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Seo secret

  1. 1. SEO SecretRecipeSEO ExpertYour CompleteSEO GuideFor Success on the WebEverything You Need ToKnow to Get GoogleTurbo Top-Ranking In DaysTop Listings in Major Search EnginesNo More PPC (Pay-Per-Click)•Website Owners•Webmasters•Affiliates•Newbies•Business Owners•Even Seasoned SEOs1Everyone will gain something from this courseMy name is Craig Seaton, an internet entrepreneur operating manysuccessful high-ranking business websites (as I will show you later).Anyone can make lots of money in any niche on the internet:It•s simply a matter of knowing the correct formula.You know the famous phrase, •If you build it they will come?• Well, I didand they came from all around the world and they will come to you if youhave the secret recipe!Let me start by saying I am NOT a professional author, but I wanted tocreate a simple guide to help others master the world of SEO, and touch onthe career of Affiliate Marketing. So, I will do my best to put all thistogether in an easy to understand recipe. I will make a video tutorialavailable that covers all this and more in the future to allow you to •lookover my shoulder• and do as I do while I explain the complete process ofSEO turbo style, and how to easily work the tools I use.Search engine optimization has been my passion for the last 16 years. I havespent endless hours (way into the small, wee hours of the night) studying theway the engines work, and picked up a few tricks along the way. SEO hasbecome like cooking the perfect meal to me, and all that is required are theright ingredients and •Grandma•s secret recipe•.Everything I will teach you in this guide is •White Hat• legal, ethical andrespected by search engines, especially Google.•Black Hat• tactics will get your website banned. Here is a full explanation
  2. 2. from Wikipedia for those of you not familiar with these terms (and as youmay have assumed black hat is devious and underhanded methods thatsearch engines hate).Here is the link if you want to know more recent years, the terms white hat and black hat have been applied to theSearch EngineOptimization (SEO) industry. Black hat SEO tactics such as spamdexing, attempttoredirect search results to particular target pages in a fashion that is againstthe searchengines terms of service, whereas white hat methods are generally approved bythesearch engines. White hats tend to produce results that last a long time,whereas black2hats anticipate that their sites may eventually be banned either temporarily orpermanently once the search engines discover what they are doing.Get More TrafficSecrets to Top-Ranking,Fast, Guaranteed ResultsLearn how to get top organic rankings in days, NOT months.Don•t believe that a brand new website cannot rank high, as youmay have heard. This is not true!You must read every word on this page for SEO success:skipping ahead will result in failure to get a high rankingFollow my step-by-step recipe, and I guarantee you will befound in the top 30 listings within days, and on page 1 in afew weeks for your chosen keywords.TOP RANKING = MORE TRAFFIC = MORE SALES = MORE MONEY•Do you have a product or service you want to sell?•Can your web site be found in search engines?•Struggling to get more visitors to your site?•Are you advertising with Google PPC and losing money?•Do people know about your service?•Do you want more clients in your city or state?•Do you need more traffic?What does this course cover?You will learn my secret, never before revealed formula for getting highrankings in search engines and beating the competition!3
  3. 3. How to create a web page that search engines love*Very important*Learn all about Meta Tags*Very important*How to create a great title*Very important*How to create a dynamic description*Very important*How to select the right keywords*Very important*How to header tags*Very important*How to do perfect image tags*Very important*How to make perfect ranking links -Google loves this!*Very important*What you should include in footers that search engines love!*Very important*How to submit your website*Very important*When not to submit to Google if your domain is new*Very important*When to submit your website*Very important*Fast inclusion*Very important*Where to submit your website4*Very important*Never submit your website to these sites, unless you•re an affiliate!*Very important*
  4. 4. The best tools for submission*Very important*The secrets of social book-marking*Very important*On-page Linking*Very important*LET•S GET STARTEDOptimizing the HomepageThe home page is the most important page on your website regardingsearch engines. This page needs to be optimized carefully, because the resultwill be that your inner link pages will be ranked well if you spend timeoptimizing the home page correctly.1. You should start by adding your content to your home page; it shouldcontain at least 500 words or more.2. Place your images where you would like them, and generally try to get aweb design that you think your visitors will find interesting.3. Check spelling and grammar because search engine robots cannot seeimages but they can read amazingly well!4. Once you have a design-and-content filled page that you feel looks goodto the viewer, it•s time to edit some of the words for the robot spiders.I am going to show you examples by using one of my top ranking is a site related to •Music Boxes• this being the majorkeyword.Music boxes is searched for more than 30,000 times a day, so this is adifficult keyword to rank high, but we have ranked on page 1 for 12 years• so I must be doing something right!Back to your pageo Put your keyword or keyword-phrase at the very top of the homepage. Ex:Music Boxes: Custom Music Boxes and Musical Giftso Have your keywords separated by at least one word. Ex:Dog Training • Acme Dog Training School-or-Dog Training: Acme Dog Training Schoolo The H1header is one of the main ingredients in our recipe.Make sure that this top phrase has a H1 TAG<H1>YOUR-KEYWORD-PHRASE</H1>If you are familiar with HTML it will look something like above inthe html body
