Consumer Math Slides January 16, 2008
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Consumer Math Slides January 16, 2008



Trig problem solving.

Trig problem solving.



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    Consumer Math Slides January 16, 2008 Consumer Math Slides January 16, 2008 Presentation Transcript

    • Angles of Depression More Trigonometry ... Looking Down, Part I ... it's all about the angles and how you look at them ... Angles of Elevation Beeches sunrise 3
    • Mental Math (1) You just bought 40 L of gas. (6) Find 75% of 124 93 If you get a discount of 3.5¢/L, $1.40 how much money will you save? (7) Find 75% of 110 82.5 (2) What is the cost of one CD if 4 cost $82.00? $20.50 A B C D 1 Name Hourly Wage Hours Earnings (3) What is the cost of one if 2 2 Abbie 7 4 $17.50 T-shirts cost $35.00? 3 Barry 8 5 4 Cindy 9 6 The following ingredients are used to make 5 David 10 7 18 banana muffins: 6 small, ripe bananas 1 cup brown sugar (8) Name one LABEL Name, Hourly Wage, Hours, 1/2 cup white sugar 2 eggs in the spreadsheet. or Earnings 1/2 cup butter 3 cups flour (9) Write a spreadsheet formula 2 tsp. baking soda 2 tsp. baking powder that would calculate the average 1 cup chocolate chips 1 tsp. salt earnings of all 4 people. (4) How much white sugar (5) How much butter is =AVERAGE(D2..D5) is used to make 9 muffins? needed to make 45 muffins? 1/4 cup 1 1/4 cups (10) What is 99 x 11? 1089
    • Determine each of the following ratios: a) sin ∠B = b) cos ∠B = c) tan ∠B = d) sin ∠A = e) cos ∠A = f) tan ∠A =
    • Use your calculator to determine the value of the following trig ratios rounded to four decimal places. a) sin 45° = b) cos 60° = c) tan 70° = d) sin 60° = e) cos 45° = f) tan 45° =
    • In a right triangle, the leg adjacent to the angle of 25° is 12 cm long. a) Draw a diagram of the triangle indicating the given angle and side. b) What are the measures of the other angles? c) How long is the side opposite the 25° angle to the nearest tenth of a centimetre? d) How long is the hypotenuse of the triangle?
    • A 4 m ladder leaning against a house makes a 65° angle with the ground. How high up the wall of the house does the ladder reach?
    • A 15 m ramp is built to the loft door of the barn. The loft door is 5 m above ground level. Find the angle that the ramp makes with the ground (angle of elevation).
    • Skiers ski down a slope that is inclined at a 35° angle to the horizontal. If the skiers reach ground level after travelling a distance of 1280 m, how high is the slope where they began their run?