Invitex Webinar Presentation -11th September '13 for CloudAccess Webinar - Valid upto Invitex v2.8X


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Invitex is one fo the most comprehensive Invitations systems for Joomla. With Powerful Reach out & conversion features like like native api contacts import, automated invitations, intelligent invites, rich invites content, tracking, points integration & much more, its the Leading Invitation Solution for Jomla today. Integrates with Native Joomla, JomSocial, Community Builder & soon EasySocial As well.

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Invitex Webinar Presentation -11th September '13 for CloudAccess Webinar - Valid upto Invitex v2.8X

  1. 1. Techjoomla Presents The Complete Invitations Swiss Army App For your Joomla website ! Presented on 11th September 2013 for a Webinar @CloudAccess
  2. 2. Techjoomla. For All things Joomla @techjoomla jGive People Suggest jomLike JTicketing J!Bolo Broadcast Invitex Email Beautifier SocialAds J!MailAlerts REST API Payments API Social API Quick2Cart
  3. 3. The Secret Sauce The Recipe to taking your App/Site Viral Make Sure you note the ingredients & the methodology very carefully !
  4. 4. Why Should Users Sign up ? ● Create Great Content Find a niche, write a blog, create a video series, create content they cant find anywhere else ! Use your imagination !! ● Awesome Differentiated Features Your site has to give them something that they just cant get elsewhere ! ● Give your users a great user experience No one likes a trashy site. Respect your users. Make them feel at home ! Bottom Line : Make it worth their time to register on your site
  5. 5. What Goes into making your App go Viral ? ● Your app/site needs to qualify to make people want to talk about it ( See Previous Slide) ● Make stuff that people just cant help but share ! ● Make sharing & Invitations part of your core app process . Don't make it hard for people to invite or share. ● Make their Friends sign up & they'll come too ! ● Incentivise Invitations & Sign ups ● Remind your users that you exist. Send reminders ● Integrate your app/site tightly with Social networks & divert traffic
  6. 6. What goes into an awesome Invitation system ? ● Is it easy to use for End Users ? ● Does it make it simple to invite people from multiple sources ? ● Does it have plenty of customization options ? ● Can it take care not to SPAM ? ● Can it do reminders ? ● What kind of Incentive features does it offer ? ● What kind of conversion tools does it offer ?
  7. 7. Today's Presentation CAWEB20 Use this code to get 20% off on any Techjoomla extensions for the next 48 hours
  8. 8. Why Invitex ? ● The most comprehensive, 360⁰ Invitation Solution for Joomla ● Built with native Joomla MVC, easily extensible & overidable with a strong developer API ● Only extension offering Hands free automated invitations, Rich & personalized Invitation content & Ads in Emails. ● Works with Joomla 2.5X & 3.X ● Integrates with leading registration systems. ● Awesome Reviews on the JED Thats just a very small list ! There's a lot more that only this extension does as you'll see ahead !!
  9. 9. The Clear Goal of Invitex Reach out to the maximum number of People & Entice them to register on your website
  10. 10. Key to Running a sustained, successful Invitation Campaign
  11. 11. Invite but don't SPAM ! ● Its great to have an awesome invitation tool that lets users send out Invitations to friends or even have the system send out completely hands free automated invites based on analysis. But that does not give you the right to SPAM ! ● Invitex includes inbuilt unsubscribe functionality which will let the Invitee Opt out of getting future invitations or reminders from your site ● Be Decent & Keep the Unsubscribe link intact in your Invitation emails. People always appreciate that ! ● The Admin also has control to Add people in the UnSubscribe list in the backend
  12. 12. Restrict sending Invitation to unsubscribed Emails ● Invitex filters out the Emails of the people who do not wish to receive any more invitation emails from the site during import process
  13. 13. Use Scarcity to go Viral When something is scarce, it generates a need. Everyone wants it ! Gmail used this strategy with great success when it launched. You couldn't get in & Invitations were really hard to get. Use Invitex to take your Joomla to take your app viral ! ● Optionally Lock down your site to be Invite Only ● Globally Limit number of Invitations people can send. Manually control invitation limits on a per user level. ● Restrict Invitations to a specific set of domains only if you run a closed site group ● Set Invitation Expiry to expire the Invite after X days.