  5. 5. 6o If you are using a •What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get• (WYSIWYG) Likewww.XSitePro.comeditor, just highlight the top line and select H1 header from your drop-down list.o Try not to use more than 6 to 8 words.o Make sure the 2nd line on the page contains your keyword and makethis a H2 tag<H2> Music Boxes -1000s Music Boxes to Treasure</H2>o Now include your keyword phrase 2 or 3 times within the page sothat it integrates and reads correctly. DO NOT use the top line, onlythe keywords. Ex:Music boxes, Dog Training. •(Your Keywords)•.o And finally once again at the very bottom of the page•(Your Keywords)•.Now make sure that you include you keyword in the image tags<img></img>If you are using a •What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get• (WYSIWYG)Just double click on your image, and this should produce a pop-up boxthat is pretty self explanatory.Most people will put the actual name of the image •Wrong!Let•s pretend that the image is: Your Shop or Your Company LogoYou never put in the image tag •Albert•s Tackle Shop• when you are selling•fishing Rods• •. You•ve got it! You would put •fishing rods•.So using this example, try to include your keyword in at least a couple ofimages on every page using a separate keyword/phrase for each web page.Important* the keyword MUST be related to something on that page.Do not use •fishing rods• if the page is about •fishing boats•7Now we have some of the ingredients we will continue with the recipe.Next stepMETA TAGSThe meta tags are located in the html source code in between the headtags.<Head> </Head><head><title>Music Boxes 1000s Music Boxes to Treasure</title>
  6. 6. <meta name="description" content="Huge selection wooden music boxesinclude angel, carousels, instruments, custom, religious gifts, reugeand porter disc players, ballerina gifts pianos"><meta name="keywords" content="Music Boxes, music boxes, music box,musical gifts, ballerina gifts, carousels, gifts, piano, gift, ideas,angels, ballet, religious gifts, dancing bears, cupids, christmas,baby, childrens, toy piano, musical angels, guardian angels, pianos,musical, pianos, musical boxes, waterfall, pictures, moving, animated,ceramic music boxes, gift wrap, corporate gifts"><meta name="RATING" content="General"><meta name="ROBOTS" content="index,follow"></head>Title TagThe absolutely most important tag is the <title></title>This will make an amazing difference in ranking high, as you will see.This is the most important reason that many websites do not and will not,rank high for their keyword phrase8ex:A company sells Fishing Rods, but in the title tag puts<title>Albert•s Tackle Shop</title>No mention of the keyword that he wants to rank highHere is another example that can be found all over the internet<title></title>No words in the title. This site will never be seen in search results.There are millions of websites that are making the above title tag mistakesbecause they think that their title on the home page is visible and everythingis fine; however, this is not the case.Do not confuse the title at the top of the home page with the meta tag title:both are completely different. This is a mistake most people make whentrying to optimize their website.Meta tags are code, not visible to the human eye (Unless you view thesource code) but they are visible to all search engine robots, and the title tagand description are the words that will be in the listing results of the searchengines, not the words on the page.
  7. 7. For a better understanding you can watch a video I made on meta tags athttp://www.thewebsitebuilderpro.comThere are exceptions to this rule: as you optimize your onsite pages, searchengines will read the whole page.When someone searches for a particular item, (if optimized correctly) thisitem may be listed half-way down your page, but the description of that itemmay show in the description on the results page (I cannot stress thisenough•if optimized correctly).9Ex:A person really knows what he/she is looking to buy and searches for•miniature red guitar music box•Now, this is a keyword phrase that I didn•t optimize for in my title ordescription tag. However, I did optimize for it within my web page with thekey phrase broken down with:•miniature, red, guitar, red guitar, music box•And the search engines magically pick out these words from the page of thatparticular item, and voila, it finds a relevant item that the searcher waslooking for as shown below.Notice that the description shown is not in the description tag it is the actualdescription of the product within that page. A good description of yourproduct is a valuable asset that most website owners ignore. They just put animage a price and the name of the item • this is not enough to rank high.The search engines will show the top part of the description within thesearch results if done correctly as shown below.Ex:Miniature Musical Instruments Music BoxesGuitar Music Box Instrument #GI101MIN. This quality solid wood miniature Guitarissimply adorable! Now available with music, stand and a rich red velvet -58kGet the idea? Apply this combination to your product description.Take the time to think of all the different phrases people would type tofind your product.A good example of this, going back to the music box scenario:The keyword •Music Boxes• is searched for far more times and gets manymore hits than •Ballerina Music Boxes• or •Phantom of the Opera MusicBoxes•. However, the last two are long-tail keywords and bring in muchmore sales-per-hits than the keywords •Music Boxes.•10
  8. 8. The reason for more sales on the long-tail keywords is that the searcherknows exactly what he/she is looking for, whereas the term •Music Boxes•is too broad, and now the person has to look around and get ideas, and themore they look, the more confused they get, and now they have to discuss itwith their wife/husband, or they have to think about it and move on toanother web site to get confused even more! But the long-tail keywordsearcher is a hot prospect, because the searcher is 85% ready to make apurchase: they know exactly what they want, and are usually ready to buy.Just hope that they have their credit card handy ;)Joking aside •. Don•t try to concentrate too much on high rankings for abroad 2-word key phrase that will be much harder to achieve against thecompetition. Take advantage of the long-tail 3, 4, even 5 word phrases; theywill work for you.•Fishing rod for catching marlin• will bring more sales than the general•fishing rods,• because the searcher knows what he/she wants, and the website that has this keyword term will get the business.*Remember to include all keywords that you are promoting, regardless ofhow small or inexpensive the product may be.Some of the biggest orders we have taken have been for smaller $20 itemsthat have a small profit margin, but when you get a $22,000 order for 1,100pieces, it sure makes the day.So, remember to optimize for long-tail keywords included in the titleand description of a product or anything you are trying to promote.Description TagNow, moving right alongThe description is the 2nd most important tag, especially for Google11Make sure you include your keyword 3 or 4 words in, close to the beginningof the description.Use about 20 words (as shown below) using your keywords separated bycommas.<meta name="description" content="Huge selection woodenmusic boxes include angel, carousels, instruments, custom,religious gifts, reuge and porter disc players, ballerinagifts, pianos">Rating Tag<meta name="RATING" content="General">This tag is valuable because it tells the search engines that this is materialforany age, thus, including the material in all search engines and directoriesRobots Tag
  9. 9. This tag tells the bots or spiders (as I like to call them) to follow all thelinksand •spider• them so that they include all the website pages to include in thelistings. This is the reason all my web pages rank high for different keywordsin the search engines. So, make sure you include the index, follow tagbelow.<meta name="ROBOTS" content="index,follow">There is an exception to this rule that applies to Google and other searchengines like Yahoo or MSN etc...This is the No Follow Tag<meta name="ROBOTS" content="inondex,nofollow">These tags are used on pages that you really don•t need listed, such as:privacy, contact us, checkout, etc• By excluding these additional pages,you will not be losing page rank on pages you do not need listed.12What is Page Rank?Google also ranks pages by PR (Page Rank) rating. For those unfamiliarwith Page Rank, it is a value that Google ranks concerning a site•s valueto the community. Google is PR 10 of course duh!Do you need high PR to rank high?Well most SEO experts will tell you yes!I am going to tell you NO! Absolutely NotObviously, it would help to have a high PR, but all my sites rank high withonly a PR3, PR2, PR1 or even No PR • read on.I have just completed a couple of sites about 3 weeks ago that already rankfirst page, top 10 for •Top Ranking Expert• and •Expert Top Ranking•SEO is my passion and I love the challenge of optimization.Below are results from Google, and bear in mind neither of these websiteshave one single link partner at the moment. When they have linking partnersthey both will be fighting for the #1 position Ha-ha! ;)Back to business, here are the listings #2 and #6 almost overnight!Don•t believe it can take 6 months to a year to be listed high in searchengines! Here is the proof that it can happen sooner, and both these domainswere only purchased a few days before the website was submitted; brandnew domains that others will tell you take 6 months before they can rank BSFollow my recipe and you will be ranking high in thirty days.•••••Expert SEO Services Philadelphia | Top Ranking Organic SEO ...Philadelphia SEO Company provides top ranking expert organic SEO services &customized SEO solutions, click or call 800-430-0205 for your free SEO -49k -Cached -Similar pages•
