December Newsletter


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The December Newsletter presented by Kappa Gamma Chi, Emerson College.

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December Newsletter

  1. 1. Volume 3, Issue 3, December 2011 KAPPA GAMMA CHIINSIDE THIS ISSUE: Fall 2011 Wrap-Up!Fall 2011 Wrap-Up 1Semester Recap 2Alumni Spotlight 2Shine Your Light 3December Grads 3Retreat 4Happy Holidays 4Contact Us 5UPCOMING DATES January 20th Winter Org Fair Max Mutchnick Taken in the Paramount Theater by Grayson Breen, fellow Phi Alpha Tau brother. Campus Center 12PM – 3PM The fall 2011 semester has been a whirlwind for the sisterhood. It seems as if only yesterday, we were at our first business meeting of the semester discussing February 29th community service initiatives, potential pledges and 110th Anniversary Red Cross Blood Drive Multipurpose Room Celebrations. Now, as most of us have headed home to rest up after a week of 10AM – 3PM hectic finals, it’s nice to look back at what we have accomplished this semester. First we welcomed eight new sisters who have all shown passion and drive, as March 25th – April 1st well as professionalism, who will take Kappa by storm in the next few Take Back the Night semesters. We also conquered our community service initiatives producing Stay tuned for details over 3000 hours (summer and fall) as a sisterhood. Even through our busy schedules, we still made plenty of time to bond as a sisterhood. Our retreat this year in Plymouth, MA allowed us to get silly and enjoy a nice relaxing weekend near the beach, as well as enjoy a hearty meal at Red Robin. Wherever we went, laughter and silliness ensued, but at the end of day, we truly enjoyed being in such fine company of amazing young women. We look forward to next semester with our 110th anniversary, Take Back the Night week, Alumni Luncheon and continued professional development events. See you in 2012! Kappa Gamma Chi Emerson College Boston, MA Newsletter Contact: Ngawang Choney at
  2. 2. Page 2 December 2011 Semester Recap Alumni Spotlight: Erika Schwartz Poole In 2002, after working in the music industry in LA since college, I decided to make a huge change. I took 6 months off to see the world, and then moved to London, England. I had always wanted to live abroad and didn’t get to do the Castle Program while at Emerson. The first year was really tough, but after awhile I met some fantastic people and finally landed a good job. With a resume of marketing, promoting and running concerts/events for bands, I was headhunted by a major player in the online poker world. Since it’s also entertainment, it is incredibly similar to the music business, and Ive been doing it now for 7 years, getting to travel to Las Vegas, Russia, Australia, and around Europe for events. Its hectic, crazy, ever-changing, and definitely never boring. In my spare time, I have a rather unusual hobby. I I got married last year to a lovely Brit called Jon, and right train and perform as an aerialist or aerial acrobat. I do now we are in the midst of another life-changing plan. static trapeze and aerial silks - if youve seen Cirque Were leaving in Jan 2012 for a year of travelling to South Du Soleil, that’s what I do. Its great for fitness and America, Africa (and a visit to Harnas!), and Asia. Its the really fun - so perfect, as Ive never been a gym last big exploration and the chance to have the trip of a bunny. My other passion is wild animals. In 2009 and lifetime before we settle down to have a family. If you are 2010, I volunteered at the Harnas Wildlife Sanctuary interested, you can follow our progress at in Namibia working hands-on with big cats (lions, Its a whole new chapter, leopards, and cheetahs). It was the most amazing and I cant wait! experience - getting to know and understand these amazing creatures are truly mind-blowing. They each All the best and Love In Kappa, have different personalities and bonding with a young Erika Schwartz Poole lion just completely changes the way you think. Id Fall 1994 say its one the best things Ive ever done and highly recommend it. Kappa Gamma Chi Emerson College Boston, MA Newsletter Contact: Ngawang Choney at
