Top ten lists from arkansas high schools

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PowerPoint giving popular YA books for Arkansas. This IS NOT my work. I needed this format for my website.

PowerPoint giving popular YA books for Arkansas. This IS NOT my work. I needed this format for my website.

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  • 1. Which ones have you read?
  • 2. Speak by Laurie AndersonA traumatic event nearthe end of the summerhas a devastating effect ofMelindas freshman yearin high school
  • 3. 13 Reasons Whyby Jay AsherWhen high school studentClay Jenkins receives a boxin the mail containingthirteen cassette tapesrecorded by his classmateHannah, who committedsuicide, he spends abewildering andheartbreaking nightcrisscrossing their town,listening to Hannahs voicerecounting the eventsleading up to her death.#1 at WHS
  • 4. She Said Yes by Misty BernallCassie Bernall was one of theColumbine High studentskilled by two rampagingschoolmates in 1999. Once arage-filled young woman whowalked a path similar to thatof her killers, Cassie found away out of her personal snaresand, through her faith and afamilys love, chose toembrace life with courage andconviction.
  • 5. Bluford SeriesA collection of novels that focus onthe lives of a group of high schoolstudents and their families.Each novel addresses complex topicsrelevant to the lives of todaysstudents: family, friendship, trust,isolation, violence, and peer pressure,to name a few.Schooled - #9 at WHSSomeone To Love Me - #10 at WHS
  • 6. Blade: Playing Dead by Tim Bowler A fourteen-year-old British street person with extraordinary powers of observation and self-control must face murderous thugs connected with a past he has tried to forget, when his skills with a knife earned him the nickname, Blade.
  • 7. The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants by Ann BrasharesThe story of onesummer in thelives of fourfriends and thepair of jeans thatthey share.
  • 8. Marked by P. C. CastHouse of Night Series, Bk. 1Teenager Zoey Redbird has beenselected to enter the House of Nighttraining school for adult vampires.As she discovers her newly grantedpowers, Zoey copes with the stressof leaving old friends behind andadjusting to a new school.#6 at WHS
  • 9. City of Bones by Cassandra ClareSuddenly able to see demons andthe Shadowhunters who arededicated to returning them totheir own dimension, fifteen-year-old Clary Fray is drawn into abizarre world when her motherdisappears and Clary herself isalmost killed by a monster. Other titles in The Mortal Instrument Series: City of Ashes City of Glass
  • 10. When It Happens by Susane ColasantiHigh school seniors Sara andTobey attempt to figure out whatis important in life as they try tobalance their preparations fortheir futures with theirenjoyment of the present.
  • 11. The Hunger Games & Catching Fire by Suzanne CollinsThe rulers of Panem maintaincontrol through an annual televisedsurvival competition pitting youngpeople from each of the twelvedistricts against one another.Sixteen-year-old Katnisss skills areput to the test when she voluntarilytakes her younger sisters place.Hunger Games #2 at WHSCatching Fire #5 at WHS
  • 12. Bluebloods Series by Melissa de la CruzSelect teenagers from someof New York Cityswealthiest and mostsocially prominent familieslearn a startling secretabout their bloodlines.
  • 13. Just Listen by Sarah DessenIsolated from friends whobelieve the worst because shehas not been truthful with them,sixteen-year-old Annabel finds anally in classmate Owen, whosehonesty and passion for musichelp her to face and share whatreally happened at the end-of-the-year party that changed herlife.#4 at WHSAlso on the list:This LullabyThe Truth About Forever
  • 14. November Blues by Sharon DraperA teenaged boys death in ahazing accident has lastingeffects on his pregnantgirlfriend and his guilt-ridden cousin, who givesup a promising musiccareer to play footballduring his senior year inhigh school.#8 at WHSAlso by this author:Tears of a TigerFire From the RockForged by Fire
  • 15. Beastly by Alex FlinnA modern retelling of "Beautyand the Beast" from the point ofview of the Beast, a vainManhattan private schoolstudent who is turned into amonster and must find true lovebefore he can return to hishuman form.
  • 16. Inkheart by Cornelia FunkeTwelve-year-old Meggielearns that her father,who repairs and bindsbooks for a living, can"read" fictionalcharacters to life whenone of those charactersabducts them and tries toforce him into service
  • 17. Eon: Dragoneye Reborn by Alison GoodmanEon has disguised herselfas a boy in order to studyDragon Magic and becomea Dragoneye, one of aselect group that forms aconduit to the power ofenergy dragons, but if thesecret of her sex comesout, she will be killed.
