Race, gender, science fiction


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Race, gender, science fiction

  1. 1. SRace, gender, andscience fictionBy: Dallas Lowe
  2. 2. A is for…Avatar!A god or goddess in abodily form on Earth. Themovie shows our disregardfor human life, the Na’vipeople are being takenover and fought by thehumans who think thateverything belongs tothem.
  3. 3. B is for…S BarbarellaS The main character of Barbarella, awoman, is sent to find and stop an evilenemy. Her character is extremelysexualized. This is the way that we expectwomen to be, they are sexualized inalmost every role.
  4. 4. C is for…Cyborg ManifestoAn essay written by DonnaHaraway that criticizescurrent ideas aboutfeminism. She says thatwe’re all like cyborgsbecause of all the mediaand technology.
  5. 5. D is for…DawnDawn is one of OctaviaButler’s many novels. Itintertwines both the idea ofequal or nonexistentgenders, while still having asuperior race.
  6. 6. E is for…S Engineering geneticallyS Genetic engineering has beenused for a while now in aneffort to weed out all the badtraits in our society. This can beseen in several novels andmovies, One of which is BraveNew World where humans are“graded” based on what traitsthey ended up with and areplaced into jobs that theywould be best suited for.
  7. 7. F is for…S Frankenstein!S Shelley got the inspirationfor the monster fromstereotypical blackfeatures. We know thatmost people in the novelwere scared of themonster, and this issupposed to representCaucasian attitudestoward all non-Caucasians.
  8. 8. G is for…S GattacaS In the past it was thoughtthat whites were thesuperior race. In this movie,only those that have aperfect ancestry are ableto do whatever they’d like,everyone is consideredlesser beings. This hashappened, in some wayseveral times throughouthistory, one race alwaysthinks they are better.
  9. 9. H is for…Harry PotterIn Harry Potter there arethree main groups ofpeople: Wizards, Muggles,and Mudbloods (a mix ofthe two). Mudbloods arethought to represent allmixed race people in oursociety. In the books theyare looked down on andtreated poorly.
  10. 10. I is for…InternetAlthough the internet is notfiction now, it was at onetime. The idea was firstbrought up in a short storyin 1981, but before that theidea of “hackers” and“viruses” were brought up.The fantasy of the Internetin 1975 is what the Internetis today.
  11. 11. J is for…J.R.R. TolkienS J.R.R. Tolkien wrote The Hobbitand Lord Of the Rings. Hewrote a mainly male society,with the females beingindistinguishable from men inalmost every way. It is thoughtthat he did this to create anequal society. This, of course, issomething that will neverhappen in real life becauseour society will never besatisfied being equals.
  12. 12. K is for…S King KongS King Kong, a blackbeast, falls in love witha white beauty. Thiseventually leads to hisdeath. It is believedthat this film issupposed to resemblewhat would happen toa black man if he wereto have relations with awhite woman in thetwentieth century.
  13. 13. L is for…Legend!Marie Lu’s novel, althoughrace is never specificallymentioned, is a veryimportant part of the book. Itis implied that June is Whiteand Day is of some Asiandecent. In the novel, June issuperior to Day, that speaksto how our society is set up,with the White peopleviewing themselves assuperior.
  14. 14. M is for…Midnight RobberNalo Hopkinson writesabout a female lead thattakes control of her ownlife. The woman has thepower in this novel, whichis something we don’tusually see.
  15. 15. N is for…Nalo HopkinsonShe is a Jamaican sciencefiction writer that bringsCaribbean folklore into herwriting. She brings bothrace and gender into herwritings.
  16. 16. OIsfor…S Octavia ButlerS Octavia Butler is one of the most wellknown African American sciencefiction writers.
  17. 17. P is for…S Planet of the Apes (theoriginal)S Only one human woman isseen and she has a fewseconds of air time beforeshe is killed off. It is alsoclear that the Apes weremeant to represent AfricanAmericans, and they wereoften referred to as dirty orugly or other negativethings. It seems the onlypeople cast in a good lightwere the white males.
  18. 18. Q is for…Queen of Outer SpaceA few men from Earth travel toVenus and discover that it isruled by a gorgeous womanthat has banned all men fromthat planet, despite the fat thatall the women beg her to bringthem back for love. We find outlater that the queen wears amask because she his horriblydisfigured because of the warsfought by men. This is anextreme example of thefeminists we see today.
  19. 19. R is for…Red PlanetS The Earth and the humanrace is in serious danger doto ecological disaster. Ateam of astronauts searchon Mars to save their dyinghome. Is that what willbecome of our planet if wekeep at it like this? Our homeis in danger, and we’redoing nothing to save it.
  20. 20. S is for…Star Wars!Star Wars falls into thecategory with countless ofother movies that feature amale hero. Leia, one of thevery few female roles, has tobe rescued by a man. Ahefty majority of the cast ismale. Then Leia is kept by amonster and forced intowearing a bikini. She did somuch more than that, butshe is most widely known forher gold bikini scene.
  21. 21. T is for…S Tron (1982)S A man is transported intodigital life where computerprograms represent theircreators. There is adictatorship that the manmust face once he enters thisalternate world. The way thisworld is run is similar to thedictatorships we have seen inour world throughout history.
  22. 22. U is for…UltravioletThe film portrays a female lead.It is about femaleempowerment. However, evenwhen a female is playing thehero, she is still very sexualized.There would never be a manhero that has his stomachshowing while wearing tightleather pants. Here again wesee how society sees women.All they’re good for is lookinggood.
  23. 23. V is for…Vampire SlayerBuffy the Vampire Slayer isplayed by Sarah MichelleGeller. Although she wearsimpractical clothing almostall the time, she kicks ass.She can beat anyone in afight and kills vampires for aliving. This is an example ofa woman that has somepower in her role.
  24. 24. Who you gonna call…?S Ghostbusters!S In the film Ghostbusters,although it is comical, it hassome gender issues that cannot be overlooked. The malecharacters are surprised anduncomfortable in the face offemale power. WhenSigourney Weaver becomesthe gatekeeper the men areshocked and confused as tothe woman’s new foundpowers.
  25. 25. X is for…XeogenesisOctavia Butler wrote aseries of three books thatcame to be known asXeogenesis. These books,including Dawn, exploredrace and gender as itrelates to science fiction.James Cameron alsodirected a short sci-fi filmtitled Xeogenesis.
  26. 26. Y is for…S Years of the BeastS The world is a disaster. Four people are left to fend forthemselves and fight off corruption, natural disasters, thieves,and more in this post apocalyptic world. The people theythought were friends are now enemies, money means nothing,and food is rare. This is what our world is on its way to if we keepup with things the way we are now. This alternate reality won’tbe so alternate in a few years.
  27. 27. Z is for…ZardozZardoz is a film in which there isa giant hollow head thatteaches it’s followers killing isgood, and reproduction of anykind is bad. The head is takenover and taken to acommunity where everyone isimmortal. They are this way doto artificial intelligence. Theneed for reproduction is gone,the men have no use. The mainleaders of this community arewomen. When the need tohave children is gone, womenrise to power. Would thishappen in our society today?