  14. 14. Push/Reward your users to Invite Your current site users can be a great asset to help you promote your site. You should not force them of course, but a little nudge in the right direction, with a little bit of incentive can reap great rewards ! Invitex comes in built with tools for this ! ● Ability to Force Invitation During Registration (Can be skipped) ● Ability to Force Invitation on Login (Can be skipped) ● Reward Points for Sending Invites & successful conversions ● Reward Cash for Sending Invites & successful conversions
  15. 15. Go Social with Invitations ! ● Automatically connect the Inviter & Invitee as friends after a successful conversion ● Push content like “Vaishali just invited 50 of her friends to Techjoomla using the Invitations tool” with ● Activity Stream Integrations for CB, JomWall & JomSocial (coming in v2.8) ● Push Activity content to connected Social Networks like Facebook,Twitter & LinkedIn with Broadcast Integration (coming in v2.8)
  16. 16. Persistence Pays ● “Parth is waiting for you to Accept his Invitation to LinkedIn” Sounds Familiar ? Sometimes one Invitation is not enough. Setup Reminders to remind the User that your site exists & that someone has invited him. Send a reminder & personalize it too ! ● “ Parth, Ashwin, Vaishali & Aniket are waiting for you on Linkedin” More the Merrier ! Use Invitex's People who have Invited you feature to show the user people who have invited him in the past.
  17. 17. The invitation Funnel Invitations Sent Invitations Clicked People registered Reach Out tools Conversion Tools
  18. 18. Reach out tools ● Send Invitations manually via email ● Import a CSV ● Invite Contacts from your Emails using native Oauth ● Invite contacts from Social networks using Oauth ● Optional Open Inviter Integration ● Invite via URL – email it, tweet it, print it ! ● Display awesome Namecards with invitation links or even print them as business cards ! ● Send Multilingual Invitations so that no one feels left out ● Intelligent Automated Invitations !
  19. 19. Manual Email Invites ● Awesome easy to use Tag like manual emails interface ● Real time Email Validation
  20. 20. Import CSV ● Sometimes manual invitations or even importing from Social Networks just doesn't cut it ! ● Nothing like a Mass Invitation option using our easy to use CSV import option
  21. 21. Oauth for Social Networks ● Facebook ● Twitter ● LinkedIn Row 1 Row 2 Row 3 Row 4 0 2 4 6 8 10 12 Column 1 Column 3
  22. 22. Oauth for Email Providers ● Gmail ● Yahoo ● Hotmail
  23. 23. Intuitive Contacts Import Interface ● Nice looking view showing imported contacts with Photos & Names. Makes it simpler to find the people you want to Invite ● Contact Search lets you do a quick search on imported contacts. Supremely useful for people with huge lists
  24. 24. Open Inviter Integration Pros ● Tons of Social Networks & Email Providers supported ● Good if you want to support small local providers who work well in this method ● Community Supported Cons ● Data mining based data fetching which are banned by major providers ● Most major networks don't work well ● Not supported under Invitex support scope
  25. 25. Invite via URL ● Quickest way to invite ● Share the link any way you want – email it , tweet it, print it, put it on your blog ! ● Supports url shortener by default ● Each user gets his own unique invitation link ● All Invitations are tracked !
  26. 26. Name Cards ● Give Each user an awesome Name card with his or her Avatar & unique Invitation link & any other fields you want ● Let users show these on their blogs or print them as business cards
  27. 27. Multilingual Invitations ● Invitex supports sending Multilingual Invitations using Language Constants ● The Invitation email is sent in the language set by the inviter in his Joomla preferences ● Don let the language barrier stop users from signing up on your site !
  28. 28. Intelligent Auto Invitations ● Invitex can store imported Contacts from various services if the admin chooses ● This data is used to do mutual friend analysis based on our awesome algorithm ● We find users who already have friends on your site & Automatically send them Invitations of the type “ Your Friends are waiting for you at Sitename”
  29. 29. Its not enough to just Reach Out... You need to Entice Users into signing up
  30. 30. On an average Users receive 4-6 Invitations to new sites or Apps every week... How will yours stand out ?
