What kind of media institution might distribute your
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What kind of media institution might distribute your






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What kind of media institution might distribute your What kind of media institution might distribute your Presentation Transcript

  • What kind of media institutionmight distribute your mediaproduct and why?Next
  • Our Film• Our media product is an opening sequence for a grittyrealism film. British films like ours tend to have a nicheaudience due to the culturally specific themes andsubjects that the film contains. The main aim of grittyrealism films is to make the audience think andchallenge their views on various problems in society.• Hollywood films, however, tend to focus on amainstream audience and contain universal themeswhich can be understood by people from across theglobe. The main aim of Hollywood films is to entertain.NextBack
  • Who would distribute our film andwhy?• Independent British Cinemas• British Locations• Controversial Subjects• Low Budget• Educational• Studios• HollywoodBack Next View slide
  • Independent British Cinemas• Independent British cinemas are most likely todistribute our film. Our film is culturally specificand tries to target social groups which are mainlyassociated with Britain. For example, our filmfocuses on the issue of underage drinking andhow it effects working class families in poverty.These themes and subjects would appeal toBritish audiences because it is something theycan relate to. Our film also attempts tointerpellate the audience and to make them thinkabout the problems explored within the film.NextBack Home View slide
  • British Locations• Our film is set in Highbridge, specifically a councilestate. This location would appeal to a Britishaudience because they can relate it to their ownlife. By setting our film on a council estate, we areable to connect with an audience who do notusually have their lifestyle portrayed inHollywood films. This means that British cinemasare more likely to distribute our film because theycan maximise the audience and support theBritish film industry.Back Home Next
  • Controversial Subjects or Themes• Our film does not contain universal themeswhich could appeal to a mainstream audience.Underage drinking would be likely to appeal toa niche audience, therefore big cinema chainsare not likely to distribute our film.• Big cinema chains do not often distribute filmswhich contain controversial subjects or take arisk therefore it is likely that independentBritish cinemas would distribute our film.Back Home Next
  • Low Budget• The use of Low Budget equipment means thatmainstream audiences are likely to be put offas the film will not contain many specialeffects, e.g. explosions. This means that thefilm will not be as entertaining.• However, low budget films tend to look morerealistic and appeal to an audience who wantto relate to the film. Again, it is likely thatBritish cinemas would distribute our film.Back Home Next
  • Educational or moral statement• Our films tries to make a moral statement aboutthe issue of underage drinking and the effect itcan have on families and health. It is alsodesigned to show the audience how Britishculture reacts to the issue.• Films which contain an educational message arenot likely to be distributed by big cinema chainsas they would not have a mainstream audienceand therefore would not make as much profit.British cinemas, however, can target a Britishaudience as does our film.Back Home Next
  • Studios• There are some British production studios which may take onour film due to its educational message and low budgetproduction.• For instance, Warp X may take on our film:http://www.warpx.co.uk/ as they tend to take on low budgetfilms. They also like to give new filmmakers an opportunity toimprove their skills. They also like to tackle informative andmoral subjects.• BBC films: http://www.bbc.co.uk/bbcfilms/ may also take onour film as they like to work with independent Britishfilmmakers and make strong British films.• Both these studios tend to take on educational films in orderto make their audience think about the issues highlighted.Back Home Next
  • Hollywood• Hollywood studios are not likely to beinterested in our film because it tackles issueswhich are culturally specific. Warner Brothersor MGM, tend to take on films which willdefinitely make a profit and will appeal to awider audience. A culturally specific film is notlikely to appeal to world wide audiences andtherefore Hollywood industries are not goingto be interested.Back Home