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There are bit information in given slide.
you may check by visiting at and can browse top destinations worldwide where you want to make your trip memorable.

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Dear flight Pvt. Ltd

  1. 1. Dear Flight•Provides a easy way to getcheap flights from London.•You can choose a simple ofphone call Just call us now0203 189 0988
  2. 2. Continent Asia Africa Europe North America South Oceania America
  3. 3. AsiaYou can Browse here top visited Destination where people visits.• India• Bangkok Thailand• Shanghai China• Philippines Manila• Kathmandu Nepal• Dhaka Bangladesh• Karachi Pakistan• Kuala Lumpur Malaysia
  4. 4. India• There are some destinations which comes under top tourist Places in India. India has unique location where you can spend time for a while. We have listed some of them here-• Agra:Agra comes in utter Pradesh, city is famous for Taj Mahal. There are other attraction if you want to see visit here.• DelhiDELHI capital city of the country which is the second largest metropolitan in India and the eighth largest Metropolitan in the world having a population of Twenty two million view more• Mumbai• Pune• Goa• Amritsar• Kolkata• Bangalore• Chennai
  5. 5. Delhi• DELHI capital city of the country which is the second largest metropolitan in India and the eighth largest Metropolitan in the world having a population of Twenty two million. On the financial institutions of the Stream Yamuna, Delhi has been known to be consistently populated since at least the 6th millennium BCE though people habitation has been considered to have persisted since the second millennium BCE.• The beginning beyond the gritty surface and you are going to rapidly discover that India’s capital is spread with gleaming gems: interesting typical historic typical monuments, spectacular galleries, a lively performing-arts world and some of the subcontinent’s yummiest places to eat. A vivid reducing pot, you are going to notice a jumble of vernaculars spoke in Delhi, the most typical being Hindi, Language, Punjabi and Urdu. With regards to its structure, Delhi encapsulates two very different planets, the ‘old’ and the ‘new’, each introducing pleasantly different encounters. Delhi is a great beginning for looking at South Indian, not only because of its adequate carry associations and relatively innovative structure, but because the historical past of Delhi, one of the most ancient places in the world, is primarily the historical past of Indian.
  6. 6. Detailed Agra information• Agra, also known as the City of Taj Mahal lies on the banks of great Yamuna River in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh. It is around 200km south to the National Capital New Delhi. It is one of the famous tourist cities of India with around one million population. Agra has historical importance and is mentioned in many of the Indian, Persian and Mughal epics. It is a great public attraction and is ranked among the top spots for visiting in India. It is one of the oldest cities on the planet and hence many historical cultures, traditions and emotions can be seen in Agra. UNESCO has recognized three sites in Agra as World Heritage Sites the Taj Mahal, Agra Fort and Fatehpur Sikri. There are also many epic and magnificent buildings and tombs that reflect the citys glory from the times of Mughal empire. Agra has one of the Seven World Wonders The Taj Mahal and no tour to India is complete without the visit to Agra.• STARRED ATTRACTIONS:• Taj Mahal:• AGRA FORT:• Jama Masjid
  7. 7. Taj MahalAgra