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Use Twitter to Gain a Competitive Edge in Media Relations


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How can marketers and public relations professionals best use Twitter to enhance their media relations efforts? This presentation by Chris Metinko, Business Wire media relations specialist, explains how journalists and newsrooms are using Twitter, how communicators can pitch using Twitter, and what some best practices are. Presented at the PR News Big 3

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Use Twitter to Gain a Competitive Edge in Media Relations

  1. 1. Use Twitter to Gain a Competitive Edge in Media Relations PR News The Big 3 Conference August 9, 2012Presented by:Chris MetinkoMedia Relations SpecialistBusiness
  2. 2. How Journalists Use Twitter• 55% use social media to find stories from known sources• 43% verified stories using social media• 46% have professional Twitter profilesSource: Oriella Digital Journalism Study, July 2012
  3. 3. Why Reporters Use Twitter• Fastest way to break a story• Find new sources• Keep up with current sources• Quickly gauge public sentiment• Start a dialogue – find a story
  4. 4. How Twitter Has Changed Reporting• Speed • Drive site traffic & engage audiences• Offer editorialized comments• Dialogue with audiences
  5. 5. Twitter Reporting Threats• Get it first, get it wrong: reputation• Fewer checks and balances• Not well supervised• Editorial vs. reporting
  6. 6. How Twitter Has Changed Newsrooms • Thinking in 140 characters “When you have a story, it’s not just thinking about the headline — it’s thinking about what you’re going to tweet.” – Tom Simonite, MIT’s Tech Review
  7. 7. Public and source dialogue made easy• Instant reaction from readers• Fastest way to get the dreaded “man on the street” opinion• Ability to bypass PR departments to find sources and experts
  8. 8. Can you pitch reporters on Twitter? Depends…
  9. 9. Tips for pitching onHave a personalityTweeting just a press release = don’t botherBe engaging and interestingBuild relationships first“Don’t be lame.”
  10. 10. Tips for pitching onHave a personality Your human, not a robot. Show it.
  11. 11. Tips for pitching onTweeting just a press release = Don’t bother Add context or a hook
  12. 12. Tips for pitching onBe engaging and interesting. After eliminating the Vancouver Canucks in an early playoff series, the Kings’ PR department tweeted -- “To everyone outside of BC you’re welcome.” The @LAKings Twitter account gained more than 60,000 followers during their run to the Stanley Cup.
  13. 13. Tips for pitching onBuild relationships first Twitter is a tool, not a replacement for real conversation.
  14. 14. Tips for pitching on“Don’t be lame.”
  15. 15. Keep Some of the OldDon’t pitch off topic/beatPitch to an actual reporter, not a site/publicationBe brief – which Twitter mandates
  16. 16. Thank You Chris Metinko Media Relations Specialist Business