Maximizing press release performance online combined


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Joint presentation by Laura Sturaitis, Exec. VP, Media Services & Product Strategy for Business Wire; and Greg Jarboe, President, SEO-PR at the 2011 PRSA International Conference. The presentation covers how to optimize your press releases, when best to distribute them, and how to measure your return on marketing investment from a PR campaign.

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Maximizing press release performance online combined

  1. 1. Maximizing Press Release Performance Online Greg Jarboe, President, SEO-PRPRSA 2011 International Conference Tuesday, October 18, 2011
  2. 2. SEO-PR distributed 10 optimized press releases for Rutgers CMD in Q3 2011Day Date Headline Release viewsWed 7/6 Rutgers University Online Mini-MBA Program Offers Conversion Optimization Course 1,718Thurs 7/14 Rutgers University Online Mini-MBA Program Offers Social Media Marketing Course 5,635Fri 7/22 Rutgers University Online Mini-MBA Program Offers Search Engine Optimization Course 2,825Mon 8/1 Rutgers University Online Mini-MBA Program Offers Pay Per Click Course 2,493Wed 8/3 Rutgers University Offers Short Courses in Mobile Marketing, Social Media Marketing and 5,286 Web AnalyticsTues 8/16 Rutgers University Online Mini-MBA Program Offers Web Analytics Course 2,697Thurs 8/18 Rutgers University and Business Wire Collaborate on New Digital Public Relations Course 6,177 Featuring David Meerman ScottFri 8/26 Rutgers University and Business Wire Digital PR Course to Feature Katie Paine as Instructor 3,226Thurs 9/1 Rutgers University Integrates Apple iPad 2 Into Digital Mini-MBA Program 4,102Wed 9/28 Rutgers Center for Management Development Offers Sports Management Program in 1,580 $400 Billion Sports Marketplace
  3. 3. Distributing on Thursdays generatedbiggest share of 35,739 release views
  4. 4. Distributing on Thursdays generated largest share of 722 clicks on links
  5. 5. Tagging links allows Google Analyticsto show which activities are paying offSource:
  6. 6. People see blue anchor text link, butonly Google Analytics sees tagged link
  7. 7. Tagged links show 1,139 PR visits toRutgers CMD website vs. 492 BW clicks
  8. 8. Websites that post releases with linksproduced 647 of 1,139 PR visits, 56.8%
  9. 9. BW/PR is #5 traffic source, generating1,139 of 22,658 visits, 5.0% of all visits
  10. 10. BW/PR has 6.8% goal conversion rate, 77 of 1,344 leads, 5.7% of all leads
  11. 11. 15-25% of leads became participantsin $595, $3,500, or $4,995 programs
  12. 12. Rutgers got a 2.4X return on marketinginvestment from its 3-month campaign• Rutgers CMD spent $23,230 on 10 optimized press releases – $10,500 for press release optimization – $12,730 for Business Wire distribution• Three-month campaign generated at least $55,660 from 15 registrations – 2 registrations were for $595 programs – 7 registrations were for $3,500 programs – 6 registrations were for $4,995 programs• Rutgers CMD got a return on marketing investment of at least 2.4X from its 3-month campaign• Nielsen Analytic Consulting found that the average return on marketing investment in the first 90 days is 1.1X
  13. 13. What was PR’s impact on direct traffic, referring sites, and search engines?
  14. 14. Visits coming directly to site increased34.9% from baseline of 2,659 to 3,587
  15. 15. Some websites show unclickable URLsor plain text but not anchor text links
  16. 16. Visits from referring sites increased22.9% from baseline of 2,340 to 2,876
  17. 17. Some articles about Rutgers Mini-MBA programs didn’t link to CMD’s site
  18. 18. Non-paid visits from search increased30.5% from baseline of 4,784 to 6,243
  19. 19. Most posts linked to CMD’s site andinlinks (inbound links) increased to 576
  20. 20. Did Rutgers CMD actually get a 8.6X return on its marketing investment?• Rutgers CMD spent $23,230 on 10 optimized press releases – $10,500 for press release optimization – $12,730 for Business Wire distribution• Three-month campaign may have generated $198,870 from 52 registrations – 15 registrations from tagged links in optimized press releases – 12 registrations from 34.9% increase in direct traffic – 5 registrations from 22.9% increase in visits from referring sites – 20 registrations from 30.5% increase in non-paid searches• Rutgers CMD may have gotten an 8.6X return on its marketing investment from the 3-month campaign• Google CPC generated from $177,785 from 46 registrations
