perhaps it wasn’t even a person- maybe it was a dog or monkey or animal of some kind. None of these were the case. The person that Dr. Kane performed surgery on was none other than Dr. Kane himself. He believed so passionately and fervently in his hypothesis that he put himself on the operating table and removed his own appendix. Text Could someone else use this ebook?9 Click below to share the love!
  10. 10. How Passionate Are You? Anyone that would put themselves on a gurney and cut their body open is certainly a little crazy. Dr. Kane is no exception. I have two questions for you: How passionate are you about your ideas, goals, and dreams? Text Would you be willing to put yourself on the gurney for them? This is Dr. Kane The average person does not have what it takes to put themselves on the operating table. But if performing a hernia you are reading this, you’re not average and probably a bit crazy, too! operation on himself. Practice Despite his craziness, there are three qualities that Dr. Evan O’Neill Kane had that you should have makes perfect! as well... Could someone else use this ebook?10 Click below to share the love!
  11. 11. Three Qualities Quality #1: Dr. Kane knew how to shake the dirt off of his shoulder. He didn’t care about the naysayers- he ignored them. So should you. Success attracts criticizers and naysayers. As someone that is going to be successful in everything that you do, you have to know how to handle them. You have to learn how to take your criticizers, put their voices on mute, and keep it moving. Quality #2: Dr. Kane displayed die hard, fanatical commitment that came from his soul. He went all the way! He didn’t get on that operating table, cut himself halfway open, and then decide that it maybe wasn’t such a great idea after all. Many of us half commit to our goals and abandon them when times get rough. If your goal is worth attaining, though, you simply cannot do this! You’ve got to go all-in- make no excuses- and do whatever it takes to achieve it! Text Quality #3:Dr. Kane blatantly defied the status quo. He chewed up the status quo and spit it out. Doing things the way that they are always done just because, “We’ve always done them this way”, is a formula for being average. It’s no way to break through. It’s no way to innovate. When you are in this state of mind, you can never get anymore than you have already got. Dr. Kane’s example teaches us to question and blatantly defy the status quo. Could someone else use this ebook?11 Click below to share the love!
  12. 12. Section 2Shake That Dirt Off YourShoulder
  13. 13. Tommy, the Mule, and His Dad 11 year old Tommy stormed in from school one day with his head down and feet dragging. “What’s wrong?” his father asked. “The kids at school keep calling me fat!” Tommy cried. With a chuckle, his father replied, “You’re not fat Tommy, but even if you were skinny, those kids would tease you for being skinny. They will always find something to poke at. I’ll prove it to you.” And with one swift movement, Tommy’s dad grabbed Tommy and their mule and took them on a walk through town. Text Could someone else use this ebook?13 Click below to share the love!
  14. 14. As they begin their stroll, Tommy, his dad, and the mule walked side-by-side. You could hear townspeople saying quite loudly, “Look at those two – they’ve got a perfectly good mule and there not even using it. How wasteful is that?” Now, after making sure his son heard the comments, Tommy’s dad picked him up and placed him on the mule, and continued their walk. This time, people said, “Look at that lazy kid. He’s riding on that mule and making his poor, old dad walk. How inconsiderate is that?” Next, Tommy’s dad switched places with him. Of course, the townspeople had something negative to say. “Why is that old guy on the mule while his poor kid has to walk? How insensitive is that?” Text Finally, they both got on the mule. The townspeople, of course, criticized saying: “Poor mule – it has to carry around those two able bodied people. How cruel is that?” Whether they walked side-by-side, one on the mule, or both riding, there was always someone to criticize their actions. Life is no different. No matter what you do, there will always be someone that will criticize you. Pay no mind to these people. Listen to your heart. And do what you believe in – no matter what. Could someone else use this ebook?14 Click below to share the love!
