Mansfield U3A Newsletter: February 2013


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Our monthly newsletter shows what members of Mansfield and District U3A in north Nottinghamshire have been doing recently and what's planned.
You'll see how we share interests in art appreciation, bridge, crafts, singing, needlework, music, history, literature, wine tasting, scrabble, photography, technology, writing for pleasure and genealogy. How we keep fit joining-in with physical ones such as walking, bowls and Tai Chi. How we socialise on theatre, concert and garden visits, lunches and group holidays.

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Mansfield U3A Newsletter: February 2013

  1. 1. Mansfield and District U3A Newsletter Members Day report: Page 2 _____________________________ Established 1999 HMRC Charity Registration No.: XT30525 February 2013 Website: Noticeboard: Page 1 of 12
  2. 2. Welcome from your chairmanTHE JANUARY meeting was a great success, in spite of the weather that prevented a number ofyou from attending.First, I’d like to thank the four members of Mansfield U3A who were brave enough to face theirpeers and talk about their interests. The range of these was great.Michael Morton is a professional illustrator and his paintings, mainly of birds, were outstanding intheir detail and lifelike poses. I hope that we will be given an opportunity to look at the others thatare hidden beneath his bed! The effect of the paintings was increased by the equally professionalPicasa slide-show photographed and produced by David Ling.Then Mary Lewis took over with her talk on Florence Nightingale. ‘The Lady with the Lamp’ hasbeen criticised recently, but few realise she had another life as a leading expert on statistics,especially medical ones. I was fascinated by this and, again, would like to learn more.In complete contrast, Sheila Whalley took us back to the time she made, hired out and sold fancydress costumes. Humour abounded as she related tales of past galas, of the weird costumes shehad made and of the people who wore them. Once again, we felt that there was a lot more shecould have said.Finally, John Sellars played the piano (the new electronic one) and was magnificent with arepertoire ranging from classical favourites to a really enjoyable sing-along as the meeting drew to aclose, half an hour late!So what have we learned from this? That our own members have as great a capability to interest,educate and entertain us as any outside speaker. I am glad that we have developed the Januarymeeting into something that not only showcases the talent in Mansfield U3A but also demonstrateshow we are trying to bring life to the first aim of the U3A movement: To encourage and enable olderpeople no longer in full-time paid employment to help each other to share their knowledge, skills,interests and experience.The other success of the meeting was the enthusiasm showed for the new groups that weresuggested. Linda will talk in more detail about the numbers applying and the groups that will be setup, but the front table was busier than ever before with people signing up. Because the number ofmembers was down, we will offer you the opportunity to sign up to these groups again this month.Thank you everyone for making it such an enjoyable and successful meeting; we are alreadyplanning next year’s – so be prepared!Mike Allen______________________________________________________________________________In this issue Page 2 Chairmans Welcome. Page 3 New Members Meeting; Quiz night. Holiday updates. Page 4 Recent Events: Thoresby Holiday; Thoresby Postscript (start). Pages 5 - 8 (Pt) Groups Meeting Programme. Page 8 (Pt) Book table. Page 9 - 11 (Pt) Recent Events (Cont.) Groups News: Garden Visits; Digital World; Theatre Visits; Gardening; Luncheon Club; Local History; New Groups. Page 11 (Pt) New U3A Trustee. Page 12 Members Announcements. Speakers Corner. Dates for your diary. Notices. Page 2 of 12
