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What's New in v2 - AnsibleFest London 2015


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My presentation from AnsibleFest London in 2015, discussing the new features in the V2 branch of Ansible.

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What's New in v2 - AnsibleFest London 2015

  2. 2. ABOUT ME Director of Ansible Core Engineering Started contributingto Cobbler in September of 2008, and took over the projectleadership in 2010 Joined Ansible in July, 2013
  3. 3. WHAT IS V2?
  4. 4. An effortto refactor portions of Ansible's core executor engine.
  5. 5. WHY V2?
  6. 6. TECHNICAL DEBT Ansible has grown organicallyataveryrapid rate for 3 years. Some earlydesign descisions have had additionalfeatures bolted on withoutconcern for the overallsystem architecture. Itwas gettingto the pointwhere itwas difficultto fix bugs and/or add new features withoutthings breakingin unexpected ways. Difficultyof testing, especiallyin terms of python unittests, did nothelp.
  8. 8. IMPROVED ERROR MESSAGES Playbook errors notrelated to syntax will(in mostcases) still show the file alongwith the line and column where the error occurred.
  9. 9. IMPROVED ERROR EXAMPLE: ERROR!noactiondetectedintask Theerrorappearstohavebeenin'/path/to/bad/playbook/site.yml': line4,column16,butmaybeelsewhereinthefiledependingonthe exactsyntaxproblem. Theoffendinglineappearstobe: tasks: -bad_module: ^here
  10. 10. BLOCKS Provides amethod for catchingerrors duringtask execution, as wellas an option to always execute some setof tasks regardless of whether an exception occurred or not. Currentlyuses syntax similar to Ruby(begin/rescue/always) butwillprobablybe changed to be more Pythonic (try/except/finally).
  11. 11. BLOCK EXAMPLE: tasks: -block: -command:/bin/false -debug:msg="youshouldn'tseeme" rescue: -debug:msg="thisistherescue" -command:/bin/false -debug:msg="youshouldn'tseethiseither" always: -debug:msg="thisisthealwaysblock,itwillalwaysbeseen" when:foo!="somevalue" tags: -foo -bar
  12. 12. EXECUTION STRATEGY PLUGINS Allows changes in the waytasks are executed: linear -traditionalAnsible, which waits for allhosts to complete atask before continuing free -allows each hostto process tasks as fastas possible, withoutwaitingfor other hosts And anythingelse people can conceive -justwrite anew plugin for it!
  13. 13. STRATEGY EXAMPLE: -hosts:all gather_facts:false strategy:free vars: ... vars_files: ... tasks: ...
  14. 14. EXECUTION-TIME EVALUATION OF INCLUDE TASKS Should allow the return use of include + with*actions.
  15. 15. INCLUDE + WITH EXAMPLE: -hosts:all gather_facts:false tasks: -include:foo.ymlsome_var={{item}} with_items: -a -b -c
  16. 16. IMPROVED VARIABLE MANAGEMENT Anew class (VariableManager) controls the order and source of variables to avoid flatteningthings too early. Playbook objects now use a`post_validate` method, which templates allfields in one shot, as opposed to the piece-mealway we currentlytemplate field values.
  17. 17. BETTER USE OF OOP More classes, with an emphasis on each class doingone thing only. More use of inheritance, especiallyin the plugin systems. Welldefined interactions between classes. End-goalis better abilityto write unittests.
  18. 18. WHAT WILL BREAK?
  19. 19. PLAYBOOKS Nothing. We are aimingfor 100%backwards-compatibility.
  20. 20. INTERNAL APIS Plugin APIs are changing. Connection, action, and some others willbe different. We plan on writingatransition guide for authors of plugins, to make iteasier to move them to be compatible with V2.
  22. 22. V2 CAN BE TESTED TODAY! $gitclone $cdansible $.v2/hacking/env-setup profit!
  23. 23. We are targetingMarch 2015 for the switchover on the devel branch. Ansible 1.9 willbe released before the switchover, and willbe the lastmajor release usingthe 'v1'code. The originalcode willstillbe available in the source tree, with its own `hacking` scriptavailable should people wish to continue usingitfrom checkout.
  24. 24. SPEAKING OF 1.9...
  25. 25. As noted above, we are aimingfor arelease in early-mid March. This release willprimarilybe aboutbugfixes and new modules in the "extras"repo, butwillalso introduce supportfor PowerBroker authentication in addition to su/sudo.. This version willalso introduce the use of officialrelease candidates for testing.
  26. 26. QUESTIONS?
  27. 27. THANKS!