Ibiza Luxury Guide by Here&There


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A selection of the best spots in Ibiza selected by Here&There concierge company where I am in charge for the online communication and content strategy.

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Ibiza Luxury Guide by Here&There

  1. 1. IBIZ AS E A, SU N AND S ANDA luxury guide provided by Here&There Here & There 2012 H&T 1
  2. 2. Top 3 Hotels Ibiza Grand hotel Among the many choices available on the island, this hotel offers the best balance in what concerns maximum exclusivity, well being and comfort. It is well known for its central location near by the famous clubhouse Pacha. On the other hand if you don’t feel like clubbing you can always enjoy the privileged view of Dalt Vila which some of the suites provide. The pools are just astonishing. Do not miss the opportu- nity to dine or just to have a drink at the brand new Cipriani restaurant Ibiza an unexpected experience integrated in the Ibiza Grand Hotel’s structure.Far more than it’s reputation as the hedonists’ Vila, is a picturesque maze of narrow streets withMecca of the club lovers, visitors will be ama-zed with the inviting turquoise waters, the restaurants, crowned by the Cathedral of Santa Maria d’Eivissa, dating from the fourteenth cen- Hotel Hacienda Na-Xamena If what you are looking for is a close contact with nature this should be the perfect place for you. This luxury hotel is located on a 7 hectare coas-many historical attractions and inspired natural tury, and surrounded by medieval walls. One tal plot, one of the last unspoiled ecological environments in Europe. A breathtaking natural viewbeauty of the so called White Is- of the most unique attractions will surprise you from each room.land. Ibiza was a drowsy farming Did you know that is the magnificently preservedcommunity for hundreds of years the official language Necropolis. The numerous bea-before many artists, painters and here in the Balearic ches are blessed by the sun andmusicians visited the island in Islands is the offer remote caves and crystalthe early 1960s - attracted by the Catalan and that clear calm waters – they are idealfriendly locals and the relaxed Ibiza is called Eivissa for swimming, diving and otherlifestyle. Among the points of among locals? water sports. Here&There hasinterest there are historical and selected the best places of thisnatural sites classified as World Heritage by astonishing island so you can enjoy your stay Hotel Atzaró Our third selection is highlighted due to its distinctive ethno chic style,UNESCO. The historic area of Ibiza, called Dalt to the fullest. a place where the scents of orange blossom will embrace your senses. The hotel is prepared with private chill-out corners for relaxing and it’s surrounded by water fountains and flowers. Concierge Service 24/7 based in Ibiza and Madrid. Exclusive Events, Travel Planning, Luxury Villas, Corporate Travel, Daily Comforts. www.hereandthere.eu2 H&T Here & There 2012 Here & There 2012 H&T 3
  3. 3. Pacha Ibiza This night club is one of the most exclusive in the island, celebrities are often found on the dance floor or in the VIP area. It is open every day and offers one of the most amazing shows in the genre. Every night there is a different party and once a month the club is decorated for the noteworthy Happy Hippie party Top 3 Night Clubs called Flower Power - where you can experience their unique 70’s atmosphere.Space Ibiza This venue debuted line-up offered by this venue is one of the most If you would like to havein 1989 and was recognized as the first club in admired in the electronic music world – you can VIP access to Pacha,the world where one could dance in daylight. It have names such as Carl Cox, Steve Lawler or Space or Ushuaiawas awarded as the best club in the world by Armin van Buuren. H&T would be glad tothe Dance Music Awards in 2001 and it is now Space is not just a plain club house, it is a temple arrange it for you.a days the most awarded club in the world. The of music. Ushuaïa This club is the trendiest venue on the island and the perfect place to dance in the day. Its multicultural atmosphere will absorb you while you enjoy dancing to the sets of the much appreciated DJ Luciano or the famous Swedish house mafia amoung others. The entire structure of the club is worth having a look as it includes a hotel, a Japanese restaurant, a swimming pool and an open space wooden stage with a unique design.4 H&T Here & There 2012 Here & There 2012 H&T 5
  4. 4. Top 3 Beach Clubs Top 3 Shores/Beaches Ses Salines This is one of the most famous beaches in Ibiza and it is part of the natu- ral park of Ses Salines an untouched ecosystem. Here you can find several beach clubs such as Jockey and Malibú with their amazing atmos- phere. The sand here is complemented by tur- quoise sea water and in its surroundings there are Juniper trees in which you can have a rest in a hammock. Cala Conta This beach has crystalBlue Marlin This is probably one of the most stylish beach club on the island, it’s clear water and a hidden shore for those onessituated in Cala Jondal. During the day you can chill in a sophisticated but relaxed atmosphere and who enjoy nudism. It also has two restaurantsafterwards, at night time, you can enjoy some of the trendiest DJ sets of the summer. It is really and a beach bar which serve exquisite cuisine.common to find celebrities having a sunbath over there. The view from this part of the island is simply breathtaking.Cala Bassa Beach ClubThis club is located in one of the most