BBC Trending: An Innovation in Social Media-Driven News


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Every second of every day the world is tweeting, posting and sharing. BBC Trending, a social media-driven news innovation by the BBC, looks at the origin of the story and its destination, what fuels the trend, and what it says about the world's interests. What makes one story more interesting to the next? In this session, get a look inside BBC Trending and why it's a meaningful step in the evolution of publishing.

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  • Key thing about trending is that it socially driven – BBC joins the conversation, adds its authority and expertise, but audience participates too; output then distributed across social media
  • Play video here:
  • A weekly radio show on World Service…
  • A blog on…
  • Videos…at least twice a week
  • And of course its own social media presence.
    Twitter @BBCtrending
    Prominent on BBC News You Tube channel, and soon to have dedicated YT channel
  • Just laucnhed our YouTube channel
  • BBC News is uniquely placed to do this – because of our global newsgathering, our capabilities in multiple Languages, and the specialist media monitoring expertise of BBC Monitoring
  • Output is multiplatform – online, social, radio and TV
  • Play video here:
  • Brian Stelter, widely followed media reporter for NYT, now a CNN anchor, thought it was cool
  • Traffic performance
  • Play video here:
  • Play video here:
  • Play this video:
  • BBC Trending: An Innovation in Social Media-Driven News

    1. 1. BBC Global News
    2. 2. #BBCtrending: an innovation in social news Social media is not just a place to broadcast, it’s a place where political, social and cultural change happens
    3. 3. #BBCTrending ‘What’s trending - and why’ Anyone can see what is trending. BBC journalism tells you why Social analytics and audience engagement at heart of Trending
    4. 4. BBC original journalism US culture war Next Arab Spring Next Gangnam style What China laughs at
    5. 5. { Original journalism can be fun
    6. 6. {
    7. 7. {
    8. 8. {
    9. 9. {
    10. 10. {
    11. 11. #BBCTrending A small, dedicated editorial team The resources of the World’s Newsroom, our global bureaux and 27 language services Working closely with BBC Monitoring
    12. 12. #BBCTrending #BBCTrending is NOT just broadcasting On On BBC World News On BBC World Service On Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. In-Twitter video launched in December
    13. 13. { Pushing storytelling formats Borrowing from social
    14. 14. {
    15. 15. #BBCTrending typical week Typical week: Approx 2-3 million views; c 400-500k from social media Video: 480k views for our video on FooseyTube (now past 600k) Blogs: 1.2 million for ‘Is the World’s Unluckiest Man Being exploited.’ Top 5 most read/shared. Radio: Frequently most listened on BBC WS digital
    16. 16. { Reporting on social conversation = afflicting the comfortable?
    17. 17. { Entering social conversations and sticking with them
    18. 18. Something to say in the world’s biggest conversations