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  • 1. By: BellaRED ROBIN
  • 2. Table of ContentsPage 3 HabitatPage 4 What do red robins eat?Page 5 What do red robins look like?Page 6 Other interesting facts
  • 3. HABITATThe red breasted bird, mark the return of spring inmost northern states. It is one of the easiest birds towatch while they go about their nesting and feedinghabitats. Actually, these birds spend the winter inmuch of their breeding range. You are likely to seethem in the woods than in your yard.
  • 4. WHAT RED ROBINS EATRed robins eat earthworms, fruit , insects and berries.Red robins mostly find their food in the woods.
  • 5. What do Red Robins look likeAmerican Robins have gray upper parts and familiarreddish breast, varying from pale rust to dark brick red.Male and females look nearly identical. The female is abit duller.
  • 6. DescribeHere are some pictures that describe my animal
  • 7. Other interesting factsRed robins weigh half a pound.Red robins normally stay in the woods.
  • 8. GlossaryNormally – A normal or regular wayVarying – to cause or to be differentBreeding – to raise an animalBreasted – the chestIdentical – the same
  • 9. About the AuthorMy name is Bella. I am a 3rd grader at Shades MountainElementary. I love birds. One of my favorite birds is ared robin. When I was little saw the most pretty redrobin ever out of my window. When Mrs. Marchant saidwe had to write about an animal, the first animal Ithought of was a red robin.
  • 10. IndexAppearance….5Breeding…..3, 7Foods…..4Habitat………..3
  • 11. BibliographyClick here for Red RobinClick here for more red robin facts