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VS 2010 codename Rosario


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  • 1. Codename “Rosario” a.k.a“Visual Studio 2010”
    Santosh Kumar Thallam
  • 2. Breakpoint Labeling, Breakpoint Searching, Breakpoint Import/Export, Dynamic Data Tooling, WPF Tree Visualizer, Call Hierarchy, Improved WPF Tooling, Historical Debugging, Mini-Dump Debugging, Quick Search, Better Multi-Monitor Support, Highlight References, Parallel Stacks Window, Parallel Tasks Window, Document Map Margin, Generate From Usage, Concurrency Profiler, Inline Call Tree, Extensible Test runner, MVC Tooling, Web Deploy, Jquery Intellisense, SharePoint Tooling, HTML Snippets, Web.config Transformation, Click-Once Enhancements for Microsoft Office, IDE Rewritten in WPF, New Gadgets Subsystem, Zoom, Box Selection, Call Hierarchy, Navigate To, Highlighting References, Intellisense Suggestion Mode, Generate From Usage ,Online Templates…
    Too Much Stuff to Cover in 1 hour
  • 3. …and that was a short-list of new IDE features ALONE!
    Focus of this presentation is on:
    Visual Studio 2010: A close look at the new IDE
    CAVEAT: I’ll cover the stuff I liked the most 
    Too Much Stuff to Cover in 1 Hour – Cont’d
  • 4. 2002: Visual Studio .NET 2002 (.NET 1.0)
    2003: Visual Studio .NET 2003 (.NET 1.1)
    2005: Visual Studio 2005 (.NET 2.0)
    2007: Visual Studio 2008 (.NET 2.0/3.0/3.5)
    2010: Visual Studio 2010 (.NET 2.0/3.0/3.5/4.0)
    .NET Framework Timeline & Roadmap
  • 5. A lot more than an empty web site…
    It even pre-wires the membership, roles and profile providers.
    New Web Application Template
  • 6. It’s really empty…
    New Empty Website Template
  • 7. Config Transformations
  • 8. General Improvements
    Architectural Diagrams
    UI rewritten in WPF
    Visual Studio is no longer just a CodeEditor, it is also a Platform!
    What’s New in
  • 9. Editor improvements focus primarily on:
    Writing code
    Understanding code
    Navigating and debugging code
    Publishing code
    Editor improvements focus on Productivity!
    as an Editor
  • 10. General improvements
    Docking Windows and Multi-Monitor Support
    Call Hierarchy
    Highlighting References
    “Generate From” Usage
    “Navigate To” Usage
    Intellisense: Smart List and Consume-First Mode
    as an Editor – Cont’d
  • 11. Zoom
    CTRL + Mouse Wheel
    Enhances the ability to zoom the code editor canvas
    Very useful for pair programming, peer code reviews, training,presentations, etc.
    as an Editor – Cont’d
  • 12. Docking Windows and Multi-Monitor Support
    New docking visuals
    Windows can be docked anywhere
    Better use with multiple monitors
    as an Editor – Cont’d
  • 13.
  • 14. Call Hierarchy
    Keyboard shortcut: CTRL + K, T
    Available in C#
    Used to see calls to and from a method
    Great way to see calls
    as an Editor – Cont’d
  • 15. Highlighting References
    Automatic highlighting of a symbol
    Can be used with declarations and references, and many other symbols
    as an Editor – Cont’d
  • 16. “Generate From”
    Used to automatically create stub code
    Enables you to use classes and members before defining them
    Great for refactoring code
    If you are familiar
    as an Editor – Cont’d
  • 17. “Navigate To”
    Keyboard shortcut: CTRL + ,
    Provides search-as-you-type support for files, types, and members
    Enables quick searching based on case
    as an Editor – Cont’d
  • 18. Smart List Intellisense
  • 19. Also support fuzzy and Pascal casing
    IntelliSense does Search
  • 20. Consume-First Development
  • 21. Pressing space or tab here accidentally is quite annoying…
    Normal IntelliSense…
  • 22. Ctrl + Alt + Space toggles Consume-First
    Can then use Ctrl + . to generate method or class
    With Consume-First
  • 23. Multi-Targeting
    VS 2008 was the first release of Visual Studio that included multi-targeting support for .NET
    .NET 2.0, .NET 3.0, and .NET 3.5 all ran on top of the same version of the CLR
    Worked, but wasn’t perfect
    VS 2010 now ships with “reference assemblies” for each version of .NET. 
    A “reference assembly” contains only the metadata of a particular framework assembly – much smaller in size.
    Ensures that VS 2010 can always provide 100% accurate intellisense when targeting a particular version of the .NET framework
    VS 2010 debugger, profiler and compilers are able to target multiple versions of the CLR.
    as an Editor – Cont’d
  • 24. Code Snippets
  • 25. Typing “<inp” then tabbing twice…
    Gives you an input tag with appropriate attributes that you can tab through
    Html Snippets more like in Code
  • 26. DEMO
    What’s new in Visual Studio 2010: Editor
  • 27. Integrated Online Gallery Extension Manager
  • 28. Online Templates
  • 29. Debugging Improvements
    IntelliTrace(Historical Debugging)
  • 30. Breakpoint Labels
    Importing/Exporting Breakpoints
    Pinned DataTips
    Can add labels to breakpoints
    All breakpoints are now searchable
    Floating Data Tips
    DataTips that float in the source window
    Floating DataTips remain visible until the debugging session ends
    Debugging Improvements
  • 31. IntelliTrace
  • 32. Traditional debuggers show you the state of your application at the current time
    IntelliTrace runs in the background, recording important events
    Allows you to look back at past states of the application where events of interest have been recorded
    What is it…?
  • 33. The effect of a problem might not be noticeable until much later in the run of your application.
    Trace files can be created by IntelliTrace or Test Manager and given to developers.
  • 34. DEMO
    What’s new in Visual Studio 2010: Editor
  • 35. Architecture Diagrams
  • 36. UML Class diagrams
    UML Sequence Diagrams
    UML Use Case Diagrams
    UML Activity Diagram
    UML Component Diagram
    Layer Diagram
    UML Stuff…
  • 37. Parallel Extensions for LINQ
    To Utilize the power of Multi Cores
  • 38.
    • SharePoint Dev Tools
    • 39. Windows Azure Tools
    • 40. Windows Phone 7 Tools
    • 41. F#
    What is not Covered…
  • 42. ASP.NET 4 & VS 2010 Quick Hits ~ 30 videos
    His Gu-ness
  • 43. Any questions?
    Anything else you want to see?
    So that’s about it…