  10. 10. ••••Search Engine Optimization Service -Expert Top Ranking in GoogleSearch engine optimization, Expert top placement guanteed Google, Yahoo highlistingtop ranking for search -14k -Cached -Similar pages•••••Expert Search Engine Marketing & Optimization Top Ranking Web Site ...13Expert Search Engine Marketing Company | High Ranking Search Engine OptimizationSpecialists | SEO company from India offering affordable top search engine -21k -Cached -Similar pages•••••CanadianEMR: EMR Comparisons, Ratings, Directory Services and ...CanadianEMR: EMR Comparisons, Ratings, Directory Services and Expert Discussions... Top Ranked EMRs -Weighted EMR Rankings now Available -43k -CachedSimilarpages•••••TopTenREVIEWS Expert Product ReviewsRead insightful software, web services and electronic reviews, compare products,andview expert movie, music and video game reviews and -36k -Cached -Similar pages•••••Search Engine Optimization Service -Expert Optimization ...Top ranking in Google, search engine optimization service, get top 10 ranking inYahooMSN, guaranteed Search Engine Optimization Expert for Google Top 10 -18k -Cached -Similar pagesOK. Let•s Recap: We have optimized the Home page and all the meta tagsBefore submitting your website to search engines, now it is a good idea torepeat the above steps and apply them to all your pages. This is not requiredto get listed; however, you will get a higher ranking if the whole website haseach page optimized for keywords related to that page.Very Important Secret Tip: Make sure to include on the very bottom line(footer) of all pages your main keyword in a link with the link text (yourkeyword), also known as the anchor text, pointing to the home page.Looks like this below in html format, on the page only the keyword shows.<a herf=••>Your Keyword or KeywordPhrase</a>Using my example •Music Boxes• other pages are optimized for their ownindividual category.Ballerina Music Boxes -Childrens Music Boxes -Phantom of the Opera Music BoxesPhantom of the Opera Gifts -Music Box Movements -Piano Music Box -Piano Gifts14Swiss Music Boxes -Italian Music Boxes • Musical Pocket Watches • Boegli Watches
  11. 11. All the above keywords/phrases and 100•s of other key phrases rank on thefirst page of Google, Yahoo, MSN and others, with most of them in the verytop position.Want Proof? Type any of the keyword phrases above • into Google and seethe results and don•t forget this one •Music Boxes• 136,000,000 ResultsFollow this simple recipe you•re learning now, and you can do it too!NOW IS A GOOD TIME TO TAKE ACTIONAND DO EVERYTHING YOU HAVE JUST LEARNED ABOVE.Go, read it again, maybe two or three times, and make sure you understandthe smallest detail.Although this is really simple, missing one small detail will not get theresults that I am showing you.I WANT YOU TO ACHIEVE TOP RESULTS!THAT MEANS NO PROCRASTINATING, AND NO SHORTCUTS.Do not skip any parts of this formula or jump ahead to read.Failure to follow the step by step actions will result in failContinue when you have completed all of the above.Don•t rush it•Get it right the first time.It•s important that the above optimization is complete beforesubmitting to search engines or you will fail to rank high•Thats why you need to take my video course on SEONow that you have optimized the web site, you will need to submit to thesearch engines and directories. The more links you have listed in the searchengines throughout the world, the more free advertising, relevance andhigher ranking you will achieve.Let•s continue.Do not submit your website to Google, Yahoo or MSN or others at thistime. Wait!Now, here is a huge secret to get your site spidered quickly • so quickly, infact, you will be amazed.Normally when you submit to search engines and directories, you can expectto wait from 30 days to 180 days to see your site listed.I am going to show you a secret that works 100% of the time, if donecorrectly, and will get you a high authority backlink, and listed in Googlesearch results almost instantly!Don•t abuse it and it will pay off every time.SUBMITTING TO SOCIALBOOKMARKING SITES•How to get listed in Google in 20 minutes? What•s that you•re saying?•
  12. 12. Get ready to be amazed!If you haven•t already signed up with any of the social bookmarking sites,you need to do this now.Next step go to http://digg.comsign up for an account, and follow thesimple steps to create a dig this is a small article about your site.16You will have the opportunity to put your website URL in the form you willbe completing. The title is the most important part, so make it somethingthat might attract a reader•s attention. This is also very useful foraffiliates,as the reader can be sent to a squeeze page for the product they arepromoting.This is discussed in another chapter for affiliates, but for webmasters, ourmain purpose for this dig is to get a high ranking listing in Google and ahigh PR link back to your website.How to Submit to DiggGive your dig a distinct title, just for this test something like:Woodworking Ideas to Make a Music BoxFisherman Baiting Tips for Sea Fishing7 New Ways to Improve Your Golf SwingPut your Url in the box provided, then add a description.Use the title as the first words in the description, and repeat at the end.This also is a great tip for affiliate marketers promoting, for example, aweight loss product.How to lose 12 pound in 5 days Diet PlanI think you get the idea • make your title five to ten words long, andpress the •publish• button.Now, believe it or not, I have had my postings in Google in as little as tenminutes, but don•t waste time waiting and looking! Go sign up to asmany of the Social Sites as you can.You may want to use the same user name and password for as many sitesas you can. This will speed up the submitting process, especially if youuse the software I will recommend later.17But for now, here is a link to some free online software: just put in atitle, a short description, and tags (these are keywords) that people wouldtype in to read your postings.