  3. 3. New Members’ Follow-up MeetingAnother reminder that the new members’ follow-up meeting will be held on Friday February 22nd atThe Rushley, Nottingham Road from 10.00 am until 12.00 noon. We have had 54 new membersjoin us since September 2012 and we are hoping that most of you, together with group leaders andcommittee members, will be able to join us for this relaxed and informal meeting.As in previous years this will be an opportunity for new members to meet each other, committeemembers and group leaders, and for you to comment on all aspects of your membership. Given thehigh attendance at our monthly meetings, it is often difficult to get to know each other and we havefound in previous years that the new members meeting proves to be a good opportunity to find outmore about Mansfield U3A and our many Interest Groups.Refreshments will be provided, so please join us if you can.Avril McGee (01623 452688)Annual Fun Quiz NightSATURDAY 23RD FEBRUARY AT QUEEN ELIZABETH’S ACADEMY. 7pm.Join us at Queen Elizabeths Academy on the 23rd February for our annual Quiz Night.Pauline and Ian have been working hard to test our brains and your Social Committee will beproviding your supper (platters of sandwiches, nibbles and cakes).Organise yourself a team of 8 or join a table on the night; bring your own drinks and glasses andhave a great night with friends. Tickets on sale today £6.50.Karen TroopHoliday UpdatesAround Britain Cruise – 24th May - 3rd JuneBY FRIDAY of this week everyone going on this cruise should have paid their balances. If youchoose to pay by cheque you will have to write a covering letter, include all the references shown onyour Invoice Guest copies, and post it earlier hoping it will arrive before the deadline. I think it isbetter & quicker to pay by debit card in the same way as you paid your deposits. It is your choice.Tenby – 1st - 5th JulyNext month I shall need all the balances for this holiday, £268 (sharing) or £280 (single). Cheques tobe made out to Mansfield & District U3A. Just a reminder about seeing me no later than the Marchmeeting if you have any food or room requests. Similarly come and choose your place on the coachplan unless you dont mind where you sit.Thursford Christmas Spectacular – 4th, 5th & 6th DecemberDeposits of £10 need to be paid no later than the April meeting please. Cheques to be paid toMansfield & District U3A. Remember the offer from the Company of a £10 insurance premium, Ifyou wish to take this, then you must collect a form from me that you can fill in at my table, add the£10 to the deposit amount and then give me a cheque for £20.At this time of writing, due to a cancellation I have a double room spare for these three days away.All the names on my waiting list require a single room. Since there are still 9 months to go it reallywould help if I could have more names on the reserve list for twin and double rooms.Margaret Burlinson Details of all holidays are on the website ...Recent EventsThoresby HolidayWAKING UP to more snow on Monday and after a phone call to Thoresby who said theroads were O.K., they had plenty of food and the bar was well stocked, John said “getpacked, we’re going early”. We did, but were not the first as we followed Alan and Sheila intothe car park. Page 3 of 12
  4. 4. At lunch I was “approached by a man” (no names mentioned David!) and asked to do areport for you all, so here goes:-We unpacked and started our break with good food and good company.Tuesday morning saw us first into breakfast as Terryhad arranged for St. John’s Church at Perlethorpe tobe opened and what a treat. After an icy walk there,with Thoresby and the grounds shrouded in mist, wearrived at the church heated especially for us. After avery interesting talk and slide show we wanderedaround looking for the dragonfly, butterfly and micecarvings on the pew ends. After a lovely walk back,everywhere carpeted in snow, the mist now gone anda cloudless blue sky we were ready for our coffees.This morning was a fabulous photo opportunity(check-out the website) but not for us. The camerawas in the room with a flat battery and not just oncedid I remind John that this was HIS fault!In the afternoon Marilyn persuaded us to join herteam for Terry’s Quiz. Our answers sounded so goodbut a score of 13 and a half did not get us the winningprize. Luckily for us, the team in front won a prize andshared their chocs with us so you could say that wedid win. P.S. well done to Margaret and her team.After early morning walking on