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Magnets Quiz

Magnets Quiz



Magnets quiz

Magnets quiz



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    Magnets Quiz Magnets Quiz Presentation Transcript

    • Magnets quiz
    • 1 2 4 5 6 7 3 8 9 10 Magnets quiz
      • The cans which fall off the conveyor belt shown on the diagram are likely to be made of:
      • Steel (b) Iron (c) Aluminium
      • (d) Steel and aluminium
      Back to quiz 1
      • The lines shown on this diagram are called:
      • Magnet lines
      • (b) Magnetic field lines
      • (c) Magnetic failed lines
      • (d) Magnetic pattern lines
      Back to quiz 2
      • The strength of the magnetic force on the compasses shown is strongest at:
      • (a) A
      • (b) B
      • (c) C
      • (d) D
      Back to quiz 3 A B C D
      • The reason why the finger is used to tap the card in this experiment is:
      • (a) to make the magnet stronger.
      • (b) to move the card
      • (c) to make the iron filings become permanent magnets
      • (d) to move the iron filings so they are aligned to the magnetic field.
      Back to quiz 4
      • In these diagrams of magnets A and B we can say that:
      • (a) A is a stronger magnet than B
      • (b) B is a stronger magnet than A
      • (c) Both magnets are equally strong
      • (d) Cannot be sure which magnet is strongest.
      Back to quiz 5 A B
      • If the yellow magnet is brought up to the permanent magnet shown in the diagram:
      • (a) the magnets will repel
      • (b) the magnets will attract
      • (c) the magnets will not affect each other
      • (d) the magnets will spin around
      Back to quiz 6 N S
      • The field strength at the point marked X between the two permanent magnets will be:
      • (a) very weak
      • (b) very strong
      • (c) always changing
      • (d) pointing upwards
      Back to quiz 7 S N N S X
      • Which statement is false?
      • (a) Cobalt is a magnetic material.
      • (b) Steel is used to make permanent magnets.
      • (c) Iron can be made into a permanent magnet.
      • (d) Nickel is a magnetic material.
      Back to quiz 8
      • Which statement is false?
      • The Earth’s geographic North pole never changes position.
      • The Earth’s magnetic North pole never changes position.
      • The Earth’s magnetic North pole changes position slowly over time.
      • The Earth’s geographic North and South poles are on exactly opposite sides of the Earth.
      Back to quiz 9
      • The south seeking pole a compass placed at point X in the diagram will swing to point:
      • (a) upwards
      • (b) to the left
      • (c) to the right
      • (d) downwards
      Back to quiz 10 x
    • Quiz scores Magnets quiz 1 Name   Name Black Devil 6 Bob Fossil 9 Crazy Cop Guy 9 Boobaloo 9 Cute Cat 9 Chewing gum chick 6 Flying Horse 5 Julia Seabrook 7 Kong Fu Skunk 8 Mr Monkey Bomb 9 Man 2 Puppy Luv 8 Merc 1 10 Pwns 7 Miley Cyrus 7 Tank Demsey 6 Monkey Boy 8 Purple Antelope 8 Teletubbies 6 Timothy Summer Surprise 7