  13. 13. Here is one of my valued secret toolshttp://www.socialmarker.comSome of you may have heard of Socialmarker, but are you using it toyour best advantage? The good thing about this tool is that you candownload it to your browser•s toolbar. When you go to your website, itwill automatically capture any page with your title description andkeywords •. Try it out! It•s a great time saver, and it•s FREE.Here is a list of social bookmarking sites you want tosubmit to for free:YuppMarks•Health RankeAnother great tool I use for Social Bookmarking is Onlywire: a paidservice, but it•s only $24.00 a year or 2.99 a month.19Onlywire is a fast, easy automated service that saves time, submits to thetop 27 Social sites, and is growing.Great traffic booster and backlinks tool. If you•re interested go tohttp://www.onlywire.comNow back to Google and your dig post.Go to Google and type in the exact title that you just submitted to Digg.Sure enough, you will probably see it on page one, already listed.The URL will start with a http://dig.your-usernameWhat happened when you made the submission, Digg pinged Google thatthere was a new submission, and voila!The Google spider has already picked up your link from your diggaccount; however, you still won•t be ranking high yet for your organichome page.Still a little more work to do •. But you are almost there.It•s only been a couple of hours or so •. Be patient.I know you•re already excited to see your dig listing so quickly listed inGoogle, and when you click on it and read your post, you can click on thelink to your homepage you included in the set up. You have just created agreat •one way link back• to your site. Pretty cool • yes!The trick here is that Google has a very high regard for social sites andwithin minutes of you posting on Digg or other social sites, the postingsare pinged to Google and the •Google bot• spiders the new post , andviola! You have a listing and ranking on Google page one.It is also a good idea to make your own short videos and submit these tothe video social sites like You Tube, My Space, etc there are lots of them.This method will bring you tons of traffic and high PR backlinks that thesearch engines love.20
  14. 14. I have done all the searching for you and included a list at the end of thisguide.Next: Submitting to search engines and directories.SUBMITTING TO SEARCH ENGINESAND DIRECTORIESNow we will move on to submitting your web site toAll search engines and directories.This can be done manually; however, it would be a time consumingvisiting each search engine and directory web page to submit every singleURL. Or it can be done automatically with software that you will need topurchase, but will be worth every penny and will not break the bank.I have tried most of the software available over the last 20 years, andlater in the guide you will find my recommendations, but for now let•sconcentrate on submission software.In the famous words from The Lion King:•Itistime!•Now is the time to submit to search engines, but NOT toGoogle yet.-You will need the recommend software below to achievemaximum, fast results with optimum exposure with no PPC.You could use free submissions but it will take months beforeyou see your listing. You want results as quickly as possible.21Here are the two pieces of software that you need to purchaseand both are affordable and will not break the bank and willgive you years of service and save you tons of time.1stChoice for submission to search engines is:All-in-One Submission Software priced at $69.90 for 1 to 2 Websites.All the way up to the enterprise version that I use for unlimited websitesfor $299.00.I am not an affiliate or any way affiliated with this product. It just works!It submits to over 800,000 search engines and directories worldwide withlightning speed making it a huge time saver and features a plethora ofuseful tools included. They also offer a FREE trial version for you to test,but take my advice and buy the basic version, which you can alwaysupgrade and pay the difference if you need to add more websites.Do not submit to FFA links when you use this software unless you arepromoting an affiliate product; it is worthless for high ranking and caneven cause your ranking to drop drastically. Google does not like FFAlinks; however, this can still be useful to an affiliate promoting an
  15. 15. affiliate their affiliate link back to an affiliate landing page for advertisingexposure.2ndChoice for article directories submission is:SubmitEaseExcellent for rapid high ranking backlinks from high PR (page rank)submission to high authority article directories that Google and othersearch engines just love. This software will definitely get your high, pageone rankings in combination with the SEO Secret Recipe formula you arenow learning.22This is where you write your own article, add a link back to the websitein the form of •anchor text link• as we discussed earlier in theoptimization chapter, promoting your keyword/phrase and once againcreating a very high PR 5, 6 or 7 •one way link• back to your webpage.This all works like magic with very fast results.Linking from high PR article directories back to your web pages willrapidly climb you to the top of the search engines; Google loves themand your listings will rank higher.Get it now so you can start ranking high in days. The free submissionswill take you forever to submit individually. SubmitEase makes it easy!SubmitEase -Cost is $78.95 and a free trial is also available.Take my advice and just go ahead and purchase it because the trialVersion is limited to 100 low PR sites. The paid version allows you tosubmit to 1,300 plus and includes the high PR 5,6, 7 and 8 sites!You only need a dozen or so of these and you•re on page one!There is a secret to using SubmitEase and if you abuse it then it willnot help you and you will fail. If you