Auto Insurance Secrets


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Suggestions on ways to spend your auto insurance $ most effectively

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Auto Insurance Secrets

  1. 1. ABOUT THE AUTHOR Dave Burdick Dave has his undergraduate degree in Engineering and Masters in Business. He has worked in relationship sales and sales training for 25 years and has been in the insurance business for the last 6 years, opening his agency in 2002. Dave's business philosophy is to differentiate his agency by offering strong personal service and good advice to his clients whether they need coverage consultation or claims help, creating a boutique agency. He gives all his clients his personal cell phone so they can get their problems solved, even after hours. If you want an agent who will buy a ticket on the train of life with you instead of one who just sells a policy, then Burdick Insurance is the agency for you. TESTIMONIALS ABOUT DAVE “Dave handles my homeowner's insurance as well as all the autos in our household. He provides us with outstanding customer service on top of the great value in insurance coverage. My wife and I recommend Dave to all of our contacts.” Craig F. “Dave is a man with the utmost of integrity. He will not go near anything that is in the least bit question- able. Dave is a problem solver. If you have a problem, he is there to help you with matter what it is. He is a very smart businessman who truly cares about his clients and friends. I highly recommend Dave with the utmost respect and praise.” Stephanie C. “It is with great pleasure that I recommend David as an insurance professional. David is genuine and looks for his customers’ best interests. Through professional networking, I’ve had the opportunity to witness David in action and see the positive outcomes of his work. David is full or resources and knowl- edge, which makes him an excellent network contact.” Carlos A. Burdick Insurance ∙ 6825 Manhattan Blvd. #101 ∙ Fort Worth TX 76120 ∙ 817.719.1671 ∙
  2. 2. By Dave Burdick Auto insurance can be confusing, so let's look at the basic coverage in a policy with an eye toward spending our money to get the best value. First is liability coverage. Typically this covers you and the people on your policy for the damage/injury they do to others through their negligence while driving a car. The limits cover bodily injury and property damage. For example, 100/300/100 limits means: • $100,000 per person bodily injury coverage per accident; • $300,000 for all persons per accident; and • $100,000 of property damage per accident. Bodily injury covers such things as medical bills, rehabilitation, lost wages, pain and suffering. Property damage includes damage to the other vehicle and any related damage to buildings, vehicle contents, and clean up of spilled chemicals or material as a result of the accident. Having sufficient liability is critical since the driver who causes an accident is responsible for the charges in excess of the policy limits. QUESTIONS? CONTACT ME Burdick Insurance | AUTO INSURANCE SECRETS 1
  3. 3. Second is uninsured motorist. This coverage protects you from the cost of being hit by a motorist who has no coverage or whose limits of coverage are less than the damages he causes in the accident. I usually suggest that the limits for uninsured and under insured coverage be the same as the liability coverage on the policy. Premiums for liability coverage are usually very reasonable, representing a good insurance value. These limits should be selected based on your annual income and assets. Comprehensive and collision cover the insured against damage to their vehicle as a result of falling objects and theft (comprehensive) or damage the insured does to their vehicle in an at fault accident. The decision to carry these two coverages can be analyzed as follows: • When the deductible plus premium for these coverage is more than 10% of the vehicle value, then the decision to carry this coverage can be reviewed. For example, if the deductibles are $500 and the annual QUESTIONS? premium for comp and collision is $300 (total $800), then the CONTACT ME  decision to carry these coverages should be reviewed if the value of the vehicle is less than $8,000. • There is always a “peace of mind” consideration in any insurance decision, so one should be comfortable with the additional risk they assume when dropping comp and collision coverage. Some people will be more comfortable with this decision than others. Burdick Insurance | AUTO INSURANCE SECRETS 2
  4. 4. Rental car cover rage pays a prede s etermined daily d amount for a rent car wh the insureds veh tal hen hicle is in the s shop for repair as a result of an a fault s t at accident t. Towing and road dside assis stance sets an amo s ount of coverage f towing and help for a mec for g p chanical b breakdown n. Additiona optiona coverages are available fro some insurance compan A al al om e nies for accidental death, ac a l ccident fo orgiveness, and new car repl , w lacement. Ask your agent r about the a availability of this co y overage and its suitab d bility for yo ou. The desc criptions of cover rage and suggest d tions for consider ration ar for re informatio i onal purp poses only Always discuss an changes you are considerin with y. ny ng your agent to make sure your p y t s policy is su uited to you needs. ur If I I can an nswer any questions f you, ple q for ease feel fr to cont me at 817-719-1671, or free tact email me a dave@in at nsuredfw.c com. Visit my websit anytime at te nsuredfw.c com. Thank you u! Dave urdick D e Bu QUESTION NS? CONTACT T ME  Dave Burd D dick Licensed I L Insurance Agent A Burdick Insuran | AUTO IN nce NSURANCE SECRETS 3