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Macbeth and Gaddafi: Two Tyrants
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Macbeth and Gaddafi: Two Tyrants



Andrew Nadeau

Andrew Nadeau
English 11-C (Ms. Ignacio)



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Macbeth and Gaddafi: Two Tyrants Macbeth and Gaddafi: Two Tyrants Presentation Transcript

  • -Gaddafi entered the military academy in1961 and graduated in 1966 -Macbeth was a military leader in Scotland, serving the king
  • -Gaddafi’s was a bloodless coup-Macbeth stabbed King Duncan
  • -They both killed dissidents/assassinated theiropponentsMacbeth about to kill Duncan Gaddafi sends his troops to suppress dissidents
  • Gaddafi: Macbeth:- Had all-female virgin bodyguards -Consulted witches-Brought a bullet-proof tent with -Saw the ghost of Banquohim when he travelled abroad -Saw a number of apparitions-Wore garish, extreme-lookingclothes
  • -Lack of trust and savagery towards others-Gaddafi funded pro-Taliban terror groups-Macbeth has Macduff’s family, as well asBanquo killed, because he feels threatened byprophecies that might be referring to them
  • Gaddafi used western society as a scapegoat, playing on his peoples’ fear of foreignersMacbeth used Banquo as a scapegoat (tells some ofhis subjects that he is their enemy)
  • -Macbeth as king -Gaddafi as supreme ruler
  • -Gaddafi was executed by dissidents-Macbeth was killed by MacDuff
  • -Macbeth died by the sword as he lived by thesword-Gaddafi died as a reaction of an oppressed people justas he was the oppressor
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