  15. 15. Behind Every Successful Person Here is an image that I’m sure you can relate to. I’ve covered a section with a dot for obvious reasons, but the point is clear: “Behind every successful person lies a pack of haters.” If you are doing something worthwhile, then you will attract the criticism (sometimes disguised as helpfulness) of others. I am positive that Dr. Kane ran into a few haters when he shared his idea. Surely, you have them in your life. I call them dream killers or dream stealers. You have a great idea, you want to share it with the world and they come up with a million and one reasons why you should not move forward with your wonderful idea. They tell you that you are out of your mind and always find something about your idea to poke at or rip to shreds. Text As it relates to your dreams and the dream stealers in your life, there are four things that you must remember... Could someone else use this ebook?15 Click below to share the love!
  16. 16. 1Those who matter don’t mind,Those who mind, don’t matter.
  17. 17. Cars, Airplanes, Computers, Cell Ph ones, Driverless Cars Just like the boy in the story, what you think and feel in your gut far supersedes the opinions of others. When an idea is new or unheard of it’s always labeled as radical, wild, and unlikely to succeed. Think about cars, airplanes, computers, and cellphones. At one point in time, the idea of creating any of them was highly infeasible and people were critical. A few years ago, Google announced that within the next 10 years, they will be able to use their Google Earth technology to create cars that don’t need a driver. Everyone, of course, thinks that this idea is nuts, but Google is fearless and unrelenting about creating new useful technologies. It, of course, helps to be Google, but they don’t care about the criticism of others. They have already started moving forward with this idea and proof of concept and have even gained legislative support in 6 states. Text Click the picture to watch the video of a blind man driving to Taco Bell! Could someone else use this ebook?17 Click below to share the love!
  18. 18. Shake That Dirt off Your Shoulders The point is here that you simply won’t find success anywhere without criticism. Success and criticism have this kind of crazy relationship. Anytime you see success, criticism is right there, attached at the hip! It takes people who have Kevlar tough skin to not care what anyone else thinks. Take, as an example, political candidates. They get beat up by criticizers pretty bad. Remember in the 2008 primaries, when President Obama (then just a democratic nominee) responded to a barrage of negative comments by physically brushing the imaginary dirt off his shoulders? Click the picture to watch as Text President Obama shakes the dirt off of his shoulders! He had Jay-Z’s song, “Shake That Dirt Off Your Shoulder” to thank for that metaphor, but this is exactly what you should be doing when it comes to the dirt or mud that people will sling at you. BE RESILIENT. Like Obama, when you succeed, you prove that there is no better retaliation against criticism than actually succeeding. Could someone else use this ebook?18 Click below to share the love!
  19. 19. 2Ideas are most delicate in the beginning.
  20. 20. Ideas Are Like Embryos You have to protect them and you shouldn’t share them prematurely. You must let them incubate, grow, and mature before you present them to the world. Dr. Kane didn’t present his idea until he was ready and he was certain that it would work. Ideas are like embryos. They are incredibly delicate and when exposed to the wrong elements, they can die or be damaged. Like an expectant mother, you may be eager to share your idea with everyone, but I caution you against this. Don’t share your ideas until you (and your idea) are ready. How do you know when your idea is ready? Text It has to pass three tests... Could someone else use this ebook?20 Click below to share the love!
  21. 21. Is Your Idea Ready for the World? Test #1: It has to be substantive enough to weather criticism. Even just a small dose of negative feedback (or even a perceived lack of positive feedback) can cause you to second guess yourself. Take your idea and develop it more thoroughly. Fine-tune and iron out problems as much as you can before you present it. Test #2: You have to have a clear sense of what you want to accomplish. When you introduce your idea to others, their suggestions could taint the heart of your idea and muddle the clarity of your vision. Test #3: You have to be sure that you are ready to move forward with it. The moment you talk about an idea publicly, you have set it in stone and will surely be asked about Text it in the future. People, criticizers or not, are going to keep you accountable. When you present and speak passionately about an idea, but fail to follow through, you run the risk of being labeled as one of those people who talks about things but never does them. Could someone else use this ebook?21 Click below to share the love!
  22. 22. 3 Criticism precedesadmiration.
  23. 23. You Can’t Trust “Flip Floppers” The same people that were dream killers early on and initially judged your actions, often turn out to be your biggest cheerleaders once you have achieved even a little bit of success. They flip flop- that’s how you know you can’t depend on or put any weight into what they think. After Dr. Kane proved his theory, as an example, the professional community had to acquiesce and agree that he knew what he was talking about. Now surgeons today are trained to think local anesthesia first. It’s incredibly hard to get people on your team when you are riding a wagon solo, but once that wagon starts moving and building momentum, suddenly- everyone wants to jump on board and sing your praises. Criticism precedes admiration. Keep on pouring the success on, keep moving Text forward, and pretty soon the very same people that criticized you will be admiring you for all that you accomplish. Could someone else use this ebook?23 Click below to share the love!
  24. 24. 4Criticism is a sign ofpersonal weakness.
  25. 25. SHHH!! A Little Secret About Critic izers Here is something that you should know about criticizers that will help you put their comments into proper perspective: People who criticize, often do so because they feel weak, overwhelmed, and powerless themselves. Think about the people in your life who have unfairly criticized your dreams or goals. When someone responds to your success or your idea by attacking it, it speaks to something lacking and deficient within them. They are projecting their own insecurities on you. Text Need evidence? Look no further than the lives of your criticizers.... Could someone else use this ebook?25 Click below to share the love!
  26. 26. What Do Their Live’s Look Like? While this may not be true of all of them, many people who are critical hold themselves and their own dreams back to some degree. One reason is because they don’t believe in themselves enough. They avoid venturing out on their own ideas because if there is a possibility that they may fail, they don’t want to try. Another reason that they don’t move forward with their dreams is because they don’t want the added attention. Attention always comes with criticism and even though they can dish it out, they are extremely sensitive and can’t handle judgement themselves. Text Could someone else use this ebook?26 Click below to share the love!
  27. 27. Family & Friends Want You To Be Sa fe Because of their own insecurities, criticizers lay low and try to fly under the radar. Ironically, they want you to do the same thing because it makes you a “safe” person. When you are off dreaming and doing the seemingly impossible, that makes you unpredictable, risky, and as a result, not very safe to them. In Do the Work, Pressfield says: “The problem with family and friends is that they know us as we are. They are invested in maintaining us as we are.” Criticizers often crave comfortability, security, and predictability and you and your big dreams make Text them uncomfortable and disrupts their mindset. Your playing small does not The last thing that you should do is remain as you are, just to make the naysayers comfortable. If serve the world. Theres acting on your ideas means disturbing their safe little world, then that’s their problem, not yours! nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people This is an excerpt from my favorite quote wont feel insecure around EVER by Marianne Williamson (also recited by you. Nelson Mandela). I’ve included the FULL quote in the bonus section at the end of this ebook. Enjoy! Could someone else use this ebook?27 Click below to share the love!
  28. 28. Wear Your Target With Pride! No matter what choices that you make in life, someone is going to criticize you along the way. You immediately put a gigantic target on your back when you: Risk more than others think safe. Care more than others think wise. Dream more than others think practical. Expect more than others think possible. Text Claude Bissell I hope that you, like Dr. Kane, learn to believe so passionately in your ideas, goals, and self that you can withstand the winds of ostracism and ridicule that will certainly come your way as reach for your potential. Don’t let the gigantic target on your back deter you. Wear it with pride! Could someone else use this ebook?28 Click below to share the love!
  29. 29. Section 3Die Hard, FanaticalCommitment From the Soul
  30. 30. Wantrepreneurs It’s not hard to stay committed to a goal when things are going well. When all the stars align, budgets are in place, and you are meeting your milestones and deadlines consistently- commitment comes easy. But what about when things go completely haywire? What about when you start to run into an endless patch of potholes and the road gets bumpy? Or, here is something you might be able to relate to: when the money runs out, the profits are non-existent, the expenses are out of control, and the customers pretend that they don’t know your name? Do you have what it takes to stay committed? Not some entrepreneurs and leaders. Some entrepreneurs are actually “wantrepreneurs”. They want the success that comes from Text jumping in the pool head first, but they are afraid of the risk. They dip one toe in the pool at a time. There is no real commitment because at the first hint of trouble, they run the other way with their tales wagging between their legs. That’s how you know who has what it takes to succeed and who is just along for the ride (as long as the trip is convenient and comfortable). Dr. Kane and his example teaches us that we need to either: Go all-in or don’t go at all. Go hard or go home. You can’t simultaneously do both at the same time! Could someone else use this ebook?30 Click below to share the love!