Wednesday we headed for the Courtyard. Terry had arrangedfor The Lancers and Yeomanry Museum to be opened and for us to have a guided tour. Ourretired Captain certainly knew his stuff taking us from early to modern warfare. They evenhave the original bugle that sounded the Charge of The Light Brigade. Very interesting, andfrom our ticket money, U3A donated £420 to the Museum’s Fund.For the rest of our break we danced, did yoga, had spa treatments, played snooker, winetasting, laughed with the comedian or just quietly read a book and dozed in the Great Hall.Some of us had singing lessons and then performed Mama Mia; and of course we lookforward to see the entrants for the Photography Competition. Terry also arranged for TrevorLee to come and we all enjoyed a sing song.Nearly 250 of us from Mansfield and other local U3As had a lovely break and our HUGETHANKS have to go to TERRY and LILIAN for all their hard work arranging this.This hard work enabled us to meet new friends, laugh, reminisce, share jokes, get advice,share innuendo (remember ladies – no names revealed but what a laugh!) but most of allshare the FELLOWSHIP so freely given in the U3A.Karen Troop. More photos on the website ...Thoresby Postscript, by Terry WhiteheadSOME random thoughts on an eventful period, I decided to sort them into plus and minus; they arenot in any order. Minus: People living in Mansfield ringing me up Monday morning to tell me it was snowing. Minus: Margaret Burlinson being told the community bus would not be turning out. Plus: The community bus turning out. Plus: Linda Leivers realising how good Kings Mill Hospital is. Continued on page 9 ... Page 4 of 12
  5. 5. Key to Meetings details:THIS TABLE SHOWS THE DAY of the month, time and frequency using the first two lettersof the day, followed by numbers 1 - 5 to represent the week number. The final letter M (or F, Wor V) indicates that the group meets monthly, fortnightly, weekly or at variable intervals.So Tu2, 2.30 - V M would mean a group meeting on the 2nd Tuesday at 2.30pm Monthly butwith Variable finish times.The main Mansfield and District U3A meetings are held on the third Tuesday of each month(except for August and December) at the Oakham Suite, 155 Nottingham Road, Mansfield from 10am - 12.30 pm.Interest Group Meetings Meeting Places Leader/ContactArt Appreciation Mo1, 2.00 - 4.00 M Baptist Church, Pauline Boucher Rosemary St. 01623 644798Next Meetings: 4th March – Into the 1500s & Childrens Picture Books with Molly PollittNext Visit: 29th April – Tea & talk at ThoresbyBeginners Bridge Mo, Various Enviro Centre, Derby Maxine Rose/Glenis(With Ashfield U3A) 6.30 - 9.00 Rd College, Carr Mansfield 01623 459081/627735Next Meetings: 4th &18th March; 8th & 22nd April; 13th May(Also Acol sessions at the Mechanics Institute – Th, 10 - 12.30 W)Bowls Th, 1.30 - 3.30 W Lammas Centre, Don Wright Sutton-in-Ashfield 01623 628946Next Meetings: February 14th, 21st, 28th; March 7th & 14th. (End of Season; Summerprogramme details next month.)Chat and Stitch Mo3, 2.00 - 4.00 M St Johns Centre, Doreen Storer Mansfield 01623 407731Next Meetings: 18th February; 18th March; 15th AprilCurrent Affairs Tu2, 2.00 - 4.00 M St Johns Centre, St Norma Shillinglaw Johns Street, 01623 466934 MansfieldNext Meetings: February 12th; March 12th; April 9thDigital World Fri 2 & 4, 2.00 - 4.00 Stanton Hill Baptist David Ling 2/M Church, Skegby 01623 822994Next Meetings: 22nd February – Final of Thoresby photo competition; 8th March – Art of Seeing Pt1& Members Choice; 22nd March – Art of Seeing Pt2 & Members ChoiceFamily History Tu4, 10.00 - 12.00 M St Johns Centre, Max Clarke Mansfield 01623 621744Next Meeting: 26th February – Memories of Mansfield with Ian BlackwellAll members are invited to contact the relevant Group Leader if they would like to participate in any interest group or attend an event. NB: * indicates a waiting list. Page 5 of 12