  • 18. Bleachersby John GrishamNeely Crenshaw was a greatquarterback for his high schoolfootball team and fifteen years aftergraduation, he returns to the smalltown to bury his old coach.We have 20 titles by Grisham, including: The Firm The Client The Broker The Appeal The Associate
  • 19. Identicalby Ellen HopkinsSixteen-year-old identicaltwin daughters of a districtcourt judge and a candidatefor the United States Houseof Representatives,Kaeleigh and RaeanneGardella desperatelystruggle with secrets thathave already torn them andtheir family apart.
  • 20. 13 Little Blue Envelopes by Maureen Johnson When seventeen-year-old Ginny receives a packet of mysterious envelopes from her favorite aunt, she leaves New Jersey to criss-cross Europe on a sort of scavenger hunt that transforms her life.
  • 21. You Are So Undead to Me by Stacey JayMegan Berry, a Carol,Arkansas, high schoolstudent who cancommunicate with theUndead, must team upwith her childhoodfriend Ethan to savehomecoming from anarmy of flesh-hungryzombies.
  • 22. The Breakup Bibleby Melissa KantorJennifer thinks sheand Max are theperfect couple,until he decides hejust wants to befriends.
  • 23. Through the Eyes of a Champion: The Brandon Burlsworth Story by Jeff KinleyA wreck claimed the life of aRazorback football player whowas bound for glory in theNFL. Brandon Burlsworth wasa man of hard work, integrity,and commitment who took noshort cuts in life. His was ashining example of a fleetinglife lived well.
  • 24. Blood and Chocolate by Annette KlauseHaving fallen for ahuman boy, a beautifulteenage werewolf mustbattle both herpackmates and the fearof the townspeople todecide where shebelongs and with whom.
  • 25. A Crack in the Line by Michael Lawrence Sixteen-year-old Alaric discovers how to travel to an alternate reality, where his mother is alive and his place in the family is held by a girl named Naiad.
  • 26. Kathleen’s Story: Angels in Pink by Lurlene McDanielWith the support of her two best friends,sixteen-year-old Kathleen tries to balance hersummer volunteer work at the hospital withher responsibilities caring for her mother, whohas multiple sclerosis, and her attraction to ahandsome boy.Other favorites by this author:Hit and RunHolly’s StoryHow Do I Love TheeA Season for GoodbyeShe Died Too YoungTill Death Do Us Part
  • 27. Wake by Lisa McMannEver since she waseight years old, highschool student JanieHannagan has beenuncontrollably drawninto other peoplesdreams, but it is notuntil she befriends anelderly nursing homepatient and becomesinvolved with anenigmatic fellow-student that shediscovers her truepower.
  • 28. Twilight books & Host by Stephanie MeyerThe saga follows Bella,a Seattle high schoolstudent who strugglesto choose between thevampire Edward andwerewolf Jacob. AsEdward and Jacob viefor her affections, Bellais consumed with theoutcome of her decision-- a decision that willdetermine her futureand the future of the twoclans.
  • 29. The Séance by Joan Lowery NixonLauren attends a darkséance in which she feelsthe ominous presence ofevil. When the lights comeon her friend Sara ismissing. The next morningSaras body is found in theswamp, and later a secondyoung woman ismurdered. Lauren knowsshe must get to the bottomof whats happening or shemay be the next victim.
  • 30. A Child Called “It”: OneChilds Courage to Surviveby Dave Pelzer Dave Pelzer was brutally beaten and starved by his emotionally unstable, alcoholic mother. She no longer considered him a son, but a slave; and no longer a boy, but an "it."
  • 31. Percy Jackson and the Olympians Series by Rick RiordanTwelve-year-old dyslexicPercy Jackson goes tosummer camp where hesees images of Greekgods and goddesseseverywhere even whenno one else can. Percylearns he is the child of afamous god right in themiddle of an intensebattle as the gods try totopple each other.
  • 32. Cirque Du Freak and Demonata books by Darren ShanTwo boys who are bestfriends visit an illegalfreak show, where anencounter with avampire and a deadlyspider forces them to Presumably the only witnessmake life-changing to the horrific and bloodychoices. murder of his entire family, a teenage boy must outwit not only the mental health professionals determined to cure his delusion, but also the demonic forces only he can see.
  • 33. Cut by Patricia McCormickWhile confined to amental hospital,thirteen-year-old Callieslowly comes tounderstand some of thereasons behind her self-mutilation, andgradually starts to getbetter.
  • 34. Paybackby Andy McNabAs teenage suicide bombersterrorize England, 17-year-old Danny tries to help hisgrandfather, an ex-SASexplosives expert falselyaccused of being atraitorous spy by thegovernments intelligenceagencies.
