Infrastructure Engineering
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Infrastructure Engineering

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Automating your infrastructure using configuration management tools

Automating your infrastructure using configuration management tools

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  • 1. Infrastructure Engineering Bryan McLellan http:// Systems Administrator Widemile
  • 2. Landing Page Optimization (LPO) or Proprietary Testing, Optimization and Predictive Analytics Technology (smart people) Partner Program (Recently Launched) Full Service Clients
  • 3. The secret goal of an SA Never having to say you’re sorry… Or never having to do something twice Once is a problem worth solving Twice and you’re a monkey Objective: Systems/Network engineering position that will capitalize on my adaptive technical skills to provide scalable solutions to unique problems
  • 4. Chaining Tools & Frameworks Puppet, Facter, Capistrano & iClassify (Open Source Software)
  • 5. Automation Building Systems Virtualization • Installing the OS PXE Boot • Installing software Package management • Configuring Software Puppet • Maintenance iClassify • Monitoring Capistrano • Documentation Nagios/Munin • Disaster Recovery •
  • 6. Life at Widemile Build a new server cap -S recipe=vmware -S host=vmware06 -S hostname=quot;; -S network=prod build 1. Capistrano recipe (ruby) 2. Builds a vmware vmx config file including virtual network interfaces (erb) 3. Creates virtual disk 4. Grabs generated MAC address, feeds it to the tftp server. 5. Starts VM 6. VM PXE boots, installs debian automatically (preseed) 7. Grabs IP address from DHCP logs so you know where to ssh in 10 minutes
  • 7. Life at Widemile Puppify cap -S recipe=debian_client -S client=syslog01 -S master=prod-ops01 build 1. Capistrano recipe (ruby) 2. Configures sources.list and bits needed to get the truck rolling 3. Installs puppet/facter/icagent (iClassify) 4. Generates and signs puppet keys 5. Runs puppet
  • 8. Life at Widemile Tagging:
  • 9. Life at Widemile Go for a bike ride and enjoy refreshing beverages in the park
  • 10. facter Rubys scripts collect data, “facts” are available as iClassify attributes and puppet variables
  • 11. puppet
  • 12. munin 28 lines without comments, 241 lines without comments once deployed
  • 13. “Parallel to the ‘Developer’ tribe in most organizations, often with a semi-antagonistic mutual dependence, there was always another tribe: ‘Sysadmin’. When Developers and Sysadmins got together, it sometimes felt like the dwarfs and high elves forced to work together by necessity. (I’ll let you workout which is which.)”