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Viinyl is re-defining the way music and videos are experienced. In fact their video player is a new way to attract attention, engage an audience and make money on singles and tracks. From a simple URL you can run a full screen video with interactive overlays and gather email, sell tracks and tickets, connect to social and literally showcase music thru video. You can sell any digital file including music and movies.

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Viinyl 2.0 Presentation

  1. 1. Media Showcasing Platform
  2. 2. ✦ The the easy and flexible way to present and sell digital music, movies and other media assets.✦ A software platform for showcasing and selling related tickets, downloads and merchandise.✦ viinyl provides a simple way to make songs shareable and easy to monetize.✦ The company just complete a successful beta test and have released a major update of itssoftware system based on user input.✦ Viinyl has retained Digital Cowboys to find a strategic partner to acquire its softwaretechnology and leverage the platform for delivery to a broader market.Introducingviinyl2.0
  3. 3. Initial Market✦ DJs and Producers✦ Singers, Songwriters, Musicians & Bands✦ Labels✦ Marketers, PromotersWhoisitfor?New markets✦ Videographers, filmmakers, directors.✦ Writers✦ Producers✦ Creative people
  4. 4. ✦ A content management and delivery platform for monetizing creative works justupdated to V 2.0✦ Similar to “” and “” for musicians, filmmakers and artists.✦ Creates mobile ready “showcases” where you can buy songs, albums, ticketsand merchandise.✦ The viinyl CMS manages the audio files, lyrics, liner notes, photos, videos, buybuttons and social media integrations.✦ Modern code, Ruby, HTML 5, responsive, embeddable, shareableWhatisit?
  5. 5. viinyl delivers music & digital content across multiple platforms.Mobile / Tablet Desktop Facebook app Smart TV’sSingle Video LPComing soon
  6. 6. audiosingleShowcaseAudio file (mp3, wav),SoundCloud stream.
  7. 7. singlevideoShowcasefullscreen video(YouTube, Vimeo,Vevo & Dailymotion)
  8. 8. videositeShowcaseMovies, series,documentary& trailers.
  9. 9. viinylLPShowcaseMulti songs & videos.
  10. 10. audiosingleProvideBitTorrentdownloads
  11. 11. videositeProvideBitTorrentdownloads
  12. 12. ✦ The super easy and flexible way to present and drive digital music.✦ Present songs and albums in HD.✦ International multilingual design.✦ Brand, publish, promote, monetize.✦ Analytics to guide your efforts.✦ 18,000 artists and climbing...Howitworksformusicians
  13. 13. ✦ Free Direct Download✦ BitTorrent Download✦ Download for an Email✦ Share to Download(Tweet or Facebook post)DistributecontentFor free For $✦ Fixed price✦ Fixed minimum price✦ "Pay what you want"
  14. 14. ✦ See and hear music in an integrated way.✦ Share what you like instantly.✦ Buy content, get tickets, connect.✦ Read blogs and news.✦ Get closer to the artists you love.Howitworksforfans
  15. 15. ✦ Cloud-based, mobile ready software platform✦ Ruby, HTML5, SQL✦ Content Management System✦ Create, manage, organize and arrange content✦ Audio files, lyrics, liner notes, photos, videos, buy and social✦ Delivery Platform✦ Publish, share and buy✦ Growing User Base✦ Domain Names and Trademarksviinylassets
  16. 16. ✦ Payment plan:  monthly subscription plan with freemium option✦ Pressing plant:  Audio compression/conversion allowing to choose the type ofquality and format to be distributed or sold✦ Selling tools:  allowing to sell directly any format of quality of digital audio viapaypal✦ Bundling options: create singles (audio & video), LPs, EPs, Band Sitesviinyl2.0
  17. 17. ✦ Video template: creates full screen video background for single✦ Visual Playlist: Navigate through songs visually✦ Multilingual: admin panel and sites in any language✦ Custom menu: easily change titles, add new pages, create bandpages✦ Responsive design: HTML5 for all screen sizes, smartphones & tabletsNewfeatures
  18. 18. ✦ Music: Tetra C2CI Cant Wait Forever✦ Video: Metric DocumentarySkyfall✦ Magazine: Playboy Music & Sex Liveexamples
  19. 19. developmentteamArmine Saidi - CEO and FounderFounder & CEO of Neken Inc., Creative web technology agencyVP of Marketing &  Communications, OneBigPlanet CorpDirector of Marketing, Tenrox inc.Mateo Murphy - CTOSenior Web Developer, Plank MultimediaInternationally renowned electronic musicproducer and djDavid Esteves - Software and UX DeveloperHardware hacker, graphic and web designer,programmer and UI specialistWeb standards advocate, pixel perfect maniacProfessional photographerMarie Bernatchez - Designer &Marketing DirectorDevelopment, User Experience & Design Web marketing & digital music strategist, Neken inc
  20. 20. ✦ Facebook✦ Soundcloud✦ Songkick✦ Eventful✦ Tumblr✦ Flickr✦ BitTorrentPartnerIntegrations✦ iTunes✦ Amazon✦ YouTube✦ Vimeo✦ DailyMotion✦ Paypal
  21. 21. ✦ Software Developed - Viinyl 2.0 feature set released.✦ User Base - 18,000 artists and climbing.✦ Partner Integrations - in place with all key players.Traction
  22. 22. viinyl 2.0 Subscription service✦ Free version (limited features)✦ Pro version - $9.95/mo✦ Label version - $29.95/moBusinessModelAffiliate revenue from✦ Song downloads✦ Ticket sales✦ Merchandise sales
  23. 23. ✦ You can make more money and provide a unique product to yourcustomer base.✦ International solution for all markets.✦ Works on all screens, smartphone, tablet, laptop, TV.✦ New way for your customers to monetize their music.✦ Extend your current business model.✦ Get an advantage on the competition.Whyshouldyoucare?
  24. 24. Summaryviinyl is looking for a buyerto acquire its software technologyand deliver it to a broader marketFor more info contact:Dave KusekSenior PartnerDigital