pictures-que beaches of the island which has been recog-nized with the blue flag by the Foundation forEnvironmental Education. The restaurant of this Cala Salada This well preservedsite offers a selection of traditional seafood pre- beach looks just like a paradise due to its bluepared by Chef David Reartes. water and its relaxing atmosphere. While there you can anchor your boat and enjoy a nice mealMalibu Beach Club Located in las Salinas one of the most famous beaches on with the beautiful view offer by this shore.the island, you will be able to enjoy a range of specialities of the Mediterranean cuisine carefullyprepared to meet the most exquisite taste. H&T recommends savouring their succulent lobster stewwhile enjoying the delightful sight. Top 3 Water sports There are a large number of water sports that can be practiced in Ibiza. If you are into radical sports you can try the entertaining wakeboard or, on the other hand, if you have the will for speed you can ride a jet ski; however the most relaxing experience would be diving in the blue Mediterranean of the island and exploring its wildness.6 H&T Here & There 2012 Here & There 2012 H&T 7
  5. 5. Top 3 Sunset Spots Top 3 RestaurantsKumharas During the sunset music sessions you can enjoy a cool beer and watch the Ayoun This restaurant is quite versatile in its own essence. You can enjoy your drink andincredible colours of that time of day. There are always happenings such as fire shows, chill-out savour their unique dishes while appreciating their house entertainment such as belly dancing,music djs sets or if you like shopping there is also a very special hippie market. contortionists and other exotic performances.Cap d’es Falcó Situated in the Na-tional Park of Ses Salines this restaurant is an Lio If you feel like havingimplausible place to observe the sunset while your repast with an exclusivehaving a tasty drink. view, this restaurant encloses a terrace where you can enjoy their entertaining cabaret per- formances surrounded by theHostal Sa Torre This is probably stunning view of Dalt Vila, thethe most authentic spot for the sunset apprecia- old town.tors. Its magic is in its own simplicity and atmos-phere which will surely leave youspeechless. Km5 Restaurant & Lounge Bar Entering this venue is a fascinating experience as it has various bars and a central open restaurant decorated with an ethnical design.Here&There advises you to bring your boat to the close island of Formen- Their DJ sets are tailored to their atmosphere and their restaurants offer the highest of quality stan- tera and discover the untouched beach of Illetes, where you can have the dards provided by an excellent service.most famous paella of the island at Juan y Andreas – they can also provide a meal on your yacht directly.8 H&T Here & There 2012 Here & There 2012 H&T 9
  6. 6. Top 3 SpasIbiza can be an alternative place to relax from treatment and body scrub, or even indulging inyour daily routine as there are many spas which a Thai massage. The three hotels that we men-can provide some of the best treatments. While tioned above can offer the best of services andthere, you can enjoy the Mediterranean atmos- provide you the perfect rejuvenating treatment.phere of the island and be in contact with its H&T recommends the following for a perfectnature whilst benefiting from the best facial experience. Spa Atzaró Ibiza Las Dalias The story of the sachets, wooden objects and more. The fair is famous Las Dalias marketplace and restau- its main attraction, but Las Dalias maintains its rant began in 1954 when the owner opened a original proposal: to offer good food and fun. roadside bar with a small ballroom. The place There are different environments like African was quite popular among locals, who began Sky Lounge or Room Namasté - which aims celebrating all their important events there, to guide the visitor to India. In the Jaima room but it was with the arrival of you can have tea and Moroccan If you feel like having a tourism in the 60s that Las Da- specialties as well as juice and bet you can drop by the lias became a reference. Within good quality music. Casino of Ibiza with its Ibiza Gran Hotel Spa their moments of fame, in the luxurious decoration Every Monday a fair is celebra- 1980’s the owner created the ted at night and the restaurant where you can also popular Hippy Market, which is moved to the garden. enjoy a house cocktail began with five stalls and is This should be the perfect spot over 200 of them today. It is a true institution to get some souvenirs from the White Island of the island. Over there you can find handma- while savouring a Moroccan meal or relaxing de clothes and shoes, jewelry, books, incense, while having a drink. Thalasso & Spa Hacienda Na Xamena10 H&T Here & There 2012 Here & There 2012 H&T 11
  7. 7. What we doAfter 5 years travelling around the globe, working in more than 30countries for institutions, companies and many of the most presti-gious organisations, this team of young and talented women havejoined forces to offer their clients a unique, unrivalled service, onethat no one can ever forget.We can see from an international perspective that from New Yorkto Milan, Dubai to Tokyo or Singapore to Seychelles, everyone hasunique needs so that is why we take a little from here and a bit fromthere to give personalised solutions, adapted to the taste, traditionsand expectations of each of our clients.Each project is a dream waiting to be a reality, a new challenge toreach.We invite you to dare, to dream… www.hereandthere.eu Text by Luís Silva12 H&T Here & There 2012