  • 35. Bonechiller by Grahame McNameeFour high schoolstudents face offagainst a soul-stealingbeast that has beenmaking young peopledisappear from theirsmall Ontario, Canada,town for centuries
  • 36. Maximum Ride Series by James PattersonFourteen-year-old Maximum Ride,better known as Max, knows whatits like to soar above the world. Sheand all the members of the "flock"--Fang, Iggy, Nudge, Gasman andAngel--are just like ordinary kids--only they have wings and can fly. Itmay seem like a dream come true tosome, but their lives can morph intoa living nightmare at any time. Other in the series that are on order: Final Warning Max Sky is Falling
  • 37. The Dead and the Gone bySusan Beth PfefferAfter a meteor hits themoon and sets off aseries of horrificclimate changes,seventeen-year-old AlexMorales must take careof his sisters alone inthe chaos of New YorkCity.
  • 38. Eragon, Eldest, and Brisingr by Christopher PaoliniFifteen-year-old Eragonbelieves that he is merely apoor farm boy--until hisdestiny as a Dragon Rider isrevealed. Gifted with only anancient sword, a loyaldragon, and sage advicefrom an old storyteller,Eragon is soon swept into adangerous tapestry of magic,glory, and power. Now hischoices could save--ordestroy--the Empire.
  • 39. My Sister’s Keeper by Jodi PicoultAnna is thirteen years old and is tired ofbeing defined in relation to her sisterKate, who has leukemia and needs abone marrow transplant from Anna tosurvive, so when Anna refuses to donateher bone marrow, the entire familybecomes upset and tries to get Anna tochange her mind.Other favorites by this author:Change of HeartMercyNineteen MinutesThe PactPlain TruthVanishing Acts
  • 40. If You Loved Me by Marilyn ReynoldsRacially mixed seventeen-year-old Lauren, the daughter ofdrug users, is pressured to havesex with her boyfriend andquestions her promise toherself to stay a virgin until sheis married.#7 at WHS
  • 41. The Forest of Hands and Teeth by Carrie RyanThrough twists and turns offate, orphaned Mary seeksknowledge of life, love, andespecially what lies beyondher walled village and thesurrounding forest, wheredwell the Unconsecrated,aggressive flesh-eatingpeople who were once dead.
  • 42. Lovely Bonesby Alice Sebold Fourteen-year-old Susie Salmon, the victim of a sexual assault and murder, looks on from the afterlife as her family deals with their grief, and waits for her killer to be brought to some type of justice. #3 at WHS
  • 43. What My Mother Doesn’t Know by Sonya SonesSophie describes herrelationships with aseries of boys as shesearches for Mr. Right.
  • 44. The Notebook by Nicholas SparksNoah Calhoun, recentlyreturned from World War IIin 1946, buys an oldplantation home in ruralNorth Carolina, where hecontents himself withmemories of his first love, agirl he met fourteen yearsearlier, but then sheunexpectedly arrives at hisdoor.Others on the list:A Walk to RememberMessage in a BottleAt First SightDear John
  • 45. Shiver by Maggie StiefvaterIn all the years she haswatched the wolves inthe woods behind herhouse, Grace has beenparticularly drawn to anunusual yellow-eyedwolf who, in his turn,has been watching herwith increasingintensity.
  • 46. Peepsby Scott Westerfeld Cal Thompson is a carrier of a parasite that causes vampirism, and must hunt down all of the girlfriends he has unknowingly infected.
  • 47. Thirteenth Child by Patricia C. WredeEighteen-year-old Eff mustfinally get over believingshe is bad luck and acceptthat her special training inAphrikan magic, and beingthe twin of the seventh sonof a seventh son, give herextraordinary power tocombat magical creaturesthat threaten settlementson the western frontier.
  • 48. Monster by Walter Dean Myers"Monster" is what the prosecutorcalled 16-year-old Steve Harmonfor his supposed role in the fatalshooting of a convenience-storeowner. But was Steve really thelookout who gave the "all clear" tothe murderer, or was he just in thewrong place at the wrong time? Inthis innovative novel by WalterDean Myers, the reader becomesboth juror and witness during thetrial of Steves life. To calm hisnerves as he sits in the courtroom,aspiring filmmaker Stevechronicles the proceedings inmovie script format. Interspersedthroughout his screenplay arejournal writings that provideinsight into Steves life before themurder and his feelings aboutbeing held in prison during thetrial. Readers will no doubt beattracted to the novelshandwriting-style typeface,emphasis on dialogue, and fast-paced courtroom action.