  31. 31. Enticement / Conversion tools ● Beautiful Invitation Emails ● Personalized Emails ● Rich Invitation content with Personalized ● Customized relevant content delivery via Invitations viz. - Friends who invited you - Friends on the site - Photos by Friends etc ● Invitation Reminders ● Points Integration to Reward invitations & conversions ● Affiliate & CashWallet integrations for monetary rewards on invitations & conversions ● Customizable, Personalizable Landing page to improve those conversions !
  32. 32. Beautiful Invitation Emails A Picture speaks a thousand Words Awesome Design is critical to make a good first impression Differentiate ! ● Invitex Features a Rich text editor to give you the flexibility to bring your ideas to life ● Invitex uses Emogrifier to make sure your email will look good in most clients
  33. 33. Personalized Emails ● Invitex supports lots & lots of data tags to help you customize your emails ● Plus CB & JomSocial fields can also be used as Data tags Make sure you use enough data tags to make the Invitation as personal as possible.
  34. 34. Rich Personalized, targeted content Invitex Supports sending personalized Content using J! MailAlerts Plugins Such content can be critical in getting that conversion ● People who have invited you ● Friends on the site ● Photos by your Friends ● Recent activities on the site Adding custom plugins is possible as well !
  35. 35. Invitation Reminders ● Ability to send Multiple reminders to users to Join the site ● Customizable reminder content ● Customize how soon the first reminder will be sent & what will be the frequency & number of subsequent reminders
  36. 36. Point System Integrations ● Reward Users who send Invitations with our Points integration ● Inviters get points on Invites sent & Bonus points on a successful conversion ● Invitees get points on Joining as well ● Integrates with Alpha User Points as well as JomSocial Points
  37. 37. Cash Rewards with Affiliate Integrations ● Nothing like a little Cash Reward to entice users to send more invitations ! ● Invitex Integrates with the Amigos Affiliate system so you can give Cash incentives to sign ups ● Payplans Integration also available to reward users with Cash balance on invitations & conversions ● Post Affiliate Pro & IdevAffiliate Integration (Coming in v2.8)
  38. 38. Customized Landing Pages A custom landing page can go a long way in increasing your invitation conversions. Make the most of it by using our User Info plugin (coming in 2.8) & club it with absolutely any Joomla content Plugin.
  39. 39. Your Users are sending tons of Invites.. Why not earn some money of it ?
  40. 40. What Registrations Systems Does Invitex Support ?
  41. 41. Multiple Registration Systems Supported ! ● Native Joomla Registration ● JomSocial ● XIPT Modified JS registration ● Community Builder ● Virtuemart (Coming in 2.8) ● JomWall (Coming in 2.8)
  42. 42. What ? Just registrations ? ? Why stop at just using Invitex to Invite users to Register on your site ? You can do MUCH more !!!
  43. 43. Invite Anywhere You need to Invite people for lots of things. Not just registration. Invitex Anywhere allows you to extend Invitex's Reach out features to practically any extension. Besides Standard methods, Invite Anywhere also lets you use JomSocial Messaging to send insite Invitations ! ● Send Group Invitations ● Invite to view an Article ● Invite to Attend an event ● Invite to view a Photo/Video ● Invite to view Profile ● Business Listing Promotion ● Custom Extension ● Anything ! Anything At All !!
  44. 44. Invitation Types to extend Invitex ● Invitex Comes pre loaded with some invitation types ● With the Invite Type manager, you can easily create any many Invitation types as you want ! ● Each type has its own configuration & can run in exactly the way you want it !
  45. 45. Can Invitex Make my morning Coffee ?
  46. 46. Well not yet.. But it can do a lot of other things !
  47. 47. Lets Dig out those Hidden Features shall we ?
  48. 48. Find Friends during the invitation process ● The Discover Friends feature lets you find existing friends on the site during the invitation process & send them friend requests
  49. 49. Imported Contacts to give Awesome Friend Suggestions & Notifications ● Invitex can Store imported contacts & Notify users when their Friends Join ● Imported Contacts can be analysed using the People Suggest Integration to Suggest Friends with uncanny accuracy ! ● Imported contacts can be analysed to send Intelligent Automated Invitations to users.