  6. 6. Interest Group Meetings Meeting Places Leader/ContactFilm Studies* We1, 1.30 - V M Joys home Joy Crowe 01623 645400Next Meetings: 4th March; 1st AprilGarden Visits During the Summer Various Marion Thornton 01623 651528Next Visits: 17th May – Burton Agnes Hall; 19th July – Trentham Gardens and Wollerton Old HallGardenGardening Tu1, 10.00 - 12.00 M St Peters Centre, Avril McGee Mansfield 01623 452688Next Meeting: 5th March – Don Witton: Ten Top GardensHolidays Various TBA Margaret Burlinson(Home & Abroad) 01623 632538Next holidays: 24th May - 3rd June – Around Britain Cruise; 1st - 5th July – Tenby; 4th, 5th & 6thDecember – Thursford Christmas SpectacularIntroduction to TBA TBA Terry WhiteheadInternet use 01623 626991Next Meeting: Group in abeyanceLine Dancing TBA TBA Carole Justice 01623 491809Next meeting: Group in abeyanceLocal History Fri1, 10.00 - 12.00 M The Rushley Inn, Bob & Sue Longden Nottingham Road 01623 486903 MansfieldNext Meetings: 1st March – According To Local Custom (Local Viking Settlement) with guestspeakerLuncheon Club Th after 3rd Tu, Various David Ling 12.00 - 2.00 M 01623 822994Next Meetings: February 21st – Lambs at the Market, Mansfield; March 21st – Ania, Sherwood Music GroupsClassical Music 1* Th2, 2.00 - 4.00 M Members homes Alan & Marlene Radford 01623 427934Next Meetings: 14th February – Chopin with Peter; 14th March – Donizetti with TBAClassical Music 2 Mo4, 2.00 - 4.00 M Members homes Peter Hart 01623 620940Next Meetings: 25th February – Borodin & Mussorsky with Sheila; 25th March – Saint Saens &Fauré with Marie Page 6 of 12
  7. 7. Interest Group Meetings Meeting Places Leader/ContactMusic 2* Mo4, 2.00 - 4.30 M Members homes Eric Prescott 01623 631160Next Meeting: TBAPopular Music Tu4, 2.00 - 4.00 M St Johns School, Peter HaynesAppreciation Mansfield 01623 610886Next Meetings: February 26th; March 26thPudding Club* Tu1, 4.00 - 6.00 M Members homes Sylvia Slack 01623 633981Next Meetings: March 5th at Sylvias; April 2nd at Janets; May 7th at SylviasReading 1* Th3, 2.00 - 4.00 M Peter Dawsons home Peter Dawson 01623 882191Next Meetings: 21st February; 21st March; 18th April; 16th MayReading 2 Tu3, 2.00 - 4.00 M Ravenshead Library Joan Hufton 01623 557488Next Meetings: 19th February; 19th March; 16th April; 21st MayScience & Technical Tu1, 1.30 - 3.30 M Stanton Hill Baptist Ian Boucher Church, Skegby 01623 644798Next Meeting: 5th March – Embedded Systems with Dr. David Marples; 2nd April – Sounds andVibrations with Peter ThurkettleNext visit: TBAScrabble Mo2, 2.00 - 4 .00 M Brenda Thurkettles Brenda Thurkettle home 01623 628136Next Meetings: 14th January; 11th February; 11th MarchSinging for Fun Th V West Notts College, June Fell Derby Rd. Mansfield 01623 623547Next Meetings: February 21st; March 7th & 21st, April TBANext Concerts: TBATai Chi Mo, 9.30 - 10.30 W St Johns Centre, Cliff Laycock Mansfield 01623 481985Next Meetings: Feb. 11th, 18th & 25th; March 4th, 11th, 18th & 25thTheatre Visits Various Various Sheila Whalley 01623 453908Next Visits: Wed. 27th February – Good Old Days. (Matinee at the Palace Theatre, Mansfield).Sat. 2nd March – Eric Clapton. (Matinee at the Palace Theatre, Mansfield).Sun. 10th March – Me and My Girl. (Matinee at the Palace Theatre, Mansfield).Wed.17th April – Blood Brothers. (Matinee at the Theatre Royal, Nottingham.) My granddaughter asked me for a pet spider for her birthday, so I went to our local pet shop and they were £70! Blow this, I thought, I can get one cheaper off the web. Page 7 of 12
  8. 8. Interest Group Meetings Meeting Places Leader/Contact Walking GroupsHikers Th1 & Mo3, 9.30 - V Tesco car park, off Peter Thurkettle(all-day, 6 - 8 miles) 2/M Oak Tree Lane 01623 628136Next Meetings: Mon. 18th Feb. – Lathkill Dale; Thurs. 7th March – Roche Abbey; Mon. 18 March– Ockbrook & Dale Abbey; Thurs. 4th April – Normanton & KeyworthStrollers We2, 10.30 - V M Various Barbara Massey /(a leisurely 2 miles) Marion Thornton 01623 628357 / 01623 651528Next Meetings: 13th February – Brierley Forest Park; 13th March – Sherwood ForestWalkers We4, 10.30 – V M Various Joy & Nick Crowe(an easy 4 - 5 miles) 01623 645400Next Meetings: 27th Feb. – Teversal to Brierley Forest; 27th March – Spa PondsWine Appreciation We3, 7.30 - V M Members homes Mike Allen2* 01623 653345Next Meetings: Feb. 20th – Gewurztraminers from 4 countries, with G/MP; March 20th – Reds, ownchoice, with RBWine Appreciation Tu4, 7.30 - V M Members homes Graham Allin3* 01623 473662Next Meetings: Feb. 26th – Chardonnay with Graham & Eileen; March 26th – Wide price rangereds with Barrie & LynneWriting for Pleasure* Mo2, 2.00 - 4.00 M The Stanhope Centre Sue Ford / Hilary (Bridge St. Methodist Miller 01623 Church), Mansfield. 