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Our latest work, see our site at for our complete portfolio.

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Coa Portfolio

  1. 1. Hello, thanks for your interest. Coa thrives on the curiosity of new challenges and we believe design should be an enjoyable and collaborative process. We don’t pretend to have magical powers or arty ruminations that separate us from the people we work for. That’s not to say that creating a great design doesn’t require a bit of art and magic, but it generates from the formation of a receptive and open partnership with our clients. Following are some selections of our recent work, please visit our website for our complete portfolio and up-to-date news. We look forward to the opportunity to work with you. coa / A design CompAny Contact: chris ritchie 646 734 2377
  2. 2. Moby Last Night album design We worked with moby to art direct and design all of the materials for his latest studio album, Last Night. The album gives a soundtrack to the attitude and feeling of a long night out in new york City and the design of the album is inspired by all of the glamour, sex, energy and illusion that a night can come with. Both the Cd and the vinyl packaging revealed a large poster image on the interior, and our work included all designs for singles and advertising. photography by dale may. coa / A design CompAny Contact: chris ritchie 646 734 2377
  3. 3. Seed magazine, hiV/aiDs Gatefold Seed wanted to create a four-page infographic illustrating the current state of the HiV/Aids pandemic 25 years after the dis- ease’s discovery. Working with the editorial staff on what and how information should be shown, we developed a series of charts and graphics chronicling the science of the virus (its life-span, how it grows), as well as it’s impact on different areas of the world and society. Created in collaboration with Seed art director Adam Billyeald. coa / A design CompAny Contact: chris ritchie 646 734 2377
  4. 4. hoPe survey Volunteer booklet every year, the new york City department of Homeless services conducts a survey of the city’s homeless. Vol- unteers cover all five boroughs in one single night using detailed intructions on how to avoid double counting and how to offer outreach to homeless individuals. We were asked to create a compact booklet that would be an easy-to-use training guide for those volunteers. Clarity was essential to the design so that all of the instructions could be given in a short time and so that volunteers could easily refer back to specific details. Cover illustration by eva Reese. coa / A design CompAny Contact: chris ritchie 646 734 2377
  5. 5. olana restaurant olana is a restaurant in new york City named after the 19th-century upstate new york estate built by painter Frederic Church of the same name, which is now a museum and historic site. The concept of the restaurant includes changing the menu seasonally and the dining room of the restaurant reflects the natural colors and textures of the region. We were asked to portray the tactility and richness of texture of the restaurant with the website and promotional materials to allow visitors to see the various experiences available in the space. We directed photography that captured the different aspects of the rooms and created a simple layout for the site that complimented the restaurant’s vision. photography by david prince. coa / A design CompAny Contact: chris ritchie 646 734 2377
  6. 6. Upwell Furniture and product design studio Upwell wanted a showcase site for their portfolio that was easy to navigate, subtle and elegant. We provided them with a Flash website that contained the modern look of the products yet did not overshadow them with superfluous features that would have distracted from the greatness of the work. Animation by ignacio Rodriguez. coa / A design CompAny Contact: chris ritchie 646 734 2377
  7. 7. Life is full of difficult crossings Volunteer and ease the way for a child. Become a Big Brother or Big Sister and take a walk, go to the movies or play ball with a young New Yorker. Become a mentor. Join Us—Together, we have the Power to Change Lives. Check out Volunteers at Big Brothers Big sisters We developed the campaign for the Big Brothers Big sisters in new york for their 2008 male volunteer drive using a metaphor for “urban guidance”, the Walk signs found on every city streetcorner. This graphic is being used in national publicatons such as Time, Vibe and Sports Illustrated for the organization. For two alternative versions, we used photography of actual big Are you looking out? and little brothers for promotion in neighborhoods around new york City. Created with Winkleman Company. We are Family and Friends. We are Bigs United. A caring group of African Americans who have come together to look out for our youth. As volunteers in Big Brothers Big Sisters of NYC’s programs, we’ve stepped up to share our experiences with the children in our community so they can look forward to brighter futures. We are working together to find more African American mentors. Join Us —Together, we have the Power to Change Lives. coa / A design CompAny Check out Volunteers at Contact: chris ritchie 646 734 2377 WNK004_bigsunited_10x14.indd 1 8/4/08 2:50:09 PM
  8. 8. recast This book shows the complete ReCAsT product line as well as outlines the present problem of electronic waste. in addition to Circulite, some of the other ReCAsT products are: Electric Chair, a chair made from discarded computer cables; Typeliter, a ‘chandelier’ made from old typewriters; and 30 Gigs, a room divider made entirely from floppy disks. coa / A design CompAny Contact: chris ritchie 646 734 2377
  9. 9. the New York times Freelance Art direction for the New York Times presented the chance to collaborate with several excellent illustrators and photographers to create the memorable special sections covers shown. illustrations shown by owen smith, Thomas Fuchs and Tony Cenicola. coa / A design CompAny Contact: chris ritchie 646 734 2377
  10. 10. american express American express’ international employee magazine, Context, showcases the various happenings and new ventures the company is undertaking. The magazine is created in print and online form and sent to the company’s over 80,000 employees. Created with Bernhardt Fudyma design group. coa / A design CompAny Contact: chris ritchie 646 734 2377
  11. 11. PLUs Media The media and communications company wanted a system that updated their identity as a major player in the industry of television satellite broadcasts. This logo and promotional folder (as well as other business materials and online promo- tions not shown) gave pLUs a unified image to provide to their clients that better matched the level of service and expertise that they provide. coa / A design CompAny Contact: chris ritchie 646 734 2377