  31. 31. All Progress Depends on the Unrea sonable Man The kind of fanatical, fervent, whole hearted commitment that Dr. Kane had came from deep within his soul. When you have this kind of the commitment, it is so strong that nothing can shake it. I would even venture to say that you have to be a bit crazy, obsessed, and unreasonable about reaching your goal. There is a quote by George Bernard Shaw, that says: The reasonable man adapts himself to the world; the unreasonable one persists in trying to Text adapt the world to himself. Therefore, all progress depends on the unreasonable man. Most successful people are unreasonable, crazy, and completely obsessed with their idea or dream. Here are a few examples... Could someone else use this ebook?31 Click below to share the love!
  32. 32. ThomasEdisonwas a realnut job.
  33. 33. Any smart person who understoodhow impossibly arduous were the tasks they had set themselves would have pulled the plug before he ever began. Do The Work, Steve Pressfield
  34. 34. Thomas Edison is heralded as a genius now, but he had a rocky beginning. First of all, he left school line is a thin nd early because teachers told him he wasnt capable of doing the work. Now, it’s one thing for a There us a en geni eople teacher to say that a student is underperforming or not applying themselves adequately, but to say betwe ost p that child wasn’t “capable” is a pretty strong label! M d crazy! ho are labele w ere s today w red Later in his life, Edison, as we know, tried and failed more than 10,000 times before he finally geniuse conside invented the light bulb. Why didn’t he stop trying after the 100th time or the 500th time or the int t s ome po e! 999th time? Because he was a madman! crazy a in their lif Most of us would have stopped around 20 or 30 unsuccessful attempts, telling ourselves, “Guess it’s just not meant to be.” But Edison didn’t! He was fanatical, crazy, unreasonable, and irrational when it came to his invention. His thought process was also much different than that of most people. He is quoted as saying: Text “I have NOT failed. Ive just found 10,000 ways that wont work.“ That’s a really interesting way of looking at failure! I think that we all can take notes from Edison here. In the past, how many “ways that don’t work” do you allow before you pull the plug? There is a such thing as getting off of a dead horse, but have you ever got off a horse that still had life in it? In my experience, the journey towards reaching a goal always gets roughest just before you arrive. It’s always darkest before the dawn. If you really believe in your dream, keep trying until you find a way to make it work. Could someone else use this ebook?34 Click below to share the love!
  35. 35. ColonelSanderswas a littlelooney too!
  36. 36. Ignorance and arrogance are the artist andentrepreneur’s indispensable allies.She must be clueless enough to have no idea howdifficult her enterprise is going to be- and cockyenough to believe that she can pull it off anyway. Do The Work, Steve Pressfield
  37. 37. When he retired and learned that he would only have $105/ month to live on for the rest of his life, Colonel Sanders said (paraphrasing, of course!): “No, no, no- I don’t think so”. I can’t blame him. Even in the 1950s, this was not a lot of money to retire on! Most people would have taken the $105/month and lived out their golden years by pinching pennies and struggling to make ends meet. Even though the budget would be tight, that would have been the “reasonable” thing to do! But not Colonel Sanders. He took his white hair, white suit, tantalizing chicken recipe, and knocked on over a 1,000 doors. I imagine that his knuckles were also white after all that knocking! Text Sanders was rejected more than 1,000 times before he finally got 1 person to say, “I believe in you. Let’s do business”. Thank goodness that Colonel Sanders was both ignorant and clueless about how difficult things were going to be. Thank goodness he was also arrogant and cocky about believing that he could pull it off.. Because of it, there are more than 36,000 KFC’s throughout 109 countries today with gross sales that top $11B annually. A far cry more than $105/month! Could someone else use this ebook?37 Click below to share the love!