844286 / 620067Next Meetings: 11th Feb.; 11th March; 8th April; 13th MayBook TableYOU HAVE a guest contributor this year, my wife is resting after Thoresby and I am stuck on thecomputer catching up on everything else. (I am typing this as snow is several inches deep and carsare sliding all over Skegby Lane.)The first book stall of the year was a relative disaster and we only raised £25.40.There are three possible explanations; any could be true: 1. It snowed and half the people who normally read books do not like to come out in freezing, icy conditions. 2. Lots of people had eReaders for Christmas and have stopped buying books. Or: 3. Everyone had had new books for Christmas and did not want to start any more.We shall wait and see when February comes and the weather is warm with bright sunshine andevery member comes and buys 3 books each.Incidentally, thank you to the kind person who parked next to me in the Oakham car park last monthand altered the paintwork on my car door. You may think it improves the look but I do not.Terry Whitehead. Page 8 of 12
  9. 9. Thoresby postscript, cont. from page 4 Plus (or I think it was funny): David Ling being barred from accessing the Mansfield U3A website due to its pornographic nature. Minus: People not wearing their badges to go down to the restaurant. I got complaints from the staff that no-one knew who was who and this is a MAJOR source of irritation for me as I need to complain about the restaurant organisation anyway. Plus: The number of people who have been ill (and I do know who they are) before the holiday having 4 days not having to worry about their partner. Plus: The Church opening up and giving us a good talk about the history. Also the wonderful carvings I had not seen before. Plus: The military museum opening for us out of season and the magnificent sum we were able to donate to them. Minus: The petty attitude of the Entertainment Manager not letting Trevor Lee down to the floor to set up 10 minutes before his talk and then hustling him off so two couples can start to dance. Plus: Winning a box of sweets by remembering the quiz we heard at Cricket St Thomas in December. Minus: Knowing all Warner Hotels are doing the same quiz at the same time. We could have won the video quizzes but it could have caused serious trouble on the floor when everyone found out why we had won, I would probably shouted it out, so we just stayed away. Plus: Talking to one of Thoresby staff who we have seen for about 10 consecutive years about U3A. She is now looking forward to retiring and joining Dukeries U3A. Or another if Dukeries are full. Plus: Chatting to lots of different people. My Thoresby holiday is the only time of the year I am sociable.Nine plus and five minus.TerryGroups News (Check the Interest Group web pages for updates)Garden Visits 2013We have planned two visits this summer: FRIDAY 17TH MAY. Burton Agnes Hall is an Elizabethan Manor House in the village of Burton Agnes in East Yorkshire. It was built by Sir Henry Griffin in the early 17th Century to a design by Robert Smythson. The Hall is surrounded by award-winning gardens that include a Garden gallery, a Walled garden and stunning herbaceous borders. Cost £22.50. Coach departs from the Odeon Complex Mansfield 8 am. FRIDAY 19TH JULY. Trentham Gardens and Wollerton Old Hall Garden. After some retail therapy and/or garden exploration at Trentham, we travel on to Wollerton Old Hall Gardens in the afternoon. Designed by Lesley Jenkins, they are reputed to be one of the most beautiful gardens created in the past 25 years. A garden for the plant enthusiast and lots of design ideas. There are wonderful collections of clematis, salvias, phlox and roses. Cost £19.50. Coach departs from the Odeon Complex Mansfield 8 am.To book a place, come and see us at the monthly meeting or ring me on 651528.Marion Thornton Page 9 of 12
