Chinese new year - Carrie Aldrich


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Chinese new year - Carrie Aldrich

  1. 1. CHINESE NEW YEARBy Carrie Aldrich
  2. 2. SummaryThere are several myths and traditionsabout how Chinese New Year started. It isused to honor ancestors. One of the mythsis that a beast called the Nian came the firstday of the New Year and ate all the crops,livestock, and even villagers. They noticedthat Nian was sacred away by the color red,and that is why today people hang redlanterns and scrolls outside their house.
  3. 3. The DecorationsDecorations are put up on the New Year but left upall year long for luck, health, and prosperity. Mostdecorations are red. Red symbolizes joy, truth,virtue, and sincerity. A lot of decorations are alsogold because it symbolizes wealth. Just before theNew Year people take down the decorations fromlast year and put up the new ones for this year.People also decorate with wood block prints.
  4. 4. The Decorations
  5. 5. The Decorations
  6. 6. The EntertainmentThere are variety of ways people celebrateChinese New Year, but all focus on family andprosperity. Many people celebrate with dinners andparties. Many people also have family reunions.There are a lot of fireworks and there is a LanternFestival which is when they carry lanterns in anevening parade.
  7. 7. The Entertainment
  8. 8. EntertainmentChinese New Year Celebration:
  9. 9. FoodThere is a lot of food served on ChineseNew Year. A whole chicken is served tosymbolize family togetherness. Noodlesrepresent long life, and spring rolls representwealth. There is a lot of fish served on theNew Year, as well as sticky rice cakes.
  10. 10. Food
  11. 11. Food
  12. 12. TraditionsThere are many traditions on Chinese New Year. One ofthem is a big dinner, which is an important family reuniondinner, especially for those away from home. Fish isnormally served. There are also fireworks, which are usedto drive evil away from the home. There are red packageswhich are filled with Chinese money ranging from one tothousands of yuan. There is the New Years Markets whichare set up so people can go and buy the New Years goods.Finally people completely clean all of their house to get ridof the old and welcome the new.
  13. 13. Traditions
  14. 14. Traditions
  15. 15. Past v. Present Past Present• Dinner at parents house • Dinner at resturaunt• Markets sell food • Markets sell cheap toys• Envelopes had small • Envelopes have large amounts of money amounts of money
  16. 16. Celebrated all over the world New York
  17. 17. Celebrated all over the world China
  18. 18. Celebrated all over the world Sydney
  19. 19. Celebrated all over the world Europe
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