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Introduction to Visual studio 2012


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Highlights from the new Visual Studio 2012 (Release Candidate).

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Introduction to Visual studio 2012

  1. 1. Introduction to Visual Studio 2012 Release Candidate Visual Studio 2012 (RC) IDE Overview Visual Studio 2012 (RC) ALM Solution
  2. 2. VS 2012 IDE• Windows 8 Development – Metro Style Apps with MS Expression Blend – Ready made Metro App templates in JavaScript, C++, C#, or VB – Built in simulator – Use VS to package and upload apps to Windows App Store
  3. 3. Window 8 Templates
  4. 4. VS 2012 IDE• New look• Preview files in Solution Explorer – Single click to preview – Double click to pin• Navigate class, properties, methods in Explorer• Easier to raft tabs on second monitor• Improved search – Search solution for classes, methods etc. – IDE search for settings, menu item etc.
  5. 5. VS 2012 IDE• JavaScript as first class citizen – Improved intellisense including jQuery – Brace matching, Breakpoints, Go To Definition• HTML5 support – Use html tags like <header> <section> without squiggly – Older browsers use Polyfills via Modernizr• Improved CSS3 support – CSS3 intellisense i.e. border-radius, animation etc. – Color picker (Ctrl+Space)• Page Inspector (like Firebug) – Highlights .cshtml, or aspx pages as well on hover
  6. 6. VS 2012 Integration• BizTalk Server Roadmap – Increased platform support including Windows Server 8, SQL Server 2012, VS 11 and Windows 8 – Extended Platform Integration • DB2 client connectivity to SQL Server, conversion of commands to T- SQL, migration of packages to stored procedures • Adapter connectivity to new data sources, including IBM Informix V11 and IBM IMS/DB V11• Improved B2B – Agile response to industry standards – Improved performance and scalability• Cloud – Extend on-premises solutions to the cloud and improved licensing
  7. 7. VS 2012 MVC 4• ASP.NET Web API• Mobile Project Template• Display Modes (Browser & Resolution detection) – jQuery Mobile, the View Switcher, and Browser Overriding• Supports Azure SDK• Database Migrations• Add Controller to any project folder• Bundling and Minification
  8. 8. VS 2012 ALM• Agile Development – ALM in cloud(web), backed by TFS – Manage Product Backlog, User Stories, Tasks from Web. Build solution from Web as well. – Tasks board view (for standups) – Project Status, Burn down Charts, Capacity bars –
  9. 9. VS 2012 ALM• Lightweight Requirements – Include stakeholders in the process – Storyboarding (UI Mock ups) with PPT add on• Feedback (MS Feedback Client) – Devs can request feedback from stakeholders – Email feedback requests via Team Web Access – Stakeholder uses MS Feedback Client• Testing (MS Test Manager II) – Exploratory Testing – Rich Data Capture – Simulate bugs, and test cases
  10. 10. Storyboarding
  11. 11. MS Feedback Client
  12. 12. MS Test Manager
  13. 13. VS 2012 ALM• Debugging & Quality Tools – Intellitrace • Now collect traces on machines without Visual Studio • Enable Intellitrace on Poduction Servers with IIS. • Minor Performance Impact. – Code Clone Analysis • Find similar code fragments (copy pasted) in solution • Useful during Refactoring
  14. 14. VS 2012 ALM• Team Collaboration – Redesigned Team Explorer with Search – My Work panes, Pending changes, etc. – Suspend/Restore the context for specific tasks• Code Reviews – Request/Manage code reviews from My Work – Improved, highlighted ‘Diff’ view, when comparing
  15. 15. New Compare ‘Differences’
  16. 16. For Additional Details• More about MVC 4: release-notes and• More about Integration: map.aspx• More about Web API: