3 top magazine advertising myths debunked


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3 top magazine advertising myths debunked

  1. 1. 3 Top Magazine Advertising Myths Debunked Educated Advertising Facts for Business Advertisers By Frank Donohue JerseyMan Magazine Ad Sales Consultant 1
  2. 2. As an Advertising Sales Consultant for JerseyMan Magazine, I speak to businessowners all the time looking to drive sales and revenue growth during thesetough economic times. Business owners have tough decisions to make asmarketing and advertising budgets shrink. Most seasoned veteran ownersrealize that when times get tough, marketing and advertising must continue asmuch as financially possible. Less experienced entrepreneurs go to themarketing budget first when looking to cut spending. Unfortunately, theyusually make this decision to their own peril. The activity of marketing is the only true profit center in a business. All otherbusiness functions and activities are cost centers. If you don’t believe this, trythis exercise:Take a piece of paper and draw a line down the center of it. On the left side ofthe line at the top of the page, write the words “Cost Center. On the right sideof the line at the top of the page, write the words “Profit Center” Now, thinkof every activity that takes place in your operation and if that activity costsmoney to perform, without any opportunity of money going into your cashregister or checking account as a direct result of performing the activity, thenlist that activity in the left column under “Cost Center”. Any activities that youthink of that are performed in your business which can directly result in gettinga paying customer to make a purchase, put it in the “Profit Center” column. Ipromise you, at the end of the exercise, all the functions in the “Profit Center”column will fall under the labels of either sales or marketing.The good news is most business owners I speak to already fundamentally knowthis.The bad news is the biggest objection that I receive from business owners andmarketing managers the most frequently are very troubling.The most common objection I get from business owners when I approach themabout advertising in our magazine is, “I don’t do any magazine advertisinganymore because everything is online.” This objection forces me to curiouslygo online to see exactly what they are doing, and where they are marketing,that is getting them such incredible results. I want to know what has spurredthem to confidently object to “tried and true, time tested methods ofadvertising, like putting a highly compelling ad in a magazine that reachestheir target market with laser guided precision. 2
  3. 3. Paralysis by AnalysisEvery once in a blue moon I will go online and find a business who put up the “Idon’t do magazine advertising” objection, that seems to have a solid,successful online marketing system in place that appears to be driving businessto the bottom line. But this is the exception.In most cases, I will find the business has no FaceBook Fan Page (or if they do,it only has 4 fans- The owners wife, kid, uncle, and best friend) no Twitteraccount, Google Maps Location, no Search Engine Optimization strategy inplace, and sometimes, they don’t even have a website.The only reasons I can think of, that these businesses would have such a pooronline presence, but think that magazine advertising is obsolete, is becauseeither they don’t know enough about online marketing to realize that whateverlittle time, effort and money they invested to getting online didn’t amount to ahill of beans, or they are just so overwhelmed by information overload and allthe advertising options available these days, that they are truly paralyzed withconfusion. I believe that the latter reason is probably the case more of thetime than the former.As a result of this confusion, and my frustration with the false myths that existabout magazine advertising, I decided to write this report to set the recordstraight. I want business owners to have the facts so they can make educatedand informed decisions to help them make smart advertising and marketingdecisions that will help them get the biggest bang for their advertising dollars. 3
  4. 4. The Facts about Magazine AdvertisingAfter doing some extensive research to help “De-Bunk” the popular mythsabout magazine advertising, I came across an unbiased, independent study thatwas conducted entitled “Ad Impact, What You Don’t Know Could Hurt YourBottom Line”. This study made several interesting points that I hope will onceand for all put the most popular magazine advertising myths to bed once andfor all. The full report on this study is available for download athttp://www.magazine.org/ASSETS/3DDEC92DC87F47B792CA8490934803F1/mythbusters-ad-impact-09.pdfHere are the myths and the facts based on the study: Myth #1 “No one reads Magazines. Especially younger consumersFact- Magazine usage has grown over a 5 year period (2005-2009) at ahigher rate than all other media except the web.Fact- The reality is readership for an adult age 18-34 continues to bestrong. The top 25 magazines outperform the top 25 primetime TVprograms in all major demographics including adults 18-34 and teens. Myth #2 “Cutting my magazine budget won’t compromise ad resultsFact- Magazines perform best through the purchase funnel, especially inbrand favorability and purchase intent.Fact- Magazines are the most cost effective medium throughout thepurchase funnel, when looking at two measures of ROIFact- Magazines most consistently generate a low cost per impactFact- For “Cost per Person”, the most efficient media combination alwaysincludes magazines. Myth #3 “Magazines aren’t keeping pace in the digital age” 4
  5. 5. Fact- Magazines rank #1 at influencing consumers to start a search online –higher than newer media options including TV/Broadcast, Newspapers,Face-to-Face, TV/Cable, Radio, Direct Mail, E-mail ads, Internet ads, andOnline Communities.Fact- Magazines best complement the web in reaching social networkersFact- Magazines digital initiatives have increased in double digits every yearsince 2006.Conclusions:As the data clearly shows in the study, magazine advertising is not only stilla good solid option for businesses to increase sales and brand awareness,even during the digital age, it is actually one of the best options. The dataof this study also clearly shows that when magazine advertising is used inconjunction with a strong internet marketing campaign, a huge competitiveedge can often be realized by savvy, educated business marketers. Pleaseread the full report athttp://www.magazine.org/ASSETS/3DDEC92DC87F47B792CA8490934803F1/mythbusters-ad-impact-09.pdfIf you have any questions about advertising options, or how to create aonline/offline marketing strategy, please feel free call or email yourJerseyMan Magazine Sales Consultant, or you can reach me atfrank.jerseymanmag@gmail.com 5