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  1. 1. To the Man I Love…..
  2. 2. That I will love till my last breath….
  3. 3. E d g a r
  4. 4. I thank God that you were born in this world…. For without you, my life is incomplete….. your parents are lucky that you are their son, as I’m thankful that you are my BOYFRIEND…. upon seeing your child picture alam ko madami kang mararating… from a small boy and now…… an ENGINEER…….. You’ve accomplished so much in life…. I'm proud and honored to be your girlfriend……..
  5. 5. I still remember the first time I saw you…. The first time we talked… The first time we ate together…. The first time you held my hand… And of course, how could I forget, the first time we kissed….
  6. 6. From a simple and funny text messages…. And then from a frequent calls….. You melt my heart…. And now were One….
  7. 7. Thank God I found you…..
  8. 8. I AM SO BLESSED….. SO BLESSED TO BE LOVE BY YOU I will love you for the rest of my life….. I promise….
  9. 9. I remember the times we just sat and talked on the phone…. it took a while for us to be together it wasn’t good plan right then …
  10. 10. But look how far we’ve come?
  11. 11. Mine Koh
  12. 12. You’re the best thing that ever happened to me….
  13. 13. Thank you Because you happened to me ….. Thank you…. Because you love me for what i am …
  14. 14. For loving me so much … Thank you for everything….
  15. 15. With all my heart
  16. 18. Today is your Special Day…..
  17. 19. I wish that we could have been together, WANTING YOU HERE, WISHING YOU WERE NEAR AS I CLOSE MY EYES AND MAKE THIS WISH THERE’S NOTHING MORE THAT I CAN MISS Than to SEE you, to embrace and kiss…..
  18. 20. How do I possibly put into words how much you mean to me? Nothing compares to the things that you do. You've sacrificed so much to be the best boyfriend any man could be It's comforting to know that in a world so big that sometimes gets me down I have a boyfriend like you to keep me from falling to the ground. you don’t know how much I adore you and how thankful I am to be your girl and how lucky I have been to have you as such an important part of my life I want you to know that …
  19. 21. I love you so much and I could never imagine my life without you
  20. 22. You've played such a major role in my life,
  21. 23. I've made a lot of mistakes, But you never gave up on me,
  22. 24. you have all the qualities I want in a man.
  23. 25. A great friend …..
  24. 26. A Good person…..
  25. 27. I could never ask for anything more, My prayers have finally been answered when you came… I'm thanking God for giving you to me…. You are my purpose in life and I do not know what to do without you
  26. 28. we’ve been through a lot and I just cant Imagine my life without knowing you.   I can still Remember the moment you left, it was the saddest moment in my Life, It was the day I realized …… That without you, I cant get by….
  27. 29. I love you forever….. And I promise till the end………….
  28. 30. From me and all of your Family here:   We love and miss you so much,,,, Happy Birthday….