  38. 38. Bill Gates The Beatles Tiger Woods + + Are All Insane!
  39. 39. The 10,000 Hour Rule In his book, Outliers, Malcolm Gladwell presents more evidence that reinforces the relationship w/9855 between success and people that are crazy and unreasonable about reaching their goals. iew/intervie .charlie He calls it the 10,000 hour rule. Through his studies, Gladwell has found that almost all superstars like the Beatles, Tiger Woods, and even Bill Gates put in over 10,000 hours of “work” BEFORE reaching their level of success. Consider how much 10,000 hours really is. If you dedicated 20 hours a week towards the pursuit of your goal, it would take 500 weeks or about 10 years to get to the level of mastery of the greats! Two questions for you: Text What idea have you spent more than 10,000 hours perfecting? I love listening to What dream have you spent more than 10,000 hours pursuing? Gladwell talk! Click the picture above If you are a reasonable man- likely nothing. to listen to an interview about Outliers. Around For the reasonable man, investing 10,000 hours in anything is completely out of the question! 4:16, he talks about the 10,000 hour rule. But you are unreasonable. You started your own company. You made the conscious decision to lead or manage. That made you a star from day one. 10,000 + hours later, it makes you a raving success. Could someone else use this ebook? 39 Click below to share the love!
  40. 40. Two Myths That I Hope Go Out of Styl e If you are going to be successful and go all in, you have to shake, get rid of, and eradicate two myths that society has made into reality: Myth 1 If I go all in and don’t win, I’ll loose everything. Text Myth Being crazy, unreasonable, and obsessed is a bad thing. 2 Could someone else use this ebook?40 Click below to share the love!
  41. 41. Myth #1: If I go all-in anddon’t win, I’ll loose everything
  42. 42. Truth: It’s Impossible to Loose All Yo ur Poker Chips Most people are familiar with “going all-in” as a poker term. A player puts all of his chips at risk and either he looses everything or he doubles up. When you loose all your chips, you have nothing left to give. Poker chips are material items. You have a limited quantity of them. Once they are gone, they’re gone. Unlike poker, when you go all-in on your dreams and the outcome is not favorable, you don’t loose the ability to go all-in again. You have an unlimited reserve of creativity, gifts, energy, and efforts. You never run out of them. Even if you fail, there is no shortage to how many times you can keep going all in until you finally succeed. If this myth has creeped into your belief system, I hope that you recognize it and retire it. In life, you Text have an endless reservoir of poker chips. There will aways be another game, another day, another opportunity to go all-in on something that you are passionate about. Could someone else use this ebook?42 Click below to share the love!
  43. 43. Myth #2: Being crazy,unreasonable, andobsessed is a bad thing.
  44. 44. Truth: Obsession is a GOOD Thin g In our society, obsession has an ugly, unfair stigma. There is a negative connotation associated with the word. If you are obsessed with something, you are categorized as off-balanced, too focused, and work addicted-- all bad things. I wish that we could dispel this myth forever! Obsession is not a curse, it is a gift! It is a tremendous blessing and if you got big goals or an insanely wild vision, it is a requirement to get where you want to go. I say this for two reasons: 1. If you are not obsessed with something, it is quite easy to give up. When things get a little rough, you throw in the towel. You’ve got no skin in the game and move on to the next “obsession”. You’ve probably encountered people like this in your life. I know someone that is Text 35 years old and flounders from one “career” to the next every few years. Anytime they get bored (or things get hard) they just move on. 2. When you are obsessed with and idea, dream, or goal, you become equally obsessed with the idea of making it work. You fixate not only on the big milestones, but also, all of the little, mundane tasks and actions required to get from Point A to Point Z. Every little detail is important. If you have bought into the myth that obsession is somehow bad, please take it and put it where it belongs: in the trash can. Childlike fixation and obsession is necessary to achieve Could someone else use this ebook? greatness.44 Click below to share the love!
