Get The Lead Out! 30 Minute Presentation 2012


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The abbreviated version of my Motivation, Relationship Building, and Communication workshop.

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Get The Lead Out! 30 Minute Presentation 2012

  1. 1. Get the LEAD out… Be a leader not a deadweight! Motivating Yourself & Others by Dr. Michael W. Posey
  2. 2. Your status… 1 – How’s our Professional Life? 2 – How’s your personal life? 3 – What makes you happy? 4 – What don’t you know that you’d like to? 5 – One thing you want to do professionally before you die? 6 – One thing you want to do personally before you die?
  3. 3. Are you admired? Admired -vs- Deadweight – Name 3 people you admire?  ____________________  ____________________  ____________________ Why do you admire them?
  4. 4. Or are you a deadweight? Admired -vs- Deadweight – Name 3 deadweights you’ve encountered in life?  ____________________  ____________________  ____________________ What makes them a deadweight?
  5. 5. Admire -vs- Deadweight Admired People  Deadweights – Motivator – Uninspiring – Colleague – Cling-on – Passionate – Care Less attitude – Listener – Talker – Authority – No Authority – Controlled – Uncontrolled – Teacher – Wanderer
  6. 6. The Life Puzzle Your life is influenced by those whom you admire and the deadweights whom you encounter throughout your life... …they help to influence the pieces of the your puzzle
  7. 7. The Life Puzzle Remember that YOU have the ultimate control over how YOU shape YOUR style and how you build YOUR puzzle!
  8. 8. One cannot notMotivate! Everything we do is because of motivation – Humans do not do anything unless they are motivated to do it.
  9. 9. DWI Dealing with it means recognition of your preferences – Recognize that you like certain things better than others! – Know that it is OK to do so!  Accept this to be the case and strive to operate within your comfort zone.
  10. 10. DWI Dealing with it sometimes means doing things that you don’t like to do. – Understand that it is only temporary – Look forward to doing the things you DO like
  11. 11. Relationships Everything that we do stems from a relationship with someone/thing – Managing relationships is Key
  12. 12. Relationships Knowing yourself helps to balance your life which helps to balance relationships which helps to balance your work which. . .
  13. 13. Relationships The key is to find out what makes people tick! – How do they fit? – What gets their juices flowing? – Why do/don’t they do what they do?
  14. 14. Relationship Another key to good working relationships people is effective communication
  15. 15. Communication Effective communication does not mean having a Monologue – You disconfirm someone when you don’t listen and have a one sided conversation  This makes others lose face and feel unimportant and less willing to go that extra mile
  16. 16. Communication Effective communication means having a dialogue – You can confirm someone when you talk with them  This will help to validate them and will make them more willing to go that extra mile
  17. 17. You Create it! The communication we have with others creates our environment. We choose our communication with others. We ultimately control how communication affects us.
  18. 18. Inspiring Others takes work!The hard stuff is easy – the softstuff is hard. The soft stuff makes all the difference!
  19. 19. Inspire  What do you want to inspire within others? – A good feeling! – A sense that they can contributed to the betterment of others! – A feeling that they can make a difference!
  20. 20. Quick Tips Be assertive NOT aggressive Know when NOT to be assertive Scope it out and look before crossing Remember P.A.C.E.
  21. 21. Quick Tips Lay your cards down Don’t be a rug – Don’t make rugs Buy into to being uncomfortable
  22. 22. Quick Tips Avoid Crap – When someone throws a bucket of crap at you, step aside and let the crap hit the wall…if you don’t then the crap will hit you and you’ll feel crappy.
  23. 23. Three Choices  You can Vegetate  You can Imitate  You can InnovateIt is YOUR choice!
  24. 24. Contact informationMichael W. Posey, on Twitter
  25. 25. The End Copyright 2012 Michael W. Posey, Ph.D All Rights Reserved
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