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Creating a New Story of Education in the Digital Age


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OTF/OADE Social Media and Teacher Learning Conference 2012

Published in: Education, Technology, Business
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Creating a New Story of Education in the Digital Age

  1. 1. Creating a New Story of Education in the Digital Age @susanmdrake @crutherford Brock University Susan Drake Camille Rutherford
  2. 2. • PERSONAL • CULTURAL • GLOBAL • UNIVERSAL. Frames of Knowing/Learning Frames of Knowing/Learning
  3. 3. Present story is in flux/crisis/transformation • Values (+ or -) are embedded in all stories • The present story is part “old story” and also the anticipated future (intentionality) • Personal story filtered through a cultural, global and universal lens Understanding the Present Story Understanding the Present Story
  4. 4. • Deconstruct the “old story” to discover the values that drive the story. • These values may be positive and/or negative • These values can be deeply embedded and we can identify them by what we do rather than what we say - implicit rather than explicit (Argyis & Schon, 1978) Understanding the Old Story Understanding the Old Story
  5. 5. • New Story driven by values • Best of the Old Story and Emerging Story • Dialectic process between the Old and the Emerging Story Understanding the Old Story Understanding the Old Story
  6. 6. My Story If I believe in the values of the New Story … I need to both tell the New Story and act on it. My Story MY ACTIONMy Story MY ACTION
  7. 7. • Technology/social media • Gay/lesbian story • Women’s story in first world countries • Smoking • Change in most professions ( e.g. health care) • Euthanasia • Education New Stories in the Making New Stories in the Making
  8. 8. Education Legislation Technology Social Media Catalysts for ChangeCatalysts for Change
  9. 9. • Technological-skills impaired • Fascinated by the promise of social media to transform education • Writing with colleagues on Google Docs while Skyping. • Research – finding participants through Twitter Personal Story - SusanPersonal Story - Susan
  10. 10. • Dynamic learning experiences via Twitter • Brock Learning Network • Blogging created an escape route from traditional academia • Google Docs Personal Story - CamillePersonal Story - Camille
  11. 11. What is your personal story? Personal Story - YouPersonal Story - You
  12. 12. • Crisis/major change in North American schools • Faculties of Education reluctant to change • Lack of 21st Century skills Cultural StoryCultural Story
  13. 13. • Information network global village • BOTH accountability AND relevance (innovation, creativity) • Major institutions and professions challenged • Reality is interconnected and interdependent • There is no black box of secrets Global StoryGlobal Story
  14. 14. • All humans make sense of the world through story • Humans learn in similar ways Universal StoryUniversal Story
  15. 15. Education: From Old Story to New Story Flickr photo by Total Mayhem Flickr photo by Alec Corous
  16. 16. • Factory model • Teacher as expert • Student is passive isolated learner • One conveyor belt for all Old StoryOld Story
  17. 17. • One right answer (there is a real truth) • Scientific method • Knowledge is linear, sequential, rational, logical and objective • Knowledge can be quantified • Predict and control • Mastery of the universe Old Story - KnowledgeOld Story - Knowledge
  18. 18. • Standardization • Bell curve • Accountability • Comparison • Competition Old Story - PracticesOld Story - Practices
  19. 19. Linear, procedural thinking (Left brain) Competition Objectivity Hierarchy/power Prediction/control Socialization in schools (status quo) Old Story - ValuesOld Story - Values
  20. 20. Emerging New Story: The 21st Century School The Emerging Story becomes “The Story” at the “tipping point”. Social media quickly hastens the tipping point (e.g. Arab Spring)Flickr photo by Gwenael Piaser
  21. 21. • Inquiry-driven, technology-embedded, connected classrooms • Project-based learning connected to real life • Constructivist classroom • Dynamic teacher role • Global connections • Differentiated and personalized learning and assessment strategies New Story PracticesNew Story Practices
  22. 22. • Many answers – co-constructed knowledge (Wikipedia) • Knowledge is uncertain, indeterminate, subjective, multiple realities (not one truth) • Metacognition New Story KnowledgeNew Story Knowledge
  23. 23. • Cloud • Personalization – Web 3 • Learning in the collective • Personal learning networks • Open Source • Globalization • New Literacies New Story TrendsNew Story Trends
  24. 24. • Learn – unlearn – relearn • Intrinsic motivation • Assessment of, for and as learning. (Crowdsourcing) • Passion-based learning • Challenge-based learning New Story TrendsNew Story Trends
  25. 25. New Story ValuesNew Story Values •Open •Collaborative •Dynamic •? •? •? •?
  26. 26. New Story Values & The Faculties of Education New Story Values & The Faculties of Education Our Stories? Our Values? Our Actions?