  45. 45. Be Unreasonable The point of this section of the ebook is to always remember is that all progress depends on the unreasonable man. Successful people are successful not because they are more talented than most, but because they are crazier and more unreasonable than most. Show me a successful person and I will show a maniac that irrationally failed forward, a lunatic that failed 5 times, but succeeded 6. Athletes dedicated years to finally achieve a gold medal or win a championship. Scientists sent a man to the moon and frequently go out of space because someone became unreasonably obsessed with the idea. From artists to musicians to inventors to business people to society’s change agents, the list of people who succeeded because they were stubbornly unreasonable is pretty long. I am certain that you can think of your own personal examples. Text Even a fool knows we cant reach the stars, but that doesnt stop the wise man from trying. Dr. Kane, in our example, did not approach his goals halfheartedly. He displayed die hard, fanatical commitment that was completely unreasonable and came from his soul. So did Thomas Jefferson, Colonel Sanders, and all the others that we mentioned. As an entrepreneur and a leader, you should be just as unreasonable. Could someone else use this ebook?45 Click below to share the love!
  46. 46. Section 4Blatantly Defy theStatus Quo
  47. 47. What would our worldlook like if more people started projects, made a ruckus, and took more risks? Seth Godin
  48. 48. Poke the Box Last year, I read a book by Seth Godin, who is one of the few people that I will call a marketing “guru”. The name of the book was Poke the Box. The whole point of the book, and the reason why I am bring it up here, is that Godin writes: “What would our world look like if more people started projects, made a ruckus and took more risks?” I ask that question to you: What would your world, your business, your life be like if you poked the box and dared to poke, prod, challenge, and blatantly defy the status quo? Text Dr. Kane poked and look at what happened. He was able to change the way that surgeries would out o c razy ab t I forever be done. I am s e Box tha h Poke t a blog article wrote concept, and If you are a entrepreneur or leader, my guess is that you already have a little of Dr. Kane’s defiance in the ree you. If you were a status quo kind of person, you would safely work your 9-5, relish complacency, about a link to a f ou and grab only for comfortable goals that are well within reach. But, that’s not you, is it? d y include nload which ul. dow lpf might find he / 0 4 / 2 1 / i- 011 g/2 .n e t / b lo -a b il it y htt p :/ / e d it e -box/ -poke-th e-you-to challeng Could someone else use this ebook?48 Click below to share the love!
  49. 49. Change the Way That You See The W orld If you are not a “follow the yellow brick road for the sake of following the yellow brick road” kind of person, you probably already know the biggest benefit of questioning the status quo every time you see it: Questioning changes the way that you view the world, your life, and your business. Vision is what you call it when others { You’ll start seeing opportunities, problems, solutions everywhere when you make it a habit to ask can’t see what you yourself: see. Text Why is this the status quo? Is there a justifiable reason for it, or are things done this way because “that’s the way its always been done”? Does someone or some system profit from keeping things the way they are? Could someone else use this ebook?49 Click below to share the love!
  50. 50. Change the Way That You See The W orld Paul Romer, who is an influential economist at Stanford University, defines ideas as: “the recipes we use to rearrange things to create more value and wealth.” By questioning the status quo, a steady stream of new recipes, ideas, dreams will start to evolve. For Steve Jobs, as an example, the idea of creating a computer was not new. But he “rearranged” the status quo of what a computer was and created Apple computers, a more simple, streamlined version of bulkier PCs. Likewise, Dr. Kane did not invent surgery. He just took something that was Text already pre-existing and “rearranged” it to create more value! These ideas (no matter how simple) have the ability to alter the trajectory of your life by causing you to recreate your reality. They also have the ability to help your business breath new life into stagnant markets or completely reinvent the dynamics of competition within your industry by creating blue oceans. Could someone else use this ebook?50 Click below to share the love!
