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Joomla2 5-afirstlook-120214054019-phpapp01


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Joomla2 5-afirstlook-120214054019-phpapp01

  1. 1. Sydney JUG 14/02/2012Presented by Tim Plummer – Tweet @bfsurvey
  2. 2. Joomla Release DatesJoomla Version Release Type Release Date End of LifeJoomla 1.0 Long Term Sep-05 Jul-09Joomla 1.5 Long Term Jan-08 Apr-12Joomla 1.6 Short Term Jan-11 Aug-11Joomla 1.7 Short Term Jul-11 Feb-12Joomla 2.5 Long Term Jan-12 Aug-13Joomla 3.0 Short Term Jul-12 Feb-13Joomla 3.1 Short Term Jan-13 Aug-13Joomla 3.5 Long Term Jul-13 Feb-15
  3. 3. Let’s take a look at what’s new
  4. 4. • The base of the CMS is the Joomla Platform has been updated to version 11.3• New image manipulation class JImage• Generation of HTML tables with the JGrid class• New version of MooTools (1.4)
  5. 5. Multi Database support
  6. 6. SQL Server• Load driver in php.ini – actual dll will depend on php version and whether your server supports non-thread-safe or thread-safe• extension=php_sqlsrv_53_ts_vc9.dll• Need to restart PHP for change to take effect• phpinfo should show sqlsrv section
  7. 7. Step 2 shows which databases are available on your server
  8. 8. Database Type
  9. 9. Set Site Offline during install
  10. 10. Set Site Offline Image
  11. 11. Smart Search (finder)• Smart Search is destined to be the replacement for com_search• Disabled by default• Extensions->plugin manager – Enable Conent - Smart Search plugin
  12. 12. Smart Search (cont.)• Assign a module position to your smart search module (extensions->module manager)• And choose which pages it should appear on
  13. 13. Smart Search (cont.)• It does smart things like suggest what you should be searching for if you do a typo
  14. 14. Joomla Update Notification
  15. 15. CAPTCHA in core• Choose ReCaptcha in your global config
  16. 16. Setting up ReCAPTCHA• Sign up (free) for your public and private key
  17. 17. Setting up ReCAPTCHA• Extensions->plug-in manager• Enter your public and private key in the Captcha – ReCaptcha plugin
  18. 18. Setting up ReCAPTCHA• CAPTCHA will now appear on your contact forms
  19. 19. Add notes to menu item• Allows you to write a short note to describe what this menu is for
  20. 20. Filter who’s online module• Extensions->module manager – Whos Online
  21. 21. Subcategory filtering
  22. 22. Language overrides manager
  23. 23. Images and URL fields to create simple standardized layouts
  24. 24. Images and URL fields in articles
  25. 25. Intro image
  26. 26. Full article image
  27. 27. Native ZIP support checked during install
  28. 28. New user notification email sent to admin• Users->user manager
  29. 29. User status module improved
  30. 30. User Notes• Can now add notes to each user account
  31. 31. Example of using User Notes
  32. 32. User Notes
  33. 33. Custom Blacklist text filter
  34. 34. Text filters has moved from article options to global config
  35. 35. Database version check• Check that your database schema version is up to date
  36. 36. Debug Plugin reloaded
  37. 37. Menu manager linked to module manager• When you create a new menu, if there is no module to display it yet, there is now a link to create one.
  38. 38. New language code plugin to improve SEO• Allows search engines to see the language and country code they expect in cases where the Joomla language pack uses a different code.
  39. 39. Where’s my version number?
  40. 40. Joomla Version shown in System Information
  41. 41. Joomla version module
  42. 42. Other improvements• Beez core template comes with mobile enhancements• Ability to indicate a default language for News Feeds• Right to Left language direction setting for New Feeds• Improvements for batch processing
  43. 43. Should I upgrade to 2.5?• 2012/item/676-Help-With-1-7-Out-and-2-5- Just-In,-What-Should-I-Do-Upgrade-or- Upgrade-me-not• 2011/item/530-Nine-Questions-When- Preparing-Clients-for-Joomla-1-8
  44. 44. Should I upgrade to 2.5?• I’ll make it easy, here is my 2 cents I’m currently Should I upgrade using Joomla 1.6 YES Joomla 1.7 YES Joomla 1.5 Eventually YES, but no rush Joomla 1.0 LOL, why bother?
  45. 45. So how do I upgrade?
  46. 46. Do a full site backup first!•
  47. 47. How to upgrade from J1.7
  48. 48. Alternate upgrade method using Admin Tools• Use Admin Tools instead –
  49. 49. How do I upgrade from Joomla 1.5?• Get new versions of all your extensions• Get a new site template• Take a full backup• Use either JUpgrade (free) or SP Upgrade (commercial) or J2XML Importer (free)
  50. 50. How do I upgrade from Joomla 1.5?• Tutorials – joomla-15-to-joomla-25-a-guided-tutorial.html – joomla-16-to-25/
  51. 51. Upgrade Problems
  52. 52. Upgrade problems – Admin icons
  53. 53. Clear your browser cache to fix
  54. 54. I’m missing the new modules and plugins• Extensions->extension manager->discover
  55. 55. I’m missing new database tables• Extensions->extension manager->database
  56. 56. Article into image not showing• You probably have a template overrides that needs to be updated• /templates/yourtemplate/html/com_content/article/default.php• Compare to /components/com_content/views/article/tmpl/default.php and see what is missing• Another one /templates/yourtemplate/html/com_content/category/blog_item.php
  57. 57. Disappearing articles after 2.5 upgrade• articles that a specific user wrote are not being published. They still show up in the backend but not in the frontend.• Cause: If you have a user linked to a contact that is unpublished, the articles written by this user dont show up in the front.• The solution would be to publish the contact or to completely remove them, including empty the trash.
  58. 58. Questions?• Follow Tim on twitter @bfsurvey
  59. 59. References• news/5403-joomla-250-released.html• news/5410-joomla-251-released.html• news/5406-joomla-25-released.html• 2012/item/654-What-s-new-in-Joomla-2-5••• 2.5-some-warnings.html