  10. 10. Digital WorldOUR last meetings concentrated on sorting the good, bad and indifferent entries to the PeopleRelaxing at Thoresby photographic competition held during the holiday, with members judgingentries anonymously before basic cropping, straightening and colour adjustments so that thewinners could be picked fairly.The results will be announced in the next issue but entries included some with excellentcomposition and humour, as you may have seen on the website already, but the challenge posed byphotographing snow scenes in bright sunlight proved too much for some. (The judges gaveparticular credit to entrants remembering to increase Exposure Value settings to compensate for theglare from snow. Those who realised that grey mist often looks more dramatic in black & whitegained points too, but landscape shots that didnt show people lost them.)Do come along to Stanton Hill Baptist Church at 2.00 on any 2nd or 4th Friday if youd like to join inand share tips about making the most of your camera.David LingTheatre Visits • Wed. 27th Feb: The Good Old Days – Palace Theatre, matinee, £11.98 tickets to be paid for by 12th February. • Sat. 2nd March: Classic Eric Clapton – Palace Theatre, matinee, £13.32 tickets to be paid for by 15th February. • Sun. 10th March: Me and My Girl – Palace Theatre, matinee, £9 tickets to be paid for at the February meeting. (A 5-hour parking ticket is available from the theatre for £2.) • Wed. 20th March at 2.30: FREE talk and tour of the Palace Theatre Mansfield; limited numbers; put your name on the list. • Wed 15th May PM: The Mouse Trap – Theatre Royal, Nottingham, £24.30 payment no later than 19th February.For your information, the ODEON cinema does live satellite transmissions of opera etc. Contact thecinema for further details.(Mothering Sunday is on Sunday the 10th of March the same day as the Palace show.)Sheila Whalley (01623 453908)GardeningOUR FIRST Gardening Group meeting of the year kicks off on Tuesday March 5th at 10.00 am, atSt Peter’s Centre, Mansfield.At the February U3A meeting we are taking names of anyone wanting to join the Gardening Group,both existing and, hopefully, some new members. Anyone with an interest in gardening is welcome,whether that is growing flowers or vegetables or just simply admiring other people’s gardens!Due to space restrictions at St Peter’s we have to limit our group size to 50. So don’t delay and signup for what is expected to be an exciting and varied programme, with some interesting newspeakers and a couple of old favourites with new topics. A local garden visit is also incorporated anda most exciting outing has been organised.Remember also we are always appreciative of plants or cuttings or garden produce for our plantstall and interesting items for our notice board. Each month we have a garden-related raffle, so youcan see there is something for all garden enthusiasts to enjoy.In the meantime, if you have any queries or wish to join the Garden Group but cannot attend theFebruary U3A meeting, just get in touch with me on 452688.Avril McGee Page 10 of 12
  11. 11. Luncheon ClubJANUARYS lunch at 281 on Nottingham Rd, (the Pine Lodge that was) proved that Mansfield nowhas another venue worthy of a repeat visit so thanks are due to Brian and Barbara Harvey forrecommending it and making the arrangements.Next up, on February 21st, Norma Shillinglaw is arranging a return to Lambs at the Market, one ofthe great successes of 2012, for a varied menu that will be priced at £10 for two courses and £15for three. This sold-out within hours of opening for bookings so sorry but ... !We will be exploring new ground on March 21st when Margaret Burlinson and Maisie Hammondwill be sharing their enthusiasm for Ania in Sherwood, Nottingham, a Polish-owned and runrestaurant that has collected rave reviews on Trip Advisor and from other U3As.They are offering a special menu priced at £10 for two courses and £15 for three that will showcasethe national cuisine. Im told that their Sledzie Z Salatka Jarzynowa (a herring dish) and Filet PiersiKurczaka W Sosie ze Śmietana (chicken) are especially notable!Bookings are open today.David Ling Menus are on the website ...Local HistoryTHE GROUPS first meeting of 2013 were treated to a wonderful insight into the Myths andLegends of Mansfield and its surroundings. Jennie gave an interesting talk on not only Ghosts,Legends and Myths but never once mentioned the Robin