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Mothers day...
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Mothers day...


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Published in: Self Improvement

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  • 1. A Mothers’ DayTribute...Dedicated to all thebeautiful, strongmothers out there...I wish you a blessedHappy Mothers’ Day...
  • 2. Mother...Mamma...Mum...Mummy...Amma...Mathaaji... Whichever word you useto address her , Its the mostbeautiful word in theuniverse...
  • 3. A Mother is...Miracle...she’s God’s loveliest miracle, given to usOriginal...she never goes out of styleTolerable...she puts up with all our nonsensebecause she loves usHealer...Who else can make us feel so much betterwith just 1 hug?Everything...We are nothing without herRare...u can never get someone like her...she’s therarest gem in the universe
  • 4. A mother’s love knows nobounds...her love’s deeper andwider than all the oceans ofthe world put together...
  • 5. She’s the only one who supports usand protects us from day 1...she’scarried us in her womb for 9 months,not even caring for herself so much,but doing everything in her power tomake sure WE are safe insideher...That love is priceless...
  • 6. She went through painfullabour giving birth to us...andour first cry, was the sweetestsound to her, as it was at thatmoment, that she knew WEwere safe and alive...because toher, WE are her LIFE...
  • 7. She’s nurtured us with her ownmilk, and that’s one of the highestforms of love there ever canbe...that love is so beautiful andpure...
  • 8. Thank you God, for sendingdown your most preciousangels to look after us...Wekiddies will never be who weare today without ourMOTHER, who loves usunconditionally...
  • 9. I am who I am today because of allthe wonderful Mothers around me,who mean so much to me...Theyhave shown me the world...
  • 10. With that in mind, I’d like tothank all the Mothers whomake a difference in usyoungsters’ lives everyday...Without your care,guidance and love, we’d benowhere, seriously...
  • 11. You give so much, and never askfor anything much in return...Iwish more people wouldappreciate that...
  • 12. But there’s one very verybeautiful woman I can neverthank enough...and she is myAmma...
  • 13. She sacrifices so much for mybrother and me, and hastaught me so much about theworld, and about life...
  • 14. She moulded me into who I amtoday, but most of all, she neverstopped believing in me andsupporting me, and she nevergave up on me...
  • 15. I owe all I am today, all that Ihave achieved so far, to mymother...Amma, I might have letyou down so many times, and canbe stubborn as a goat and neverlisten to your advice all the time,but I really appreciate everythingyou do...I might not be the bestdaughter, but you’re always thebest mother...I pray to be born toyou in all my births...
  • 16. Perhaps I’ll never understandthe true depth of a mother’slove till I am a mothermyself...and when thateventually happens, I want tomodel my motherly natureafter yours, Amma, becauseyou’re the perfect example...
  • 17. I love you AmmaHappy Mothers’ Day...
  • 18. “All that I am, or hope to be, I owe to myangel mother”Abraham Lincoln“When you are a mother, you are neverreally alone in your thoughts. A motheralways has to think twice, once forherself, and once for her child”Sophia Loren