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30 waystoearnwithreports
30 waystoearnwithreports
30 waystoearnwithreports
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  • 1. Top 30…No 31 Ways to Earn with Special ReportsInternet marketers love special reports. They’re quick to make and easy to sell,which means you can make money from them – fast. Plus, there’s more than oneway to earn with special reports. In fact, I came up with a list of 30 ways! Heres how to get $10 in FREE PLR Content...Go to and use coupon code PLRSAVE10 to instantly save $10 off your next purchase!So here it is, my super list of Top 30 Ways to Earn with Special Reports:1. Sell it – and keep all of the profits. The most obvious way of making moneywith special reports is to sell them.2. Sell it through affiliates – and keep some of the profits. This is the similar #1,but your affiliates lead buyers to your sales page and pocket a commission fromthe sale.3. Sell it through affiliates – and give them all of the profits. How does this makeyou money? Well, you build a list of buyers plus you can earn money on theback-end, either by promoting other products in the report itself, or as part of thesales process, or both.4. Give it away – and build your list. Use the special report as an incentive forpeople to join your list.5. Give it away – and make affiliate sales. Embed affiliate links in the report, andyou can earn commissions by giving it away. Just add a “Resources” page orsprinkle affiliate links where appropriate.6. Break it up into blog posts. A blog needs regular content. Write blog postseasily from a special report.7. Give it away as a bonus to a paid product. Increase the perceived value of apaid product by including a special report – or several – as a bonus.8. Combine them into an E-book to sell. Turn each special report into a chapter,add an introduction, conclusion, new title and cover, and you’ve got a brand newE-book to sell. Heres how to get $10 in FREE PLR Content...Go to and use coupon code PLRSAVE10 to instantly save $10 off your next purchase!
  • 2. 9. Combine related special reports into an E-book, to give away. Same idea as #8,but you give it away for list building and/or affiliate sales.10. Combine related special reports into a physical book, to sell. Turn the E-bookfrom #8 into a book that buyers can publish-on-demand, such as on Use it as a basis for an article. Get the most actionable points from the specialreport, turn them into an article, and submit it to Ezine Articles or another onlinearticle directory.12. Create an audio version to give away, or sell. Some people prefer audioproducts they can listen to while they’re on the go or doing other things. Give into their demand by converting the special report into an audio report.13. Use a special report as the basis for tutorial videos – to give away or sell.Videos are hot nowadays, so turn a special report into video format for increasedvalue.14. Combine the audio and video versions into CDs and/or DVDs – and sellphysical products. Physical products don’t cost a lot to produce, but have higherperceived value than digital products.15. Use the special report as the basis for a series of marketing videos to buildyour list and/or drive traffic to your site. Get 3-5 top tips from the special reportand turn them into a video you post on YouTube and other video sharing sites, forinstant traffic for your blog or site.16. Use it as the basis for videos to promote affiliate products. Similar to #15, butuse the videos to drive traffic to products you’re affiliated with, using youraffiliate links.17. Make it a prize on your Twitter giveaway. Want to get more Twitterfollowers? Offer a special report to all your new followers.18. Give it away in exchange for answering an online survey to do marketresearch. Set up an online survey and give respondents a free special report fortheir time.19. Make it a surprise bonus for your customers or subscribers. Delight yourexisting customers with a free special report they didn’t expect to get and makethem loyal to you, for life.20. Create a teleseminar out of the special report. Create a list of frequently-askedquestions the special report addresses, and set up a teleseminar. Heres how to get $10 in FREE PLR Content...Go to and use coupon code PLRSAVE10 to instantly save $10 off your next purchase!
  • 3. 21. Make it a monthly resource in a paid membership program. Add useful specialreports in the members’ resource area, or make it the featured content of themonth.22. Break it up into an E-course, to sell or give away. Chop up a special report tocreate an E-mail course or pre-recorded audio course.23. Use the special report to create free Web 2.0 sites, such as Squidoo and HubPages. Create content for Squidoo lenses, Hub Pages and other Web 2.0 sites thatpromote your products and/or services, or affiliate products.24. Break it up into autoresponder messages for your subscribers. Use the specialreport to give your subscribers useful information regularly.25. Rewrite it to cater to a different or more specific niche. With a few tweaks,you can make a special report appeal to a completely different niche or market.For example, turn a general business report into one just for work-at-home Moms.26. Use the content to create a mini-site for affiliate marketing. Set up a mini-site(5 pages or less) to promote an affiliate product. Get content from a special report.27. Create a podcast. Use a special report as the basis for a podcast, which can bein audio or video format.28. Use it as an upsell or downsell to another paid product. Offer a special reportto buyers of a related product.29. Turn it into a brandable report for your affiliates to use to promote yourproduct or service. Let affiliates give away a special report to draw leads to yoursite or list.30. Cull out the most actionable tips from the special report and turn each one intoa Twitter Tweet. Shazam, you’re an instant expert.Surprise! I actually came up with 31 ways. Here’s the bonus:31. Turn special reports into hand-outs, checklists or even main resource materialsfor a coaching program. Heres how to get $10 in FREE PLR Content...Go to and use coupon code PLRSAVE10 to instantly save $10 off your next purchase! Heres how to get $10 in FREE PLR Content...Go to and use coupon code PLRSAVE10 to instantly save $10 off your next purchase!