Hood Legend other than to say that whileresearching she found so much more about the area that it was not necessary. Thanks to Jennieand all the other members for a good and interesting meeting.Bob LongdenNew GroupsAT THE January meeting suggestions for a number of new groups was put to the members: Yoga,Art and Board Games.All have been well supported and work is under way to make these happen as soon as possible.I have found several Yoga teachers to take the class and when I can match days and times to asuitable venue this will start soon.The response to the proposed Heartstart training was very encouraging, with almost 40 people onthe list. The first session is full, with others filling up. Please put your name on the training sessionsheets at the next meeting to ensure you don’t miss out. This is free and takes just two hours ofyour time, the end result may be that YOU SAVE a LIFE!I am working hard to ensure that the Art and Board Games groups will get started as soon aspossible. This may easier if the horrid weather stays away.Crafts, Concert Visits and Canasta groups have also been suggested by members and I willraise these at the next meeting.Linda Leivers, Groups Co-ordinator_______________________________________________________________________________________New Regional TrusteeWE WELCOME Michaela Moody, Chairman of Woodhall Spa U3A, as the new Regional Trusteerepresenting all U3As in the East Midlands Region at national level. She succeeds Liz Wilson ofSherwood U3A. Page 11 of 12
  12. 12. Members AnnouncementsFOR SALE: Nikon J1 Compact System Camera, black, 10 months old; with 10 to 30mm (equiv to30 - 110mm) zoom lens, USB cable, charger and small bag. £150-00 ono. Peter Bowler, 01773715374.FOR SALE: Kindle eReader, with case; brand new and still in original pack. Offers to SheilaWhalley, 01623 453908._______________________________________________________________________________________Speakers CornerOUR SPEAKER today is Angela Plum whose talk An Arctic Adventure will describe herexperiences with polar bears North of Norway.Angela and her husband took a holiday of a lifetime, crossing the Arctic tundra in small inflatableboats, skidoos and on foot.She will describe this wonderful adventure and the amazing wildlife she saw, with numerous photosand a film; in all she shot 53 Polar Bears and recorded the sounds of a cub talking to its mother. Asshe travelled around the Arctic she also saw Whales, Arctic Foxes, Walruses and Reindeer.Angelas trip has gained her recognition of her work from a scientist working with the recent TVseries on Polar Bears and will inspire us all to go and try a new adventure.Marilyn Dibble_______________________________________________________________________________________Dates for your diary (Check the website for more information and updates.)Fri. 22nd Feb.: NEW MEMBERS MEETING at the Rushley, 10.00 amSat. 23rd Feb.: ANNUAL QUIZ NIGHT at Queen Elizabeth’s Academy. (See page 3)______________________________________________________________________________Event and Visit PaymentsMEMBERS are reminded that deposits and payments for events and visits organised by MansfieldU3A and its interest groups are non-refundable, but places so reserved may be offered to others.______________________________________________________________________________Changes of address, etc.PLEASE contact the membership secretary, Avril McGee (01623 452688), if youve changed youraddress, phone number or email since joining Mansfield U3A so that she can update our records.______________________________________________________________________________DisclaimerTHE VIEWS expressed here are those of the contributors, only, and do not necessarily reflect thoseof the editor, the committee of Mansfield U3A or the Third Age Trust. Nor can any responsibility beaccepted for errors that may occur.______________________________________________________________________________Next IssuePLEASE SEND contributions for the March issue to, or in typescript to theeditor, as soon as you can and by 1st March at the latest. Thanks!______________________________________________________________________________Editor: David Ling (01623 822994) Printed by: Portland Print ( Page 12 of 12