use it sparingly you will skyrocket to the top listings.Use the software to submit to the top 10 or 12 Highest PR rated sites.You will see the PR rating at the side of each article directory.The software is very easy to use and has a very clean interface.Start submitting to the highest PR sites first.Then, once a week, submit to other 10 or 12 sites working your waydown the list. You should see top 30 results within a few days after usingthis tool the first time combined with the SEO Secret Recipe formula.By adding a few more each week you should see your listing start toclimb. The reason we are not submitting to all the sites at one time is foryour protection, especially from Google.23Most people buy tools like this and just abuse and spam away bysubmitting to all the sites they can, and this defeats the goal and is veryrisky.Google sees this as spamming and will penalize your website for gettingto many back links at one time resulting in the opposite effect of
  16. 16. dropping in the search results.Google like natural linking and by adding a little at a time it looks morenatural that the sites are linking back to you of their own free will.Both are must-have tools that will help you achieve top expose-freeadvertising and top ranking in days if used as instructed, and will saveyou weeks of work.Remember earlier, when I told you Not to submit your web site toGoogle? Well • THE TIME HAS COME.Go to Google and submit your URL at, go to YahooYahoo is a little different if you are submitting a commercial web siteand charges $299.00 to be listed.However, if you have followed the recipe above as described you willnow have my secret formula to a Yahoo listing and find that you will getlisted in Yahoo for free •.. Yes, no charge.LINK BUILDINGYou will need to keep link building to keep your new position, or yourranking will drop. Here are some tips on building reciprocal links andbacklinks. Remember: all links are valuable regardless of their PR aslong as they are links that have related content to your website or webpage.24Link Manager at is a service I have usedfor years. It runs completely on auto-pilot and builds links almostinstantly and is a great time saver.Many web masters will tell you that this does not help for link building,but they are wrong! You have to know the secret!Tip: When using any software like this make sure you have it set tomanual approval. This gives you control to go and approve links everyfew days and make the link building process look natural.It does not work if set to auto approval, because you build up the links tofast and it does not look natural to Google.The cost is $19.95 a month • it works!One Way LinksAnother method that will bring you good one way backlinks is high PRwebsites, usually directories, that can give you a high PR 6,7, or 8 for acharge. The charges vary from as little as $5 up to $50 for the year, butare well worth the backlink, because these are one way links and oneway links are the most important links you can have. Use this kind ofservice to pull your ranking higher if a competitor knocks your rankingdown.There will always be someone trying to get to take your place in the
  17. 17. listing results. Everyone wants to be at least within the first three pages.Now you hold the recipe •to staying there.Congratulations:Now if you have done everything that I have taught you in the order thatI have listed them you should see at least a top thirty listing in Google,Yahoo and MSN within days and page one ranking in a few weeks.You do not need to apply the link building methods you have just read atthis time in order to get a top ranking, but you will need to put intoaction in order to keep your ranking for the future.25This recipe/formula that I have developed over the years has never failedme in getting listed on page one, two or three within 30 days.Only a few years ago it was possible for me to get a listing on page oneof any search engine including Google within 10 minutes to 1 hour.You could submit your URL to Google and within only 2 minutes see theranking results let•s say, listing #27. Tweak the page again with yourkeyword, resubmit and viola, number #9, repeat again and voila #1.Those days are long gone since search engine spiders can take weeks tospider your URLs in the last few years.Here is another secret tip most people don•t know:It•s back to the meta head tags again. By putting in a little meta code,shown below, inserted in the head tags (as discussed earlier), you willfind that any changes you make to your pages will be spidered by thebots every 10 days instead of 4, 6, 8, even 12 weeks.This works like magic for me. I have tried it at 3 days and 5 days and inthe past, that worked too, but I find even at •5 days• it•s cached every 10days. So don•t forget to include this on all the pages you make changestoo.<meta name="REVISIT-AFTER" content="10 days">Secret Tip: Google likes fresh content!Remember to add and update fresh content every few weeks! This willhelp you to keep your ranking high and not fall from the search results.It doesn•t have to be a major change; only a word or two, a phrase, a newproduct listing. But the most important secret of all,when making thesechanges, only apply them to your inner pages; not to the home page.(This applies once you have the home page ranking high. Until then,remember to make small changes to the home page when optimizing;maybe moving a keyword in your page to the start of a sentence canmake the difference between #23 and #3 so remember small changes).26Once you have a high ranking, changing a word can make yourranking fall drastically! So if you•re at #3 on page one, don•t makechanges to get to #1 because the results may drop you to #101.Be content to be ranking high, because usually, over time with linkbuilding, a website will go higher in the ranking with very little effort.
