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Presented by: Laurence Sotsky, SVP, Central Desktop

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  • Introduce yourselfThe agency-brand relationship has always been a tenuous one. Agencies are under fire to develop deep expertise in their clients’ businesses to deliver value-added strategic thinking that takes clients to the next level – at no additional cost to the client. Traditionally, the agency-brand relationship has not been set up for such a learning experience with agencies struggling to bridge the divide and become more interconnected with clients. This presentation looks at some of the key issues creating rifts internally and with clients and how agencies can use collaboration technology to meld knowledge and ideas, bringing agency teams and clients closer together.
  • That means 64% of marketers are NOT committed to their agencies. Worse than the average divorce rate in America.Scary!Study just published in January 2012.
  • Most recent high-profile turnover includes:Chili’s Restaurant has dropped Digitas as its Digital AOR, less than a year after awarding them that role via reviewSouthwest Airlines is looking beyond GSD&M, its agency of 30+ years, with a review that encompasses big pieces of the $250M accountArby’s shifted their creative account from BBDO to CP&B w/o a review, thanks to new Arby’s CMO, who used to work with CP&B when he was CMO at Burger King BMW’s Mini and Bank of America were reported to have launched reviews in early January.
  • That was the brand side of the equation. Let’s look at this from your perspective. What do these grumblings mean for you?
  • Other agencies are waiting for you to falter.Clients want more for less.Clients are conducting agency reviews.
  • Your teams are struggling.Lots of pressure and they’re being expected to do more with less.Deliver under tight deadlines.Clients want to know your every step and what they’re getting for the money.
  • A lot of the knowledge resides in individuals’ heads – if that level of expertise exists at all within your agency. Especially difficult for new clients and new industries as you’re ramping up. Knowledge leaves with those people if not documented or captured somewhere. When you bring new people onto the team or a new project, it’s a slow ramp-up process if they don’t have full history and insight into the client’s business.
  • Information overflowToo many emailsUnknown versions/version control issues with people stepping on each otherGetting large files to clients or vendors is a challenge when email doesn’t suffice.
  • You have a bunch of specialized tools each for a specific purpose. Gets difficult remembering where each file lives, remembering logins and passwords for all the tools, and it’s also costly to maintain subscriptions to all those tools. Nothing is centralized.
  • Online collaboration lets you connect people, share files, inspire ideas and manage projects.
  • Emails,
  • Automation
  • Review and approvals
  • Every employee has the opportunity to contribute / distributed teams.Accountability for every employee – audit logs, task assignments, etc.
  • Our specific solution is called SocialBridge and does…
  • Digiday Agency LA: Central Desktop Pecha Kucha

    1. 1. How to Prevent Breakups(What to do to keep client love from waning) Laurence Sotsky
    2. 2. of marketers are committed to their agency relationshipsSource: CMO Council, “More Gain, Less Strain: OptimizingMarketing Partner Performance and Value in a Digital World”
    3. 3. of marketers say they may consolidate or change their global agency rostersSource: CMO Council, “More Gain, Less Strain: OptimizingMarketing Partner Performance and Value in a Digital World”
    4. 4. Top 5 1. Lack of agreed-upon set of analytics and metrics causes of friction in agency relationships 2. Limited knowledge of the clients business 3. Lack of value-added strategic thinking 4. Pricing and budgeting issues 5. Integration of marketing plans and servicesSource: CMO Council, “More Gain, Less Strain: OptimizingMarketing Partner Performance and Value in a Digital World”
    5. 5. What aboutYOU?
    6. 6. There are sharks in the water.
    7. 7. Deadlines are Untilaggressive. you get to workAnd clients wanttransparency.
    8. 8. Your teams struggle to becomeexperts in clients’ business.
    9. 9. Files and emailsare everywhere.
    10. 10. You’re constantly stalkingclients for approvals.
    11. 11. Juggling so manytools is a hassle.
    12. 12. Online collaboration isthe new way of working.
    13. 13. Centralize everything.Literally.
    14. 14. Immerse clients in your brand.
    15. 15. Make working together easy.
    16. 16. Do everything online.
    17. 17. The buckwillstopeverywhere.
    18. 18. Get social.
    19. 19. Contact us.We don’t bite! Hungry866-692-1649www.centraldesktop.com/socialbridge for more?
    20. 20. Contact us. Contact us.We don’t bite! We don’t bite!866-692-1649 866-692-1649www.centraldesktop.com/socialbridge centraldesktop.com/socialbridge lsotsky@centraldesktop.com