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Lesson plan helpful hints

  1. 1. Subject/Course: Lesson Topic: Social Studies Lesson Plan Evaluation Results Teacher Candidate: Lesson Duration: Date: Too long 1. Curriculum Expectations Overall: Taken from the ministry curriculum documents Specific: Taken from the ministry curriculum documents Integrated (if applicable): These expectations are not readily addressed in the lesson plan 2. Lesson Learning Goal(s) Key Question: What do I want students to know and be able to do? Knowledge and Understanding / Thinking / Communication / Application Are these Knowledge and Understanding, Thinking, Communication, or Application goals? Use the achievement chart in the ministry curriculum guide when creating learning goals. 3. Assessment Key Question: How will I know when each student has learned the concept(s)? a) Indicator(s) of Lesson Learning Goals: Specifically, what are you looking for? b) Assessment (Key Question: What will students be doing and what will I use to assess learning?) Strategies and Tools: Your assessment strategies and tools should capture the degree to which the curriculum expectations/learning goals have been fulfilled. 4. Differentiated Instruction Key Question: What will I do to assist individual learners or provide enrichment for others? Accommodation and/or modification: Extension: Required teacher preparation/materials needed: Professional looking student/instructional materials List required student/teacher materials (include bibliographic information/ websites) 1
  2. 2. Instructional Plan Time Differentiated Assessment Setting the Stage: Instruction Opportunities 5 • Setting the Stage should set the students min up to successfully complete the “apply new learning” task. • Mini-agenda (Today we are going to…) • The connection between the Setting the Stage and the Core Learning Activity is not readily evident. Core Learning Activity: 15 min Written in point form not prose (I will then….) • What are the student’s doing? • Bloom's Taxonomy: Knowledge & Comprehension, Application, Analysis, Synthesis & Evaluation Lesson Consolidation Debriefing with Students: 5 min • Check for student understanding • Have student (s) recite what they are going to do during the apply learning phase • Complete first part of apply new learning task 15 Apply new learning: In class / At home min • Opportunity for students to demonstrate what they have learned 5 Debriefing with Students: min. • Brief review of application of new learning • Closure (tie up loose ends) • Connection to the next learning experience 2
  3. 3. Post Lesson Reflection Follow-up/next steps (lesson content/assessment): • Cite specific evidence • What went well? Why? • What could I do better? • What would I change? Follow-up with particular students (learning and/or behavior): Opportunities for professional growth: Cite specific evidence 3