  50. 50. Intelligent Automated Invitations ● By Analyzing common imported contacts between users, we can find contacts who have more than one friend on the site ● This data can be used to send automated Invitations to the person with emails like “Your Friends are on Facebook” Sign up today !
  51. 51. Invitations without tracking & Stats is like Coffee without Coffee ;) ! ? Bad Proverb & worse humor ? :)
  52. 52. Invitation Tracking & Stats for Users ● Invitex gives your users an awesome frontend interface to track all sent invitations ● They can also choose to resend Invitations if any of their friends haven't joined yet ● Users can view Stats of their sent Invites via various methods ● URL Invitation stats are also available
  53. 53. Invite Statistics ● General stats about the Invitations set by a user ● It will show whether they have registered or unsubscribed.
  54. 54. Invite via URL Statistics ● Gives the stats about the users who has registered successfully on site using unique referral link
  55. 55. Will Invitex Work with my Hosting Provider ? They Suck & have the most measly mailing Limits :( It Sure will !
  56. 56. Batch Processing for those measly Hosts ;) ● Most Hosts have some sort of hourly mailing limits imposed ● Invitex Can do batch processing via a cron job to make sure you don't hit these limits & keep your hosts happy ! ● If you can afford it get a mailing service like Amazon SES to make your Invites go instantly !
  57. 57. We Keep the Site Admins Happy too !
  58. 58. Extensive Configuration ● Integrate with native Joomla/CB/JomSocial etc ● Layout settings ● Choose which invitation methods are available ● Choose which API plugins to use ● Batch & Cron Settings ● Activity Stream integrations ● Configuration to decide Points integration ● URL Shortener config ● Google Analytics integration ● HTML Template config ● Twitter template ● Invite only registration ● Invitation Limits And Much much more !!
  59. 59. Configurable templates for just about everything HTML Emails, PM Templates, Twitter templates, Facebook Request page template, Reminder templates, Automated Invitation Templates – Everything is configurable !
  60. 60. Google Analytics Integration ● If you are really serious about conversions on your site via Invitations, this is a must have ● Setup Google Analytics integration & go to the depth of how guests are reacting to your Invitations ● Play with content, templates. See what gets you higher rates !
  61. 61. Dont you just love Dashboards ? ● Invitex Gives Admins some snazzy graphs to show how your users are using the Invitation system ● Daily sent vs accepted graphs, Pie charts showing usage by invitation methods and more ! ● Plus detailed reports !
  62. 62. Take Invitex to the Next Level Recommended Integrations
  63. 63. SocialAds - Monetize those Invites ! ● Invitation Emails are known to reach out to many many more users compared to your regular site emails. ● This is a great place to display Ads & increase your Ad Real Estate ● Use our Ads In Emails Solution to show SocialAds Ads in your invitation Emails
  64. 64. People Suggest - Improved Suggestions with Imported contact analysis Get Facebook Like uncanny Friend recommendations by Integrating Invitex with our People Suggest extension !
  65. 65. J!MailAlerts - Rich Targeted Email content for Invites for Improved Conversions Improve your conversion many fold by using Rich relevant content in your invitation & Invitation reminder emails with our JMA Plugins !
  66. 66. Developers we love you! ● Build Native Jooomla MVC, to let you easily extend & override ● Invitex Anywhere API to extend invitex to any extension ● Extensive API Hooks to Integrate Invitex with your apps or customize it ● Extensible Social API plugins to add more OAuth services. ● JMA Plugin API to add personalized Rich content to emails like Friends who invited you, Your friends on your site, Photos of friends etc. You could write plugins for absolutely anything !
  67. 67. Whats Next with Invitex ? ● Ability to let Guests send Invites with Captcha ● User Information Plugin for Rich Personalized Landing pages ● Social Network Batching ● Ability to redirect to Invitation on Login with the ability to Skip ● Support Virtuemart as the Registration provider ● Rewards for Invitations Sent ● Awesome Intelligent Notifications - With Both Standard Email & JS Notifications Support ● Better Bootstrap utilization and best UI possible
  68. 68. Questions ?
  69. 69. Thank You ! Special 15% Discount only for attendees of The CloudAccess Webinar on SocialAds ! CAINVITE15 ● Drop us an email ! ● Twitter @techjoomla | @parthlawate