  21. 21. PR needs to become more data driven and you need to be an analysis ninja • Avinash Kaushik is the Analytics Evangelist for Google and the Chief Education Officer at Market Motive, Inc. • Web Analytics 2.0 provides specific recommendations for creating an actionable strategy, applying analytical techniques correctly, solving challenges such as measuring social media and multichannel campaigns, achieving optimal success by leveraging experimentation, and employing tactics for truly listening to your customers.Source:
  22. 22. Rutgers CMD offers Mini-MBA Short Courses in Web Analytics for $595Source:
  23. 23. Rutgers CMD offers an Online Mini- MBA in Web Analytics for $3,500Source:
  24. 24. Rutgers offers Mini-MBA: Going Digital – The New Rules of PR for $4,995Source:
  25. 25. Anatomy of the 21 stCentury Press Release Laura SturaitisEVP, Media Services & Product Strategy, Business Wire
  26. 26. Compose with the End in mindCONTENT + CONTEXT = IMPACT(Message) (Channels) (ROMI)
  27. 27. CONTENT + CONTEXT = IMPACT• CONTENT: • CONTEXT:  Press Release  Audience  Headline  Distribution Method  Keywords  Hosting  Links  Channels  Call to Action  Search Visibility  Multimedia  Landing Pages / Traffic  Landing Pages / Traffic  Authority  Experts / Messages  Archive  Posts  Global  Tweets  Mobile
  28. 28. EARNED: OWNED:• Media Coverage • Landing Pages• Links and Rich Content • Online Newsroom• Search Ranking • Blog PAID: SOCIAL: • Marketing Mix • Social Networks • AdWords PPC • Experts and Employees • Events • Audience Engagement TRADITIONAL + SOCIAL MEDIA
  29. 29. Checklist for Press Release Optimization:Key components of a well optimized multimedia release: Headline is key and all many people will see to click thru Subheads help include more keywords up top Multimedia: Logo, photos, charts, videos, captions tell the story Links reinforce keywords / drive traffic to key landing page Formatting makes your release look and act like a web page Contacts direct viewers to the right contact for ROIPublicize all your Channels so your audience can find you: gather friends, fans, subscribers - include links
  30. 30. Your image from the wire
  31. 31. MEASUREMENT: METRICS:• Press Release • Traffic Stats• Quality vs. Quantity • Referral Site Authority• Activity on Release • Conversion for ROI $$ MONITORING: SOCIAL MEDIA: • Clipping • # Fans/ RTs / Comments • Context / Sentiment • Audience Engagement • Competitive Ranking • Referrals / Conversion TRADITIONAL + SOCIAL MEDIA
  32. 32. IMPACT• What is the goal? What is success? – Writing for Humans and Robots – ROI from a Call to Action – Maximize Your Influencers and Authority – Manage Engagement and Feedback – Campaign Horizon: Visibility over Time – The Company’s Personality – Metrics vs. Measurement vs. Monitoring
  33. 33. Our Case Study: What We Learned• Do your SEO checklist every time.• Get your AdWords list of KEYWORDS• Create a STYLE GUIDE for your messages• Have your MULTIMEDIA available all over• Customize your LANDING PAGES and URLs• Integrate all your social media CONNECTS• Be ready to be PORTABLE and MOBILE• Be ready to be INTERNATIONAL• Gather, Monitor and Study your ANALYTICS then modify your message for conversions
  34. 34. The Takeaways:• The performance ROMI of your release and other messaging is determined up front with a newsy message, optimized for online visibility• Use all the channels and platforms available to meet your audience and influencers where they are• Make your message easy to consume, easy to share and ready to be measured• Use your results to take credit for your campaign strategy and apply your resources
  35. 35. Thank You! Questions? Laura Sturaitis, Business Wire Twitter: @lsturaitis Linked In: Laura SturaitisEmail: Greg Jarboe, SEO-PR Twitter: @gregjarboe Linked In: Greg Jarboe Email: