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Happy mother’s day


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Published in: Self Improvement
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Happy mother’s day

  1. 1. Love you
  2. 2. Beach with my mom !
  3. 3. Mom and I
  4. 4. Why is the Rum always gone?????
  5. 5. You have been there through everythingthat happened in my life until now!! Youare the greatest mom ever
  6. 6. Two minds think alike!!!
  7. 7. I just wanted to tell you that you are the greatest mother of all <3
  8. 8. Gators Fans
  9. 9. “ A mother’s treasure is her daughter.”“A daughter may outgrow yourlap , but she will never outgrowyour heart.”
  10. 10. She taught me to talk to any one.
  11. 11. No matter where you are, you will always be in my heart.
  12. 12. I’m proud to be your daughter..
  13. 13. You helped me through the yearswith everything, I want to saythank you.
  14. 14. Like my mother does :]
  15. 15. A mothers love is everlasting, foreverA mother and her child will always betogetherA mothers love for her child through thesmiles and the tearsWill stay strong for years and yearsA mothers love will never dieEven if sometimes her child makes her cryA mother can really reach up high, andtouch the skyWhen next to her is her childA mothers love will reach beyond the graveWhen a mother is with her child she willalways be braveTwo children or one, daughter or sonMore precious than the stars aboveYou can never take a mothers love
  16. 16. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH……
  17. 17. I give it my all when I love, Like my mother does..
  18. 18. She is there for me no matter what happens!!!!!
  19. 19. We love our Daisy Duck
  20. 20. I’m the person that I am today because you mom <3
  21. 21. You are my mother. There isn’t anyone like you.
  22. 22. I’m glad that I look like you when you were my age. You are beautiful.Thanks you for believing in me. You have shown that I can love andcherish everyone in my life right now.
  23. 23. You will always be there when I need you the most. You are my heart and soul.
  24. 24. People are saying that I’m starting to look like my mother does.When she was my age.I love you mom.I hope you enjoy this.. It is a little early, but enjoy
  25. 25. I love you Mommy !!!! Happy Mother’s Day Love, Kate