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OpenStack Israel Summit 2013 - It’s the App, Stupid!


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Orchestration, DevOps Automation & What’s in Between

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OpenStack Israel Summit 2013 - It’s the App, Stupid!

  1. 1. It’s the App, Stupid!Orchestration, DevOps Automation& What’s in BetweenUri CohenHead of Product @ GigaSpaces@uri1803#openstackIL
  2. 2. SomeBackground
  3. 3. OpenStack IsDoing Great,Thanks• 2013: “The year of theuser”• 166 contributingentities• A few big public clouds• Many public customeruse cases– “2013 - Year of the User”
  4. 4. And We AllKnow thePayPal Story(or Do We?)
  5. 5. Platform IsMore Well-Roundedthan Ever
  6. 6. But ThenAgain, It’saboutServices &Apps
  7. 7. Automation IsKey for:• Testability• Consistency• Agility• Stability
  8. 8. What It ReallyTakes toDeploy andManage AppsProvisionInstallConfigureDeployMonitorScale
  9. 9. The Automation ContinuumEnvironmentCreationSW Infra.Setup &ConfigCode Push Monitoring& AlarmingRepairing Scaling
  10. 10. The Automation Continuum• VMs / Bare Metal Servers• Network (Firewall, NAT, VPN, etc.)• LB Groups• Storage (Block / Blob)EnvironmentCreation
  11. 11. The Automation ContinuumSW InfrastructureSetup & Configuration• OS Configuration (e.g. ulimit, useradd, permissions, etc.)• Installation of packages and middleware components• Startup orchestration• Update (not very frequent)
  12. 12. The Automation ContinuumCode Push• User code installation on software infrastructure– e.g. jar, war, rails sources, PHP sources, DB scripts, etc.– After setup– On going - can be very frequent• Push policies (canary, red/black, a/b)
  13. 13. The Automation ContinuumMonitoring& Alarming• What should be monitored?– Availability: are my services up or not?– Performance (OS &services level metrics). How are my services doing?– State: What’s running where, state of system resources (e.g. quotautilization)• Alarms upon failure or when reaching certainthresholds– Simple (a-la CloudWatch) or complex (CEP driven)
  14. 14. The Automation ContinuumRepairing• Various types of failures– Service level – service not responding, process failed– VM / Node failure– Infrastructure failure (disk, network)• Automation tools can go a certain way– Resiliency should also be part of the SW stack
  15. 15. The Automation ContinuumScaling• Manually or Automatically (alarm triggered)• Scaling by– Adding / removing instances (AKA out / in)– Adding / removing resources to / from an existing instance (AKA up /down)• For both, it needs to be supported by the SW stack
  16. 16. What’sAvailable forToday’sStackers
  17. 17. Orchestration ToolsEnvironmentCreationSW Infra.Setup &ConfigCode Push Monitoring& AlarmingRepairing ScalingGrizzly, HavanaV1
  18. 18. CM ToolsEnvironmentCreationSW Infra.Setup &ConfigCode Push Monitoring& AlarmingRepairing Scaling
  19. 19. MonitoringEnvironmentCreationSW Infra.Setup &ConfigCode Push Monitoring& AlarmingRepairing Scaling
  20. 20. PaaS FrameworksEnvironmentCreationSW Infra.Setup &ConfigCode Push Monitoring& AlarmingRepairing Scaling
  21. 21. Tying ThePiecesTogetherUsuallyLooks LikeThis
  22. 22. AWSOpsWorks,AKADevOpsAutomation least not in an OpenStack conference)
  23. 23. UrquhartCalled itTheComposablePaaSJames Urquhart
  24. 24. And SomeCalled ItThe PaaS JailBreakerorDevOps MeetsPaas(Yours trulyincluded) Shalom
  25. 25. DevOpsAutomationGives YouControl• A Way to tie all thepieces on theAutomation Continuumtogether– Use what works nest, notreinvent each piece fromscratch
  26. 26. So You Can Have ThisEnvironmentCreationSW Infra.Setup &ConfigCode Push Monitoring& AlarmingRepairing Scaling
  27. 27. DevOps Automation, High LevelOrchestratorCIMonitoring &AlarmingCM InfrastructureAPI
  28. 28. OpsWorks isCool, butWhat AboutOpenStack?
  29. 29. TOSCATopology and Orchestration Specification for Cloud Applications
  30. 30. Heat(ProbablyAfterHavana)• New DSL, more than justcloud resources -complete aplication stackorchestration• Inspired by TOSCA andCAMP• Looks quite promising• Current state: DSL proposal• Still not covering postdeployment aspects aspart of the DSL
  31. 31. Donabe(Not YetPublic)• Started by Cisco tohandle networkconfiguration• Quickly evolved tohandle applicationstack configuration• Not much publicinfo, will be releaseas OSS soon (?)
  32. 32. • Open source• Does most of this stuffon OpenStack today• Integrates with Chef,Puppet, Jenkins OOTB• Still proprietary API– TOSCA and Heat, stay tuned…
  33. 33. Thank You!