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Agile management in MVNO

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Presentation Agile Telco

  1. 1. Agile and Telco projects Lessons learned
  2. 2. so whats this about ? Agile management in MVNO project - GaduAIRDuring launch - January 2008 until May 2009, and maintenance and development later on
  3. 3. who are we ?Grzegorz Machniewski Dawid Mielnik• Until July 2010 Telco • Until July 2010 Telco dept. @ Gadu-Gadu dept. @ Gadu-Gadu• Before: IBM, Outbox • Before: Citi, DRSA• After: Voiceware S.J., • After: Voiceware S.J., Moberia sp. Z o.o., XEO Moberia sp. Z o.o. Games sp. Z o.o.
  4. 4. Internet vs. Telco services typical..
  5. 5. software is only a small part • 5 teams, about 15 people • Software teams • BSS, VAS • Non software teams • Core Network, VoIP, Operations
  6. 6. External providers and partners• Huawei• AMG• Polkomtel• Gemalto• Arvato• Call Center Poland• Kolporter, Billbird, Euronet, Polski Tytoń, Sprint, ... (distribution channels)• Allegro, Effortel
  7. 7. internal departments• "clients" • "providers" • Business • Admins • Marketing • Server dev • Sales • Web dev • Board • GG client dev • Accounting • Mail dev • Security • QA
  8. 8. SCRUM didnt work
  9. 9. SCRUM didnt work Sprint planning was a challenge• Organisational - 5 teams with totally different tasks• Defining the scope with so many variables, dependancies not controlled by the teams
  10. 10. SCRUM didnt workProblems with deliverables from external vendors• Deadlines - frequent delays• Functionality - does not work or works not according to specs, or is unstable
  11. 11. SCRUM didnt workOther problems with vendors • Communication • Long time for problem resolution • Rotation of team members
  12. 12. SCRUM didnt workProblems with schedules of internal providers• Need to fit into other schedules not fully consistent with our• Fight for compromises and giving higher priority to our tasks
  13. 13. SCRUM didnt workChanging requirements frombusiness and internal clients
  14. 14. SCRUM didnt workLot of unexpected fires which broke sprints
  15. 15. SCRUM didnt work (additional afterthought) Agile methodology means less paperwork andformalities which unfortunately works to our disadvantage with vendors
  16. 16. ...the outcome was:• Sprint plannings were long and boring for most people (the same with retrospections)• None of the sprints were finished in time and in some none of the backlogs were done• Frustration - our, in our teams and internal clients, strained relations with vendors• Deadlines not met
  17. 17. We decided to do something about it... Step 1• We stopped Sprint planning in favour of quick planning in individual teams• Every team had individual backlog and sprint• We losened a little the sprint concept and everything related to it• We started to prioritise tasks on daily bases according to what was more urgent• We started to define new states for tasks which waited for something independent of the team
  18. 18. it later turned out wewere approaching ScrumBan• Breakthrough at first Agile Warsaw meeting entitled Scrum vs. Kanban• It turns out this is the tool which we need• We have noticed that we started using certain practices naturally• Pity that we discovered Kanban so late
  19. 19. SrumBan worked much better Step 2 - migration to ScrumBan• We stopped sprints and planning in favour of ad-hoc planning and estimation on daily basis• Limit to number of WIP tasks per person• Highest priority for fuckups and errors• Reorganising the teams - 3 teams: devel, telco, operations• Individual task states for each team
  20. 20. Task board - Telco
  21. 21. Task board - Devel
  22. 22. Task board - Operations
  23. 23. ScrumBan - observations• We had the pleasure of working in the new arrangement for 2 months• Decreased level of frustration with the process was evident• Increase in productivity and quality of work of the teams• Shorter time from submission to delivery of task• ScrumBan did not solve all of our problems but it did solve most of the problems associated with the process, increasing the comfort of work
  24. 24. Questions ?
  25. 25. Thank you.