  3. 3. December 2011 Page 3Take Back the Night Fall Teaser: Shine Your Light Walk Our Take Back the Night (TBN) fall teaser,Shine Your Light Walk, took place on November14th with over 60 participants. Through the walkaround the Boston Common and t-shirt salespromoting the event the week prior, we raisedawareness against domestic violence, partner abuseand sexual assault, and proceeds of $500 forKappa’s annual Take Back the Night weeklongseries of events for next semester. The sisterhoodwas grateful for all the participants who supported this important case, as well as moved by those who read monologues, poems and shared their own stories. The event gained a lot of recognition from the Emerson community, which we hope will inspire more co-sponsorships and supporters for the spring event. We are appreciative of our lovely TBN Co- Chairs, Landry Allbright and Wynn Harrison, who planned an amazing event. We can’t wait to see what they have up their sleeves for next semester. Stay tuned for important updates in the following months for our annual Take Back the Night event. Goodbye December Graduates! As we end the fall 2011 semester, we must say goodbye to a few of our senior Kappas. Melissa Boss, Marrin Goodall, Ariel Knoebel, Valerie Molina and Melinda Warren are all December graduates. We are so proud of our sisters for finishing their Emerson journey a semester early, but we are sad that they must embark on their journey without us. However we know that these ladies will be doing great things in the years ahead of them. With that, we are happy to see them take over the world! “My sisters have been my backbone and I cant express just how lucky I am to say that I have been a part of an amazing organization that empowers leaders and fosters growth every day.” – Valerie Molina “Kappa made this transformation complete when I entered the organization fairly late in my college career by offering me an important structure of support and encouragement that gave me the tools and courage I needed to follow my passions and make them reality.” – Ariel Knoebel, Invisible Children Roadie “The undying support and inspiration from my sisters has been unbelievable. I will miss everyone dearly, but I know the bonds of sisterhood will last forever: Once a Kappa Always a Kappa.” – Melissa Boss “I owe an incredible amount of gratitude to each of my sisters and Emerson College for preparing me for this next stage of life.” – Melinda Warren, future Teach for America Corps Member Kappa Gamma Chi Emerson College Boston, MA Newsletter Contact: Ngawang Choney at “A collection of talented and ambitious women, Kappa Gamma Chi pushed me to become a more poised and prepared young professional.” – Marrin Goodall
  4. 4. December 2011 Page 4Kappa Retreat Our Kappa Retreat this semester took place at alovely beach house in Plymouth, MA. We feasted onfine cooking and Red Robin, watched a Ryan Goslingmovie and enjoyed quality sister bonding time together.It was the perfect weekend getaway during the middleof the semester. Also, having the beach down the streetwasn’t too shabby either! HAPPY HOLIDAYS & HAPPY NEW YEAR! Kappa Gamma Chi Emerson College Boston, MA Newsletter Contact: Ngawang Choney at
  5. 5. Page 5 December 2011Contact UsWeb Site: KappaGammaChi.Tumblr.comE-Board and Active Sisters Executive Board Active Sisters Nicole Abascal Dylan Manderlink Kate Hefler Landry Allbright Elizabeth Mantey Dominique Banas Megan Mitchell President Melissa Boss Valerie Molina Dominique Banas Lane Brenner Kathleen Montero Shanae Burch Alexandria Moorman Vice President Alexis Carpinello Meghan Mueller Sarah Cascante Najah Muhammad Landry Allbright Ngawang Choney Christina Muniz Treasurer Lauren Cortizo Tamara Omazic Monica de Pinto Ribeiro Hancke Jamie Pekunece Emily Enters Katie Prisco-Buxbaum Gemma Simko Laura Franzini Lauren Schmidt Corresponding Secretary Sonya Glaessner Gemma Simko Andrea Gordillo Sophia Solomon Elizabeth Mantey Wynn Harrison Lizzie Swerdlin Recording Secretary Kate Hefler Melinda Warren Faith Howes Mari Watson Jane Kang Heather Wise Ariel Knoebel Michelle Zelman Erin Kelly Kappa Gamma Chi Emerson College Boston, MA Newsletter Contact: Ngawang Choney at