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Report Annual Review Meeting 18 3 11

  1. 1. 3/18/2011CBCI-CARDRNTCP REPORT ON ANNUAL REVIEW MEETINGPROJECT Dr Neerja Arora | State TB Project Coordinator, Rajasthan
  2. 2. Report on the Annual State Level Review Workshop of CBCI-CARD RNTCP Project in Rajasthan held in Jaipur on 18th March 2011CBCI-CARD RNTCP Project has been working in Rajasthan since July 2008. The objective ofthis project has been to improve access to the diagnostic and treatment services provided by theRNTCP within the Catholic Healthcare Facilities (CHF) and thereby to improve the quality ofcare for patients suffering from Tuberculosis.A one-day State Level Review Meeting of CHFs was held on March 18th, 2011, in Jaipur, toreview the involvement and performance of CHFs and other relevant issues. This meeting wasexpected to provide a good forum to address issues and challenges faced during projectimplementation, to congratulate participating partners, to encourage sharing, to felicitate thegovernment for their support and to plan for future activities. It was also expected to help buildmany bridges between various stakeholders and encourage other CHFs to participate in RNTCP.The objectives of the workshop were- 1. To orient the Catholic Health Facilities and District TB Officers about the progress of CBCI-CARD TB Project 2. To orient the Catholic Health Facilities about the new RNTCP initiatives 3. To review the involvement under Revised Schemes for NGOs and Private Providers, & to share the expectations from CHFs in terms of Quality of services 4. To share experiences, success stories and challenges and to find solutions for any problems in the field.Venue: The workshop was organised at Hotel Royal Orchid Central, JaipurParticipants:  The workshop was well attended by representatives from the Government of Rajasthan, including, the Chief Guest- the State TB Officer- Dr K N Gupta, DTOs of Jaipur I & II and the State TB Cell officials.  The Church of Rajasthan was represented by Most Rev. Oswald Lewis, the Bishop of Jaipur who was the Guest of Honour for the occasion. Sisters and lay staff from Catholic Health & Development Networks in Jaipur, Ajmer, Kota, and Udaipur participated in the proceedings.  Dr Vivek Mishra, WHO-RNTCP Consultant also participated in the workshop.  Dr Reuben Swamickan, National TB Project Coordinator represented the national office of CBCI-CARD and graced the occasion with his presence. Dr Neerja Arora, Regional TB Project Co-ordinator and Ms Anjum Kan, Data & Accounts Assistant, represented CBCI-CARD, Rajasthan.A detailed list of participants is attached at the end of this documentInauguration:The workshop was inaugurated with a hymn sung by Sr Lincy & followed by lighting of theinaugural lamp by the dignitaries on the dais. All the guests were given a floral welcome. DrNeerja Arora, STPC, opened the session by welcoming all the participants and apprising themabout the objectives of the workshop and the agenda for the day.In his Inaugural Address, Most Rev. Oswald Lewis affirmed that he has been closely associatedwith the project from the beginning & taking keen interest in its progress. He expressed
  3. 3. happiness at the way the Catholic Health & Social centres are working in collaboration with thegovernment machinery for the benefit of the TB patients. Dr K N Gupta appreciated the work being done by the CHFs in Rajasthan andemphasized that since Rajasthan is one of the most well-performing States in the country forRNTCP, more efforts must be put by everyone so that nationally, the performance of the projectis also at par with the performance of the TB programme in the State.Scientific Session:The Scientific Session included presentations covering the following topicsRNTCP– Current Scenario Dr K N GuptaRNTCP- New Initiatives & Future Vision Dr, Mukesh BhatnagarInvolvement of NGOs, PPs & Civil Society in Rajasthan Dr B D KhandelwalReview Session:The Status of the CBCI-CARD Project at national level & in the State of Rajasthan were sharedthrough the following presentations.CBCI-CARD RNTCP Project-India Dr Reuben SwamickanStatus of Involvement of CHF under CBCI-CARD RNTCP Dr Neerja AroraProject in RajasthanSelf Review by Functionaries of involved facilitiesThe interactive Review Session was conducted in the presence of the STO, Bishop of Jaipur andNTPC.All the participating facilities gave a summary of their RNTCP activities including status ofinvolvement, referral of chest symptomatic, number of persons put on DOT, their outcomes andACSM activities( if any), as well as Grant-in Aid & Honorarium received by them.The meeting concluded with a vote of thanks to all invitees, participants & facilitators.