  51. 51. What Are Blue Oceans,You Ask? To answer this question, it helps if you first understand what red oceans are.What Are Red Oceans? What Are Blue Oceans?If you remember from the book Blue Ocean Blue oceans represent uncontested market space. With blue oceans, theStrategy that was published a few years ago, competition don’t matter because there is none, and you’ve created demandred oceans represent existing market spaces and initially you are the only one who can fill the demand. By the time othersor the status quo. In red oceans, competition catch up, you will have received a disproportionate benefit for being a firstis fierce and companies spend tons of time, mover, and you are able to undercut their costs because:effort, and money trying to “one up” eachother with features and prices. 1. They are pouring a ton of money into R & D so that they can catch up with you. You’ve don’t have to invest as heavily in this area.Cars, cell phones, and department stores aregreat examples of red ocean market spaces. 2. They don’t have a good handle on their costs yet. You’ve had time to develop relationships with vendors and figure out how to more effectively manage your costs Could someone else use this ebook?51 Click below to share the love!
  52. 52. Do you bleed red or blue? Dr. Kane’s colleagues were living in the red ocean of the status quo. They bled red. They were not even thinking about how to do surgery differently. Not satisfied with the norm, Dr. Kane was busy trying to figure about how to, as the 1997 Apple campaign states, “Think different” about surgery. He bled blue. Not accepting the status quo and “thinking different” are qualities that Dr. Kane and you, as a leader, should have in common. The Apple “Think Different” ad campaign was the best ever! Text Whether you are looking at your personal life, your professional life, or your business, it’s products, and it’s services, you have to constantly question the system in place. BE DEFIANT. Live in the blue Each time I look at the ads, ocean and think what no one else is thinking, and do what no one else is doing. I feel inspired. Click the picture above to see what I mean! v=cFEarBzelBs&feature=fvwrel Could someone else use this ebook?52 Click below to share the love!
  53. 53. What If NO ONE Challenged The St atus Quo? Society teaches us to live comfortably and accept the current state of the world at face value. If every one followed societies teachings and no one dared to challenge the status quo, however, where would this world be? As a child, our parents, our teachers, the world, teach us (sometimes unconsciously- most times consciously) that being relentlessly obsessed, crazy, and unreasonable is a bad thing. But if every child blindly followed the rules, what would this world look like? If NO ONE challenged the status quo, things would be very different. Just imagine... Text Could someone else use this ebook?53 Click below to share the love!
  54. 54. We Would Still Be Cavemen (and w oman) We would still be hanging out in caves, waving billy clubs, catching fish with spears, and hunting for our food (or even worse, being hunted). I don’t know what’s worse, being hunted down and mauled by a lion or being hunted down and mauled by a lion while wearing a horribly unattractive zebra loin cloth. No sense of fashion and no sense of protection had to be the caveman’s two greatest downfalls. Text Could someone else use this ebook? Click below to share the love!
  55. 55. There Would Be No Fire or Air Con ditioning Another downfall (at least initially) was the lack of FIRE. Without someone being bold enough to defy the status quo and create fire, people in colder climates would be freezing their you know what’s off in the winter. In the warmer climates, if no one created AIR CONDITIONING we would Text all suffer from heat exhaustion, or even more terrifying- bad hair. You’d be surprised at what happens when my hair and humidity meet each other- not a good look! I need my air conditioning! Could someone else use this ebook?55 Click below to share the love!
  56. 56. Transportation Would be Limited to Your Two Feet If several smart, forward thinking individuals had not came along and created advances in transportation, our only method of long distance travel would have been by foot. No boats, no automobiles, no airplanes. Can you imagine that? A 2004 study found that the average American walked between 5,000 and 7,000 steps per day- well under the necessary 10,000. Perhaps if none of these transportation devices had been invented, America would be healthier and less overweight! But then again, there probably wouldn’t have been an America because... Text Could someone else use this ebook?56 Click below to share the love!
