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The deck from my Skillshare class:

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Get out of your inbox

  1. 1. GET OUT OF YOUR INBOX How To Dominate Email in 1 hr a Day Chris Schultz
  2. 2. What email do you use?••••
  3. 3. What email do you use?••••
  4. 4. Email Goals• Don’t leave Gmail to do stuff• Don’t waste time on unimportant stuff• Don’t get overloaded• Don’t get ignored
  6. 6. Email that gets read• Tools:• Plain text• CAPITALIZATION• Bullets• Line spacing• 2-3 sentence paragraphs• Links
  7. 7. Email that gets read
  8. 8. Email that gets read One sentence intro
  9. 9. Email that gets read Clear CAPITALIZED headings
  10. 10. Email that gets read Descriptive links
  11. 11. Email that gets read Bulleted lists
  12. 12. Email that gets read Call to action
  13. 13. Email that gets read Thank you!
  14. 14. A great header
  15. 15. A great header• Using [Brackets] for instant mental filing• Descriptive header with what you want• Forge a connection• Feed a need: ego, curiosity, fun
  16. 16. Proper use of CC & BCC CC BCC• people who need to • any list of people who know don’t know each other• reply to conversation to prevent exposing by one member of emails larger team • take people off a thread
  17. 17. Need BCCSPAM
  18. 18. Getting a response• Send 3 sentence emails. Not 3 paragraphs, 3 sentences• Don’t ask for meetings, ask for the one thing you want• If you don’t hear back, ping her again• Don’t send attachments, send links• Make it easy for people to do what you want• Use good plain text formatting• Write a clear subject
  19. 19. Reminder Hi Peter - DO• short I know you’re busy, so this is just a• friendly quick ping to see if you’ve had a• understanding chance to look at the proposal I sent.• include original email It’s included below. I’d appreciate a DON’T quick update when you have a• Get pissed or passive moment. aggressive• be longwinded Thanks, Chris
  20. 20. Signature YES NO• name • images• title • physical address• phone # • legalese - unless you must• twitter • “please do not print”• 1 or 2 URL’s - blog, • embedded HTML iFrame company• call to action promotion
  21. 21. Signature
  22. 22. Signature NO!
  23. 23. Auto-responder etiquette • Subject Line: Out of Office • No cute vacation talk • Give date you will be back • Give alternative or emergency contact info • Turn it off - NO “I check my email 2x per day”
  24. 24. USING GMAIL
  25. 25. Send attachments
  26. 26. Send attachments
  27. 27. Attachment hygiene• Small files < than 1 meg or use Dropbox• PDF or file format people can open• NO Microsoft formats *.pdtx• Think mobile
  28. 28. Send calendar invites
  29. 29. Send calendar invites
  30. 30. Send calendar invites
  31. 31. Send calendar invitesIt’s on my CALENDAR
  32. 32. Send calendar invitesIt’s on my CALENDAR
  33. 33. Tag, Folder, Archive TAG FOLDER ARCHIVE• associate w/ a tag • active folders ie: • always get email (or multiple tags) Sane Box are out of your inbox for bulk review helpful after acted upon later • use google rules• I use this to to put things in collect contacts folders• I may want to find • I need to do this later something with this nowUse search to find stuff later, not folders, tagging.
  34. 34. Find Stuff with Search SEARCH
  35. 35. Save stuff with Labels Tag with LABELS
  36. 36. Find stuff with Labels Search by LABELS
  38. 38. Syncing Easy Harder
  39. 39. Taking Friday off!
  40. 40. thank you!Now Go out there and Dominate Email @cschultz