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  2. 2. One-Stop Financial Center Financial Advisors International has strategic relationships with world- class companies which offer diversified product portfolios. FAI is committed to bringing products, concepts and strategies that traditionally were reserved for the wealthy and ultra-wealthy to people who typically never had the opportunity to hear about them. • GAMG brings Wall Street to • FIA helps bring Equity Indexed • Harness the Power of Your • The Realty Factor is leading the Main Street in The Great Products to middle America by Real Estate Revolution. Mortgage with The Mortgage Wealth Transference helping people make money when Alliance’s leading-edge • TRF’s Loan Modification division Revolution.* the stock market is up, never losing consumer-oriented concepts and money when the market is down and products. helps consumers save their homes • Assets Under Active Money accessing the money tax free at when no one else can. Management is our premier • TMA can help you compare retirement. product concept that will lead hundreds of products from the • One of the trend leading companies us through The Great Wealth • FIA offers a variety of insurance nation’s top lenders to find the using state-of-the-art technology, Wave. products such as indexed life, mortgage program that best suits offering marketing solutions to help indexed annuities, term insurance consumers buy and sell their homes your needs. and more. quickly and easily. FAI is a One-Stop Financial Center, helping people take charge of their family’s future. * This is not a solicitation or offer to purchase any product. GAMG is pending SEC/FINRA Registration. GAMG representatives will solicit business working in relation to WEG and Compass Asset Management. FAI serves as a solicitor only and currently has a selling agreement with and World Equity Group, Inc. (WEG). Active money management is provided by WEG, a FINRA registered broker/dealer and an SEC registered investment advisor. WEG is not affiliated with FAI. This information is not intended for use with the general public and does not constitute an offer to buy or sell any individual security, any group of securities, or any investment advisory services with regard to securities. TMA is not a mortgage lender. TMA solicits business on behalf of other lenders working under their licenses. 2
  3. 3. * GAMG is pen d in g SEC/FINRA reg istratio n as a RIA firm. All asso ciates of GAMG will be solicitin g b u siness o n b ehalf o f th ird p art asset manag ement firms an d will be licen sed d irectly with th o se firms. 3
  4. 4. Active Vs. Passive Money Management What is Passive Management? • It’s a method most investors use – commonly referred to as “buy and hold.” What is Active Management? • Active Management simply means that the holdings in your portfolio are adjusted in response to market and economic conditions – by professionals who constantly monitor the factors that drive stocks, bonds, markets, and sector forces. 4
  5. 5. Winners Today, Losers Tomorrow 5
  6. 6. Active VS. Passive Management How Active Money Management Works Do you want a professional money manager to continuously watch your money — or do you want to leave your money unmanaged like it has been? This “active vs. passive” management strategy allows active money managers to recognize market trends more quickly, and act on that information to enhance returns while minimizing risks. This is how active money managers work for the wealthy — and now they can work for you. Past perf ormance does not guarantee the f uture results. This is a hy pothetical example f or illustrativ e purposes only . This inf ormation is not intended f or use with the general public and does not constitute an of f er to buy or sell any indiv idual security , any group of securities, or any inv estment adv isory serv ices with regard to securities. Certain indicies illustrated on this page are unmanaged and indiv iduals are not able to inv est directly into any index. 6
  7. 7. Strategic Partners GAMG is proud to announce Compass Asset Management Group a Division of World Equity Group as our Active Tactical Money Management Firm. Although Past Performance is Never a guarantee of future results we are proud of the historic results that Compass has provided for our Clients. Minimum Account Size is $25,000. Although Compass is rolling out a new program that will accept accounts as low as $2,000. 7
  8. 8. The Personal Four Year Plan The Magic of Compound Recurring Income Building Assets Under Active Money Management with GAMG • Average Account Size: $100,000 • Average Rate of Return: 12% • 3 New Accounts Per Month for 4 Years • 144 Total Accounts You now have a minimum $100,000 annual income for life. 8
  9. 9. How Long Until you Earn your First Million ? You know that Hollywood's top stars can earn $20 Million per film and that the average time to shoot a movie is six months. In fact, if these celebrities worked standard 8-hour workdays, it would take them less than seven days to earn $1 million. What about everyone else? We took the median annual salary of each profession, as reported by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, and broke down the earnings based on a 40- hour workweek. The following is the answer to the question : “How long until you Earn your First Million?” 9
  10. 10. How Long Until you Earn your First Million ? Computer Managers: $101,580 Architects: $64,150 20,475 hours 32,425 hours 2,560 days 4,053 days 10 years 16 years Bartenders: $16,350 College Coaches & Scouts: $37,530 127,226 hours 55,432 hours 15,901 days 6,928 days 61 years 27 years Automotive Technicians: $33,780 Computer Software Engineers: $79,780 61,576 hours 26,069 hours 7,697 days 3,259 days 30 years 13 years 10
  11. 11. You do the Four-Year Plan personally and Hire 10 Agents who do the same production as you. The Magic of Compounding Recurring Income 11