What is PechaKucha?


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Presentation given at ProductCamp RTP in May 2010 to a group of product managers to help them learn how to use the PechaKucha presentation style in their workplace.

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  • Intro - why willa is here what your personal mission is
  • PetCha KooCha is NOT how to pronounce it!
  • PechaKucha Night started as a simple idea for a one-off event, devised by Astrid Klein and Mark Dytham of Klein Dytham architecture as the first event held at their creative kitchen SuperDeluxe in Tokyo, in February 2003. Since then it has grown into an international movement. There was no business plan, no notion that the format would be so successful, so global. PechaKucha ran in Tokyo monthly for three years in SuperDeluxe before people started asking if they could run it in their own cities after visiting the event in Tokyo. No city had been asked to run a PechaKucha Night -- cities always asked Astrid and Mark. A simple application process was devised with each city being granted handshake agreements to run PechaKucha Night, mainly to stop people from stepping on one another's toes in cities around the world. When the number of cities reached double figures, Klein Dytham architecture set up a simple website. It was based on a road sign format, but when the sign reached 70 cities the site was upgraded. The site has been upgrade twice since then to cope with the number of cities and events which now run at the rate of over 60 a month.
  • It began in Tokyo in February 2003
  • unique
  • Must be concise
  • Gen Y doesn’t waste time.
  • You can fit lots of ideas into the same time frame as you traditionally would fit 1 presentation.
  • Creative types
  • concise
  • confidence
  • proprietary
  • J - not typical powerpoint
  • Fun -- laugh. Mistakes are OK
  • What is PechaKucha?

    1. 1. Carlee Mallard & Rianna Mallard Follow @pknraleigh Small Talk About Big Ideas!
    2. 5. Where it all began…
    3. 20. Write down one creative way to utilize the PechaKucha presentation style in your workplace--that you don’t expect anyone else to have thought of! Then put the piece of paper in the Fedora & we’ll pass them out again to share our ideas.