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MLM Lead Generation Using Advertising Companies
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MLM Lead Generation Using Advertising Companies


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MLM Lead Generation Using Advertising Companies is a fast way to get additional leads for your MLM. And as I describe in the presentation, you can get these additional leads for a dirt cheap price or …

MLM Lead Generation Using Advertising Companies is a fast way to get additional leads for your MLM. And as I describe in the presentation, you can get these additional leads for a dirt cheap price or even free if you share the service benefits with your team mates.

There are a couple of links on the last slide that are click-able so check out this service for yourself. You may just find it to be as valuable to you as it is to me.

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  • 1. MLM Lead Generation Using Advertising Companies 1
  • 2. There Are A Lot Of Ways To Perform MLM Lead Generation • Now you can certainly do it the old fashioned method - which of course is “Belly to Belly” – or up close and in person prospecting. • But in today’s day and age – the absolute best way is by using a marketing system that is proven – and use the internet! 2
  • 3. Let’s Face It – Most People Fail At MLM Anyway • • So with 95% to 97% of MLM’ers failing – why in the world would we want to do it like them? And – the majority fail because of two reasons: 1. They stink at sales - & - prospecting is sales. 2. AND - They do not get enough leads!!! 3
  • 4. Only About 3% To 5% Understand MLM Lead Generation • The top earners in MLM understand how to get leads. And many of them are either good at sales – or – they have a great marketing system that they use. • For me personally – I use a marketing system – because that is duplicate able – and that is what MLM is all about. 4
  • 5. I Use The Internet To Get All Of My Leads • So I use a marketing system and I use the internet to get all of my leads. And up until recently – almost all of my leads came from blogging. • But recently I switched to YouTube – and I teach my team and the folks on my email list – how to get at least 1,000 leads per month using YouTube. 5
  • 6. But I Also Have A Little Secret • You see - I like to use “EVERY” method possible on the internet – because you just never know what will happen. • And a little known method is – MLM Lead Generation Using Advertising Companies. • Now calm down – because I know that sounds expensive – but it is actually dirt cheap. In fact – you can do it for free too. 6
  • 7. You See – Time Is Money • And If I can do something either dirt cheap or for free – by outsourcing it – I will do exactly that! • So let me show you just one of my little – MLM Lead Generation Strategies – that happens to use advertising companies. 7
  • 8. 1st – See What I Get I Get On: 1. 85+ Search Engines / MONTH 2. 250+ Web Directories / MONTH 3. 80+ FFA Sites / MONTH 4. 50+ Message Boards & Forums/ MONTH 5. 550+ CLASSIFIED AD SITES (CITIES Around The Globe) – PER MONTH!!! 6. 500,000+ Networked Sites / MONTH 8
  • 9. And I Get That For FREE! • Well actually it cost’s just $39.95 per month when you first start out. And that is so dirt cheap when you consider how much time it saves us. • I mean seriously – try and run ad’s yourself in 500 cities! It would take you a crazy amount of time to do that. So if I can get some guy to do that for me each month for – for just $39.95 – I go for it! 9
  • 10. BUT – I Get It For Free! • And so can you! How? Well it is also an affiliate program. • So if you share it with just 2 of your team members or friends - and they use this little MLM Lead Generation strategy for themselves – well then you now get it for FREE! 10
  • 11. So Check It Out – You May Just Like It Too • Now this is just one of my many strategies that I use to get my MLM Lead Generation. But – I do it every single month. • And of course – running any sort of ad will have varying results – depending on the intended audience, the wording of the ad – and heck – even the time of year. 11
  • 12. But Then Again – You May Get Surprised • I mean I got a College Professor from Berkley to join my team – because of this little known secret method of – MLM Lead Generation Using Advertising Companies! • So to learn more about this – check out the description below this video. I’ll leave a link so you can check them out – and I’ll also leave some additional info in the description for you. 12
  • 13. Oh – And I’ll Throw In A FREE Bonus For You Too! • If you join my email list – so you can get more of my free trainings – I’ll send you one of my team training videos. It’s called “How To Get 1,000+ Leads Per Month” • Just click the “Show More” link below for the description to learn more! 13
  • 14. Thanks For Stopping By! To Check Out The MLM Lead Generation Advertising Service That I Describe In The Presentation Click Here: To Visit Our YouTube Channel Click Here: And To Visit Our Site Click Here: 14