  18. 18. Keyword in link, here is another secret for high ranking inner pages.Always name your page for the keyword you•re trying to rank for so itshows in the URL.Many website software programs that are developed to help you build awebsite number pages instead of using words.Make sure your page names end in your keywords.htmlGOOD LUCK TO YOUR SUCCESS!I have also given you another valuable insight included in this courseconcerning Affiliate Marketing, for those who continue reading.Affiliate MarketingMake Huge Amounts of MoneyWith NO WebsiteNo ProductsNo SellingHow? Affiliate MarketingTHE KEY TO DAILY CASHMany of the internet•s six figure income builders and top millionaires areaffiliate marketers who sell other companies• products and make hugeamounts of money.Don•t expect to make $1000•s overnight like some internet scammers wouldlead you to believe. You could easily be making an extra $300 to $500 aweek within a few weeks, and with very little effort on your part.Try this for six to twelve months and you could be making huge monthlypay checks that could replace your regular day job. There are endlessproducts available to promote, so this is an easy opportunity for anyone tomake extra income with little effort and practically zero start-up cost.28WHAT IS AN AFFILIATE?•Someone who gets paid a percentage of a sale for sending a prospectto buy a product through their affiliate link to the product page.When the visitor clicks to buy the product, you just made money!The good news is that most companies will pay you up to 75% of the sale.Let•s say you are promoting a product that sells for $50 with a50% commission and you referred only 10 buyers your first week.10 x $50.00 = $500.00 :: You have just made $250.00 WeekNow imagine that you referred 10 buyers a day
  19. 19. 10 x $50.00 = $500.00 :: You have just made $250.00 a day$250 a day x 30 days = $7,500 a monthSee how this can generate a huge income? People like you are doing this dayin and day out, making a great income without the 9 to 5 work day. Thisonly takes one or two hours a day once you get started!HOW DO YOU BECOME AN AFFILIATE?You need to sign up, and it•s FREE.Go to a website called ClickBank and register for an affiliate ID.They have over 10,000 products to select from in every niche you canimagine. You are allowed to promote up to 99 products on one account.ClickBank is the online retail outlet for over 10,000 digital products andvendors and have over 100,000 active affiliates.29They pay their clients on time, every time, for 10 years.Over $1 billion thus far and now offer weekly payouts!Choose from over 10,000 products with commissions as high as 75%. It hasaccurate tracking, high conversion rates, and you•ll get paid weekly!Start today and get your share of this billion dollar industry.Sign up at and click onWHAT IS A SQUEEZE PAGE?A squeeze page is a page designed to do one thing and one thing only •to begin a relationship between you and your website•s visitor bytrading your free information for your visitor•s name and emailaddress.So a squeeze page is not a sales page. Think of it as a subscription page.Most vendors will provide you with all the marketing materials that you willneed absolutely FREE, including a squeeze page.However, it is a great advantage to create your own squeeze page so that youcan collect the visitors name and email address in order to build your ownlist of future prospects and not give them a way to the vendor.More about this is explained in the next section.BUILDING AN OPT-IN LISTBuilding an opt-in list is one of the most important parts of running anaffiliate business online.An opt-in list is a list of people who have requested more information oragreed to receive updates/alerts from you. You want to give them30valuable information in the emails, not sales pitches. This will build trust,
  20. 20. and when you do recommend something to them, they will open all of yourfuture emails.To build a list, you will need to create a sign up form to which your visitorswill agree to subscribe to and receive emails from you without the emailsgetting reported as spam.How do you get them to sign up and offer their information?You give them something FREE:People love free stuff, and in return they will give you their info name andemail without question 95% of the time.I know what you•re thinking, •I don•t have any free stuff.•That•s the easy part: the internet is full of free stuff!You could offer a report that you wrote yourself on Dog Training, a videolink on YouTube about Dog Training, or an article.Just something of interest in the niche you are trying to promote.You could even make your own free tease video to get them interested.I•m sure you have received constant free stuff in your inbox and it is justsitting on your computer gathering dust and taking up space.Well, now is the time this all comes in to play.E-books are a great free gift and can be found for free on the web in youremail spam, or can be found elsewhere and purchased for little to no cost.On the next page, I have provided a secret link to get a ton of e-books andsoftware you can give away free • you won•t believe that you can get allthis for $29.95.This is a collection of hundreds of top notch software and e-books that youcan use and sell or give away, all for less than $30.00This is a No Brainier!31I use this method for freebies because of the high quality images includedand great products are something that people want in exchange for theirname and email. So this is a great tactic in list building.I think you•ll agree it would take forever to give/sell all these products, andyou also own the resell rights, so you could charge what you want for eachitem or a bundle if you decided you want to make money from them.Here is the link link will show you all that•s included in this package .Great low cost tool
  21. 21. Here is also another with absolutely tons of stuff for only $39.00Once you get past the first two pages, you will have to input your name andemail to access this product, but it is well worth it. Thousands of dollars ofresell rights that you can use to promote your list building.Amazing value Resell right included.HOW TO CREATE A SIGN UP FORMNow that you have lots of free stuff to give away to your subscribers, yourvisitors can•t wait to join your list and receive their FREE gift.So, before you can start building your opt-in subscribers list, you will needone of the main ingredients to our recipe: The Sign up form.There are many different ways to go about making the sign up form, butdoing this requires some technical skills and lots html know-how, whichonly accomplishes part of the requirements because you will also needtracking of emails sent, know who opens your emails and who doesn•t, whois signing up, when, and from where, and what about creating that sign-upform, and autoresponders! What are autoresponders?Sounds like a lot of work to me!You•re right, but don•t worry. All of the above can be accomplished quicklyand simply by using any of the software links below.32This is a very important ingredient in our recipe for affiliate success and allthe super affiliates and gurus are using this amazing time saver.Free trails are available at the links I have provided below and all have easyto follow set up.Test each one and see what works best for you.Listed are the most reliable services offering easy set up in 30 minutes to 1hour, and include everything you could possibly need to handle your emaillist almost magically, including great templates for your sign up form.Cost varies from $9.95 to $19.95 but it is a must for affiliate marketing.I personally prefer Aweber for its easy set up videos and easy to useinterface. You can check them all out for a free trial. Offer 150 templates -My Choice TO MANAGE YOUR LIST WITH AUTO RESPONDERSWhat is an auto responder?A computer program that automatically answers e-mail sent to it.They can be very simple or quite complex.