  4. 4. The CBCI-CARD RNTCP Project Agenda for the Annual Review Meeting of Revised National TB Control Programme In The Catholic Health Network of Rajasthan Date :Venue: Hotel Royal Orchid Central, Jaisingh Road, Jaipur 18th March 2011 Objectives 1 To orient the Catholic Health Facilities and District TB Officers about the progress of CBCI-CARD TB Project 2 To orient the Catholic Health Facilities about the new RNTCP initiatives To review the involvement under Revised Schemes for NGOs and Private Providers, & expectations from 3 CHFs in terms of Quality of services 4 To share experiences, success stories and challenges and to find solutions for any problems in the field Content Speaker Duration1000-1015 Registration & Fellowship 15 mts1015-1030 Tea & snacks 15mts1030-1035 Welcome Address Dr Neerja Arora, STPC, Rajasthan 5 mts1035-1040 Invocation Sisters 5 mts1040-1050 Inauguration & Lamp Lighting Dignitaries on dais 10 mts1050-1100 Inaugural Address Rev Oswald Lewis, Bishop of Jaipur 10 mts1100-1115 RNTCP– Current Scenario Dr K N Gupta, STO Rajasthan 15mts1115-1130 RNTCP- New Initiatives & Future Vision Dr, Mukesh Bhatnagar, Deputy STO, Rajasthan 15 mts1130-1145 Involvement of NGOs, PPs & Civil Society in Dr B D Khandelwal, Assistant Programme Manager, 15mts Rajasthan STC1145-1205 Tea Break 20 mts1205-1220 CBCI-CARD RNTCP Project-India Dr Reuben Swamickan, National Coordinator CBCI- 15 mts CARD1220-1235 Status of Involvement of CHF under CBCI- Dr Neerja Arora, STPC CBCI-CARD Rajasthan 15mts CARD RNTCP Project in Rajasthan1335-1320 Review by Catholic Health Facilities Sr Daya, St Francis Hospital, Ajmer 45 mts Sr Kirti, Kiran Society, Udaipur Sr Mercietta, Mother Teresa’s Jaipur Sr Vineeta, Asha Niketan Kanakheri, Ajmer Sr Stella, Jaipur DSSC Fr Marcos- Udaipur DSSC Fr Antony, Ajmer DSSC Sr Sunila, Abdul Waheed, Kotari, Kota Mr Rathore, Jeevan Deep CCC, Kota Sr Jessica, Holy Family Hospital, Kota Sr Lincy, Holy Family Hospital, Ajmer1320-1335 Inputs from DTOs DTOs from Jaipur, Kota, Ajmer, Udaipur, 15 mts Banswara, Dausa1335-1345 Inputs from WHO Consultants Dr Vivek Mishra, Dr Lalit Mahendru 10 mts1345-1355 Closing Address- Conclusions & Way Ahead Dr K N Gupta, STO-Rajasthan 10 mts1355-1400 Vote of Thanks Dr Neerja Arora, STPC 5 mts1400-1500 Lunch 60 mts
  5. 5. List of participantsS. No Name Position Organisation State/District1 Most. Rev. Oswald Bishop of Jaipur Diocese of Jaipur Rajasthan Lewis2 Dr. K.N. Gupta State TB Officer State TB Cell Rajasthan3 Dr. Reuben Swamickan National TB Project CBCI-CARD India Coordinator4 Dr. Mukesh Bhatnagar Deputy STO State TB Cell Rajasthan5 Dr. B.K. Meghwal DTO DTC Jaipur-I Jaipur6 Dr. Anil Saxena District TB officer DTC Jaipur-II Jaipur7 Dr. Dilip Kumar Kala JS TB DTC Jaipur Jaipur8 Dr. Dinesh Bansal J.S. (TB) DTC Jaipur Jaipur9 Dr. Vivek Mishra RNTCP Consultant WHO-RNTCP Kota10 Dr. BD Khendelwal APO, STC State TB Cell Rajasthan11 Dr. L.P. Bhojwani MO-STC State TB Cell Rajasthan12 Dr. Vivek Sharma State TB / HIV State TB Cell Rajasthan Coordinator13 Dr. Giriraj Urban TB State TB Cell Rajasthan Cordinator14 Mr Kamal Paliwal IEC Officer State TB Cell Rajasthan15 Sr. Jessica Administrator Holy Family Hospital Kota16 Sr. Kirti Social Worker Kiran Domestic Udaipur Workers’ Welfare Society17 Mrs Seeta Kunwar DOT Provider -do- Udaipur18 Mrs Naval Kunwar DOT Provider -do- Udaipur19 Mrs Sarla Rana DOT Provider -do- Udaipur20 Sr. Sunila PSA Administrator Abdul Waheed Kota Hospital, Kotari21 Sr. Poonam MC Sister Mother Teresa Ashram Jaipur22 Mr. Kailash DOT Provider Mother Teresa Ashram Jaipur23 Mr. T.S. Rathore Project Co-ordinator Jeevan Deep CCC Kota24 Sr. Vinita MSA In-charge Asha Niketan Ajmer25 Sr. Ancy MSA Administrator St Francis Hospital Ajmer26 Sr. Daya MSA Tutor St Francis Nursing Ajmer School27 Sr. Lincy PSA Administrator Holy Family Hospital Ajmer28 Ms.Venus Robinson DOT Provider RCDSS Ajmer29 Dr. Neerja Arora RTPC CBCI-CARD Rajasthan30 Ms. Anjum Khan D&AA CBCI-CARD Rajasthan