  57. 57. America Would Not Exist If Christopher Columbus was a status-quo-kind-of-guy, he wouldn’t have dared to sail the oceans wide. When the everyone told him that the world was flat as a pancake, he would have accepted their word as the undeniable truth. His journey would have been a suicide mission rather than an exploratory adventure. Text There would be no overweight Americans because the country would never have become an idea, let alone a possibility. Could someone else use this ebook? ?57 Click below to share the love!
  58. 58. No Man on the Moon If no one dared to defy the status quo, there would have never have been a man on the moon or space exploration. If someone had not looked up at the vast sky and wondered, “How do I get up there?”, we would know nothing about the magnificent planets and galaxies that surround us. Nature has a lot to offer us and we really would have lost out on space: one of nature’s greatest gifts. Text Could someone else use this ebook?58 Click below to share the love!
  59. 59. Women & African Americans Would be Silenced If no one dared to defy the status quo- we would have lost out on the contributions of two very important members of our society: women and African Americans. Without status quo destroyers like Susan B. Anthony and Dr. Martin Luther King, these two groups would potentially still be disenfranchised and as King said, “languished in the corners of American society”. Text Could someone else use this ebook?59 Click below to share the love!
  60. 60. Defying the Status Quo is Necessary For Growth I hope you see the trend here. In order to improve, advance, and move forward, someone had to challenge the status quo. It is necessary for growth. As you move forward in your life and in your business or organization, please do two things: 1. Stop blindly accepting rules that don’t work for you or your business. Just because someone says that something is “right”, does not make it so. You have the power to effect positive change in the world, but only if you see the opportunities for improvement. Text 2. When you do find areas where the status quo can be improved, be fearless about taking action. Don’t wait around for someone else to start poking the box, making a ruckus, and taking a risk. Be the poker. Make sure that the ac do take actually tions that you Sometimes we effect chan the name of po spin our wheelsge! king in really accompli the box, but never s you poke the b hing anything. When ox, the b know that it is ox should being poked! Could someone else use this ebook?60 Click below to share the love!
  61. 61. Section 5 What Are YouWaiting On?
  62. 62. When it comes to reaching your goals, do you have the same kind of unwavering, fervent, passionate commitment that Dr. Kane had or do you halfheartedly give up when you hit a rough patch? Are you as crazy and unreasonable as Colonel Sanders or Thomas Jefferson, or are you running home crying to mama when you get rejected repeatedly or someone tells you that they HATE your idea? Are you choosing easy goals that are consistent with what everyone else is doing, or are are you a rebel with a cause who is not afraid to make a ruckus and shake up the status quo? Text As you move forward with your goals, these are the questions that you have to ask. Be brutally honest with yourself so that you don’t waste your time. If you are not ready to lay it all on the line and be like Crazy Dr. Kane, perhaps it’s time to trade down your goals, and get some smaller ones. If, on the other hand, you are committed to going all out, I’d like to hear from you. Shoot me an email ( and tell me how you reject the status quo, shake off the haters and the naysayers, and how you deep water dive with full commitment into your goals. Here is a recap of what we’ve learned in this ebook... Could someone else use this ebook?62 Click below to share the love!
  63. 63. Shake the Dirt off Your Shoulders • Behind every successful person lies a pack of haters. You can expect criticism. It is a sure fire sign that you are moving in the right direction. • Those who matter won’t mind. Those who mind, don’t matter. Often times the people who criticize are not the ones that you should be listening to in the first place. Their opinions don’t really matter and when you hear them, you simply need to shake the dirt off. • Ideas are most delicate in the beginning. Do not expose them to the elements prematurely. Present them when THEY and YOU are ready. • Text Criticism precedes admiration. Criticizers are flip-floppers and that’s how you know that you can’t put any weight on what they say. When you start achieving even just a little bit of success, they are amazingly converted into cheerleaders and want to jump on the bandwagon almost immediately. • Criticism is a sign of personal weakness. When you really understand this, you start to hear their own limited self-beliefs speaking louder than their criticism. It helps you put their nasty criticism in the proper perspective. • Shake the dirt off your shoulders, ignore the naysayers, don’t get discouraged, and keep it moving. Could someone else use this ebook?64 Click below to share the love!