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Epson lcd projector training
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Epson lcd projector training



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  • 1. Epson LCD Projector Training How to properly use and care for LCD projectors during use at your placement
  • 2. Reserving the LCD Projector
    • You must sign the registration sheet (include full name and email) to be eligible to reserve a projector
    • Reserve your sign-out dates in advance
    • Visit the IRC to reserve the projector
    • Projectors may be borrowed 3 days at a time
    • Failure to return projector on time will result in loss of borrowing privileges
  • 3. Caring for projector when not in use
    • Place in bag with the lens up
    • Close lens cover
    • Do not leave in your car
    • Do not leave unattended in classroom
    • If the projector is cold (winter), leave extra time to allow it to warm up before turning on
  • 4. Connecting to the Projector
    • The projector requires a VGA connection
    • Macintosh and some newer Windows laptops will require adapter
    • Plug VGA cable into “Computer1” port
  • 5. Displaying Content on Projector
    • For a Windows laptop, use Fn key with appropriate Function key to switch video
    • Fn key typically in bottom left area of keyboard
    • Video function key typically between F4 and F8
  • 6. Displaying Content on Projector
    • For Mac OS X, click the Apple, then “System Preferences”, then “Display(s)”
    • Click “Arrange” tab, then click “Mirror Displays” checkbox
  • 7. Displaying Content on Projector
    • Double-check all cables
    • Press “Source Search” button on projector
    • Use Zoom and Focus rings under lens cover slider
  • 8. Important Notes
    • Test your setup in advance
    • External speakers (not included) are needed for sound
    • Failure to return the projector on time will result in loss of borrowing privilege
    • Projectors may be borrowed for 3 days at a time
    • Check the parts list attached to projector case to make sure everything is being returned
  • 9. Reviewing Your Use
    • Fill out the LCD Projector Integration form when you pick up a projector
    • Ask Associate Teacher to fill in bottom of form after using in the classroom
    • Leave completed form in projector case when returning