Joomla 1.0X to 1.5X migration. A Guide
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Joomla 1.0X to 1.5X migration. A Guide

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A Guide for people looking to migrate their Joomla 1.0X sites to Joomla 1.5. This is presentation done by me at the Joomla Day Pune, India. 2009

A Guide for people looking to migrate their Joomla 1.0X sites to Joomla 1.5. This is presentation done by me at the Joomla Day Pune, India. 2009

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  • 1. About Me – Parth Lawate Techjoomla. For All things Joomla! Joomla Extensions, Training & Priority Support Tekdi Web Solutions. Making Open Source work for you ! Co Owner & Director Joomla Bug Squad Member Contributer to RS Gallery2 Co Founder
  • 2. Tekdi Web Solutions Currently About 1% of extensions on JED are ours :) !
    • Open Source Solutions – CMS, CRM, PMS, E Commerce, E Learning
    • Specific expertise in Joomla based applications
    • Full Site development, Templates, Extension Development.
    • Sugar CRM – CRM of choice
    • Dot Project – PMS of choice
  • 3. Techjoomla.
    • Joomla Extensions Training & Priority Support
    • Some of our extensions
    • Joomla Classroom training at Pune from 9 th May
    Currently About 1% of extensions on JED are ours :) ! For All things Joomla
  • 4. Migration from 1.0X to 1.5X
    • Why Migrate ?
    • Where to Start
    • What all do you need ?
    • How it works
    • Getting Started
    • ETL Plugins & Third Party extensions
    • Putting all the things together
    • Potential Issues
  • 5. Why Should I Migrate ?
    • 1.0 End of Life
    • No new 1.0 Extensions being developed
    • 1.0X Extensions will be reoved from the extensions directory port July
    • No more security Updates
    • 1.5.X has many improvements over 1.0.X ..
  • 6. Why Should I Migrate ?
    • 1.5.X has an MVC Architechture
    • Adds ability of layout overrides without hacks
    • Access to host of new feature & UI updates available in 1.5
    • Better Plugin Call support.
    • Access future release which include security releases.
    • Better positioned for future migrations.
  • 7. Where to Start
    • Pre Migration Analysis - Extensions
    • Pre Migration Analysis – Template - Can this one run in legacy mode ? - Does your template provider provide a 1.5 version ? - Can your template developer convert it to 1.5 for you ?
    • MYSQL table structure analysis ( 1.0 VS 1.5 ) for extensions without ETL plugins.
  • 8. What All do i need - 1 ?
    • A. The Migrator Component
    • The migrator component basically converts your Joomla 1.0 DB to a 1.5 compaible format.
    • It achieves this using a number of 'ETL' plugins
    • The core component comes with all the plugins you need to migrate the core Joomla content.
    • The migrator can be extended to migrate other components as well using ETL plugins.
  • 9. How the migration works Extract, Transform, Load Eg converting old mosimage tags to img 1.0X Database Transform 1.5.X Compatible Data Extraction
  • 10. What All do i need - 2 ?
    • B. The ETL Plugins
    • Get all the ETL plugins that are available for 3 rd party extensions.
    • C. A Copy of 1.5X ready for install
    • Get the latest copy of Joomla 1.5 X ready to be installed in a subfolder of the site.
  • 11. What All do i need - 3 ?
    • D. Third Party Extensions
    • The 3 rd party extensions that you need Legacy or Natively compatible with 1.5
    • E. DB access to both 1.0 & proposed 1.5
    • F. A Large cup of coffee !
  • 12. Let's Start !
    • Install com_migrator on your Joomla 1.0X site.
  • 13. Extending the Migrator
    • You can extend the migrator component using ETL plugins.
  • 14. Create the Migration File
    • Once all the ETL plugins are in place, we are ready to export our migration file.
    • Go ahead & create your migration file. You can chose to exclude any extensions from the migration when you do this.
      • Any extensions not having ETLs will need to be migrated later
  • 15. Getting it all in 1.5
    • Once done, start the installation of Joomla in a Subfolder on your site. Complete the installation upto the main screen below as you would normally.
  • 16. Getting it all in 1.5
    • Now instead of clicking on 'Install Sample Data' select Load Migration Script
      • Make sure you check 'This is a Joomla 1.0 migration script'
  • 17. Getting it all in 1.5
    • Click on Upload & Execute. Once the migration is complete you should get a message as below.
      • Click on next & complete the installation as usual.
  • 18. Are We all Done ? - Not Quite
    • Site Name is not migrated so the one you specify during installation is used.
    • We still need to install the third party components like CB , VM, Fireboard etc.
    • We still have to migrate extensions that did not have ETL plugins
    • The Template still needs to be applied.
    • Modules & Templates assignment to menus & full testing still needs to be done.
  • 19. Install all 3 rd Party extensions
    • The next step is to install all 3 rd party extensions. The ones we migrated using ETLs as well as the ones that we need to migrate manually.
    • Once installed if the migration went ok the extensions that had 3 rd party extensions should be migrated.
    • Note that you may have to enable the legacy plugin if any of your extensions is not 1.5 native.
  • 20. Migrating Extensions not having ETL plugins
    • There are lots of ways to do this
    • You could write your own ETL plugin & share it with the community.
    • Write a custom script to migrate the database tables
    • Do it via PHPMYADMIN
  • 21. Migration using PHPMyadmin
    • Get Table Comparison from Pre Migration analysis.
    • Take a backup of your 1.0 Database & dump it on a local/test server.
    • Get the tables of the component in the backup of your 1.0 DB in the same structure as your 1.5 DB
    • Export data from 1.0 & import into 1.5 using PHPMYADMIN.
  • 22. What can have changed ?
    • New columns may have been to the 1.5 structure.
    • Table field names may have changed.
    • Columns may have been removed etc.
    As long as you make sure that the changes you make are logical & make sense with respect to the working of the extension you should be OK.
  • 23. Another Approach
    • If you cannot install a new Joomla or its already installed you can use the Migration Assistant
    • Note that this will completely wipe your current data from the 1.5 site & replace it with the migrated Data.
  • 24. The Template
    • If you wish to maintain the template you had on 1.0, you can enable legacy mode in your new 1.5 site & check if the template works ok. If so you are done.
    • If not or if you wish to use Joomla 1.5's new abilities get the template properly coded for 1.5 & then use it.
    • OR take this opportunity to give your site a fresh new look with a nice 1.5 native template !
  • 25. Putting all the pieces together.
    • Once the template is installed & applied, make sure your module assignments are as they should be.
    • If you are using multiple templates, also check the template assignments.
    • Make sure all links are working ok.
    • The Backlink Plugin redirects old style URLs and document links to the correct Joomla 1.5 targets. So turn it on.
  • 26. Test Test & Test Again
    • Finally with everything in place i neednt tell you but test , test & test again.
    • Make sure all extensions , components, plugins and modules are working ok.
    • Typical things you might miss are content plugins which might leave ugly {somethings} lying around in your content.
  • 27. Potential Issues & Solutions
    • 404 Errors – Esp when using 3 rd Party SEF Extensions
    • --- Try to match the urls so that they perfectly match older urls
    • --- If not possible export all old urls & add them as 301 redirects
    • New Users/ Forum posts/ Articles etc might have been added while you were migrating the site. --- get that data before you go live.
  • 28. GO LIVE !
    • Once you have made sure that everything is working nicely you are ready to take the site live !
    • Make the 1.0 site offline & move it to a subfolder. Also make the 1.5 site offline.
    • Move the 1.5 site to the root folder & make the necessary changes in the config file & then make it LIVE !
  • 29. Thank you !