  22. 22. Using one of the programs in the last chapter makes this a breeze.You can set up different emails in advance to be delivered when you choose,all on auto pilot without having to do anything else but write the email andclick.33This is how it works.Your visitor subscribes to your sign up page and clicks the submit button.They will automatically get your first response email from you thankingthem for subscribing, and now offering more information with a tease tolook at a product you are promoting as an affiliate marketer.You now set up a page in advance, for one of your free download products(an e-book or software) that we talked about from or they click the link in the email, the prospect is sent to a page with theFREE offer that you offered to send them when they signed up on your sign-up form to get their name and email.Now, at this page to which you have sent them for the free gift, you have toset up another pop-up sign-up form to collect their name and email again.Once they sign up again the auto-responder sends them an email with thedownload link to the free gift, and a few days later they receive another offerto check out for another product you are promoting.It•s a known fact that auto responders will make you money; however, aperson usually will not act on an email offer or even open it until the 7th timethey receive it.If they click to your page and buy a product, then you just made acommission. If they don•t, no problem, they keep receiving an autoresponder offer on auto pilot every few days, because you have set theseoffers up in advance to be delivered at different intervals and the wholeprocess works like magic automatically and gets amazing results!More information and detailed instructions for the many different ways youcan use auto responders will be available to you in the help files and trainingvideos with the company that you sign up with for the service.34I know it all sounds complicated, but its not when you are using their topnotch software • Its works like magic.Very easy understand within minutes and the videos make it a breeze!Basically Auto responders are "email on demand" bots which make yourinformation available 24 hours a day, 365 days per year, and believe mewhen I say they can drastically increase your sales without any additionalphone calls or advertising, because they will, which frees up valuable time.Auto responders are very important tools when you need to automate yourInternet marketing efforts. You can easily process over 50,000+ requestsdaily without any effort on your part!
  23. 23. SOCIAL VIDEO SITESYou don•t need to submit to all of these sites, but here is the list anyway.However, think of all the FREE advertising exposure you could get for yourwebsite and affiliate marketers promoting their Clickbank products.Some of the sites listed below are theme sites, unlike You Tube, that allowyou to upload anything. So, make sure your video is suitable to their themeor category, otherwise you will just be wasting your time uploading a videoonly for it to be rejected.
  24. 24. http://www.clipshack.comhttp://www.collegehumor.comhttp://www.coull.tvhttp://www.cozmo.tvhttp://www.current.tvhttp://www.cuts.comhttp://www.dabble.comhttp://www.dailycomedy.comhttp://www.dailyhaha.comhttp://www.dailymotion.comhttp://www.danerd.comhttp://www.dave.tvhttp://www.dorks.comhttp://www.dotcomedy.comhttp://www.dovetail.tvhttp://www.dropshots.comhttp://www.dumpalink.comhttp://www.dumpthe.nethttp://www.ebaumsworld.comhttp://www.engagemedia.orghttp://www.esnips.comhttp://www.evideoshare.comhttp://www.expertvillage.comhttp://www.expotv.com
  25. 25. http://www.kwego.com
  26. 26. http://www.sutree.comhttp://www.tagworld.comhttp://www.teachertube.com ACTION WITH BOTH OF THESEMETHODS,AND YOU WILL BE RICH BEYOND YOURDREAMS IN LESS THAN ONE YEAR
  27. 27. HOPE YOU ENJOYED THE RIDE!SEE YOU AT THE TOP!Watch for the Soon to Be ReleasedMembers Video Training AreaWhere You Can Learn All This and More!Just Look over My ShoulderDo As I Do • its Easy!40